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Chapter 245 - Culprit - Part 5

To turn the tide, Chun Yujong had to use Blood God’s Reversion Art that he withheld using for 7 years. The energy exploded immediately and turned him into a beast and Hang Yen had to retreat without a victory.

‘Y-you are mad!’

He feared for Chun Yujong who seemed to not care about his own life. And with the top five warriors of the Jianghu retreating, Chun Yujong earned the title of top five warrior of the Jianghu followed by Chun Inji. But Chun Yujong’s excitement over the victory did not last long.


Chun Yujong was enraged when he heard of the death of his wife, Hwa Yun. Demon Doctor Baek Jongwu declared that she had died from poisoning and Chun Yujong ordered a search in the cult to find the killer. But he couldn’t find the person who poisoned her. And what was even more painful was…


Chun Yujong had to lock himself in the training room inside the Lord’s palace and to fight against side effect of the Blood God’s Reversion Act. His wife Hwa Yun’s funeral was in progress, but he had to fight against a heavy headache and illusion inside the locked doors of the training room. He pounded on the wall made out of blue pearl stone until the wall became bloody from the blood that came out of his fist and wailed. But even then, he was afraid he might kill his child because of the illusion.

‘You said… you will wait…’

And after a month of wailing, the headache disappeared. Chun Yujing’s illusion that had been talking to him every day for the past month also disappeared. The symptoms lasted much longer than before. When Chun Yujong got out of the training room, he was now very different. He always lacked emotions, but he was now just cold and was negative on everything.

‘…Who is it?’

Chun Yujong was certain that the killer was within the six clans. He also became hesitant on what he should do with Chun Yeowun. If he were to be left alone, there was a chance that the evil women from the six clans might try to do something to that boy again.

‘They made it so that he can’t learn martial art?’

‘Yes, my lord.’

Chun Yujong became dumbfounded at Marakim’s report. It was beyond expectation that these women went so far as to make the harmless boy not learn any martial arts. But that wasn’t the saddest part.

‘…You did that much to save him?’

While he was at war, Hwa Yun had to make such an unfair promise in hopes of saving her own son.

‘What should I do…’

In truth, Chun Yujong wanted to gather these six wives and kill them all. But that would surely lead to a war against six clans, and that was going to put an end to the Demonic Cult. Chun Yujong bit his lips and decided. If things had turned to this, he then decided to change the cult from the roots and not allow the six clans to gain more power over the cult. But he had to take it slow as quickly-made changes would weaken the cult.

‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry.’

Chun Yujong felt so much pain when he thought about Chun Yeowun. He wanted to bring in young Chun Yeowun into his protection, but he knew that that would only worsen his relationship with the six clans and also make it harder to find the person behind the killing of his wife.

‘I am sorry, my son.’

Chun Yujong decided to leave young Chun Yeowun as bait to find the killer, and decided to weaken the power of the six clans so that Chun Yeowun would not walk the same path like his mother. He also did not visit Chun Yeowun, thinking that would make him become soft.

‘I am cold. I have to keep the balance of the cult. My son is now only a piece in my chess game.’

The Lord mumbled on the words time and time again, alone in his office. And 10 years had passed. The Lord protected Chun Yeowun without being noticed and acted as if he wasn’t interested in Chun Yeowun. On the first day of Demonic Academy, Chun Yujong was concerned about seeing Hwa Yun’s son for the first time in 10 years. He had refrained from meeting Chun Yeowun as it might make him soft, but this was something he couldn’t avoid. He tried hard to not meet eyes with him but…


He recognized Chun Yeowun right away. Yeowun had inherited many features from his mother and it made Chun Yujong too sad. He had to make his speech on the stage short and come down, as he might become too overwhelmed with emotion if he stayed too long.

‘Right Guardian is interested in that boy?’

‘Yes, my lord.’

‘…Tell Left Guardian to let him be.’


‘I do not wish to see one of my child fail from the mere first or second test.’

‘Yes, my lord.’

Yujong sent Marakim to order guards around the medical room to be sent to other places. He couldn’t teach Chun Yeowun any martial arts as the six clans might notice it, so this was a good chance. And after about two months, the Sword clan had bit the bait. They promised to never study Blood Reversion Art, but the Great Sword Martial Clan had revealed themselves.

‘Right Guardian. Arrest Great Sword Martial Clan. If they resist, kill them all.’


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