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Chapter 246 - Culprit - Part 6

He wished the Buju Sword Clan would also react to it, but they were silent. Right Guardian Submeng didn’t seem all that happy at the order however as he thought Yujong was using Chun Yeowun as bait. But this process was needed so the six clans will be weakened slowly.

‘That boy is only a chess piece. He is a chess piece…’

He had to remind himself multiple times so he would not get soft. And three years had passed. With Jurkang castle falling to a mysterious clan, Chun Yujong made a deal with the Yulin clan from the forces of justice and went on to take back the castle. He decided to make it quick, as it might start a war in fifteen years.

‘I have to solve this before he graduates from the academy.’

If the war prolonged again and Chun Yujong was driven out from the cult, he was afraid he would see the same thing happening again. And at Jurkang Castle, Chun Yujong faced warriors of the Blade God Six Martial clan. They were stronger and more dangerous than any of the enemies he had seen previously.

‘I have to kill them.’

He intended on letting elders take care of it, but decided to fight them by himself along with the Great Guardian. That’s when the true enemy appeared. Chun Yujong feared the man’s power. It felt as if he had returned to the days when he was just a cadet at the academy. The man spoke to Chun Yujong.

‘…You are not the one.’

And with that, he tried to strike down to finish him. Chun Yujong then remembered the faces of Hwa Yun and Chun Yeowun at the moment of death.

‘No… NO!’ If I die, he will be left alone!!’

If he died here, then Chun Yeowun was going to face the six clans alone. Chun Yujong had not protected him and used him as a bait, but he had to stay alive to prevent the six clans from going too far against Chun Yeowun.

‘My Lord, I have to warn you… you said that you watched some illusion for a month after using a certain martial art. You must not use it anymore. If you use it again, it is not certain if the symptom will go away like this time.’

The Demon Doctor warned him of this, but Chun Yujong had no choice.

‘I can’t die here.’

Chun Yujong then used the Blood God’s Reversion Art again. He then didn’t remember anything that happened after. When he was back to his senses, Great Guardian Marakim was helping him stand up.

‘My Lord?’

It felt like his spirit was gone or something, and he couldn’t feel anything. He didn’t even remember how he defeated the enemy. And in his numb state, someone else appeared and helped himself up.


It was Chun Yujing. Chun Yujing, who Yujong thought he was dead, appeared and helped him up.

[You went overboard again. Can you keep the balance of the cult at this rate?]


[My, my. Brother, I mean my Lord. If you die, who can keep the balance of the cult?]

Chun Yujong then looked Yujing numbly, and came back to his senses and mumbled.

‘Yes… balance of the cult… I have to keep the balance…!’

“Krrrrrr…. YES! You are just the chess piece!! I… I have to keep the balance of the Demonic Cult!!!”

Chun Yujong, who had been grabbing his head in pain, suddenly pulled up his head with reddened eyes. Unlike before, his eyes were deep red, proving that he was trying to use the Blood God’s Reversion Art. People in the hall became shocked.


“H-he’s using Blood Reversion Art!”

Even if the Lord was in a bad condition and was in danger, nobody thought he would use Blood Reversion Art. And there was a man who was grinning.

‘Kakaka! That’s it! Now… go mad and kill the Crown Prince, the six clans and do your job!’

It was good that he sent a telepathic message to rile the Lord. Now, the Lord will go mad and attack anyone within his reach. With the Blood God’s Reversion Art active, the Lord’s muscle began to enlarge and ripped the clothes. It was then.

Chun Yeowun bolted out like lightning and quickly grabbed Chun Yujong’s head and placed his hand over his chest.

“Krrrr! What are you doing!”

“I’m sorry, but I’ve been through this too much. This will hurt.”



[Yes, master.]

And from Yeowun’s left hand, white lightning bolted out, charging into the Lord’s blood point over the head. And from the right hand, powerful internal energy was sent into the Lord’s body and held on the energy that was trying to flow in reverse.


And with the powerful electric shock, Lord Chun Yujong trembled severely. He shook his head and screamed for a long time while his hair and all of his face was burnt and soon dropped to the ground.

Everyone became dumbfounded by the sight.

‘W-what?! What is this?!’

The man who was watching became shocked. He didn’t expect Chun Yeowun to stop Chun Yujong before he could even activate the Blood God’s Reversion Art. And what was that weird energy coming out from his left hand? And it was then.


Chun Yeowun suddenly appeared in front of the man.


The man was so shocked by Chun Yeowun’s lightning speed and tried to run away, but Yeowun quickly grabbed him by the neck and pulled him up.


He tried to pull himself out of Yeowun’s grasp, but the power was beyond that of any ordinary man. Chun Yeowun glared up at the man he picked him up and glared as he asked,

“You… who are you?”


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