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Chapter 247 - Culprit - Part 7

Great Guardian Marakim had told Chun Yeowun of the truth. He said that Lord Chun Yujong had not shown in public, but always helped and protected Chun Yeowun in a way that it cannot be seen. But Chun Yeowun couldn’t believe everything. To him, the Lord was cold hearted man who did not even visit even when Lady Hwa died.

‘Mother waited for the Lord even on her dying breath.’

Yeowun couldn’t ease down his anger toward the Lord when he remembered his mother. And he also saw the Lord using him multiple times.

‘He used me as a chess piece but he was actually trying to protect me?’

He couldn’t believe it. But if the Great Guardian said was true, and the Lord was just gone mad from using Blood Reversion Art, then Yeowun needed to correct this first.

‘If that really is true, I will listen to it from his own mouth.’

While Marakim and Yin Moha was undergoing meditation to heal their wounds, Yeowun went to check on Kingbonki’s body.

‘Nano, can you analyze a body?’

[Scanning the target entity with Magnetic Resonance Imaging is possible. Please move over the body slowly with your palm hovering over it.]

Yeowun couldn’t analyze any of the body of enemies that used blood reversion art until now. It was likely that he was going to learn something if he analyze it. If he can stop the person using it from going mad, then maybe it was possible to meet Lord with his sanity.

“Kek… kek…”

The mysterious man being strangled up coughed in pain. The man couldn’t believe the situation. Blood God’s Reversion Art was something that would make energy began to flow in reverse, so that it cannot be stopped until the user dies or go mad and use all of its energy. He didn’t think that it will be stopped from flowing backward even before it started.

‘W-what kind of monster is he?!’

And Yeowun asked the man again.

“I asked you. Who are you?”

“W-what are you talking about- Kaaaak!”

Yeowun grabbed on his hand harder and the man’s face reddened. He had stayed silent in the halls, but he was now being grabbed by his neck, so he was now even confused if he whispered out instead of sending telepathic message. It was another clan leader who was next of them who spoke identity of the man.

“L-Lord Chun Ma. He is the leader of Buju Sword clan, Yi Burwi.”

“Buju Sword clan?”

Chun Yeowun raised his eyes. He already knew that Buju Sword clan was covert operation group owned by Sword clan. But why did he sent telepathic message to make the Lord use Blood God’s Reversion Art? The Lord became more confused when he heard it and went on to use it.

When Chun Yeowun entered the hall, he activated tapping mode on telepathic message to listen to all messages being made, and Yi Burwi was caught on his radar.

“Kek… L-Lord Chun Ma… why are you doing this to me?”

Yi Burwi decided to lie. He didn’t say anything out loud, so if he insist then it was going to make Chun Yeowun a weirdo. There were clan leaders looking at them confusingly. But Chun Yeowun shook his head and sent telepathic message.

[You told the Lord to use Blood God’s Reversion Art and kill me, and remaining elders from three clans. Wasn’t that what you said?]


Yi Burwi’s eye grew large. He did sent the telepathic message to the Lord. But how can Chun Yeowun, who was busily fighting against Chun Yujong know this? And how did he know about the telepathic message?

‘ way. How can one overhear a telepathic message?’

It was unbelievable. No one, not even strongest warrior in the world can overhear telepathic message. And as if his mind was read, Yeowun sent another telepathic message.

[Why? Are you shocked that I overheard your telepathic message? You said I made a treason and are you trying to say you don’t know anything about it?]


Yi Burwi’s eye began to shake. He wasn’t sure until now, but this confirmed it.

‘I-t’s impossible! H-he can really listen to telepathic messages!’

This was very dangerous skill. Telepathic message was a way to send information to specific target without having others from hearing it. But if it was able to overhear, then one telepathic message might work against the secret plan.

‘N-no! I have to stop him from sending me telepathic message!’

Yi Burwi quickly analyzed the situation. If Yeowun can overhear telepathic message, then he had to stop his partner from using the telepathic message.

“Kek… T-telepa…”

“Who told you to speak?”


Yeowun grabbed harder on the neck to stop Yi Burwi from speaking. There was only one way left. With the plan failed, he had to take all the blame to let others to go out of the castle. It was when Yi Burwi was pulling up his energy to flow in reverse.

[Ugh. Our plan failed. We have no choice. Leader Yi, die together with the Crown Prince. I will take care of this place and retreat.]

Yi Burwi frowned. He was going to use the Blood Reversion Art to get out of Yeowun’s grasp and shout so that his partner will not use the telepathic message, but it was too late.

‘N-no way!’

And Chun Yeowun’s eye immediately turned to someone. It was the leader of Palace Guard Pahin, fighting against Hou Sangwha near the entrance.


Yi Burwi then reversed energy in unique blood points. His muscles began to expand and veins popped up over his neck. Chun Yeowun’s grasp was thrown back. Yi Burwi had to grab onto Chun Yeowun to die together before he can get to Pahin. But…


“You are a fool. You saw that it won’t work.”

Yeowun placed his hand on Yi Burwi’s head and placed another hand on Yi Burwi’s chest and tried to use electric shock and energy to stop the flow.


With electric shock coming in, Yi Burwi pushed out the hand over his head and threw punch into Yeowun’s chest.

‘He moved?’


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