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Chapter 248 - Culprit - Part 8

Yeowun quickly jumped back and Yi Burwi also got back to get distance. When he reached the back, his clothes were ripped apart as his muscles were expanding. Veins popped up all over, making him look disgusting. What was different was that he was using Blood Reversion Art but his eyes weren’t red.

‘It’s different. I sealed the correct blood points but he’s still moving.’

It seemed like the energy flow points were different. As proof of it being different, Yi Burwi didn’t turn beastly like others. But he still had become more aggressive.

‘You think this is the same as that incomplete blood reversion art? This is the true Blood God’s Reversion Art.’

Unlike the one that Chun Yujong or Kingbonki had learned, this was the true, completed version of Blood God’s Reversion Art. It removed most of its side effects and allowed one to increase the power. The only downside was that it had a time limit. It only remained for five minutes and the one using it would pass out at the end. But that was enough time to use everything in his power to die together with Chun Yeowun.

“B-blood reversion art!”

“Lord Chun Ma was right!”

“Arrest him!”

Clan leaders began to surround him. If the one other than the Lord was using blood reversion art, then they had to put him down. They hadn’t brought any weapons in here, but they were still master to super master level warriors. Five clan leaders charged at Yi Burwi, but Yi Burwi dodged their attacks and countered them.


“H-how can he be so powerful!?”

Two clan leaders were thrown to the back. They tried to defend, but they couldn’t defend against powerful energy.

“Take this!”

Leader of Sword Illusion clan, Muk Yen, charged at Yi Burwi from the back. His force qi struck into Yi Burwi’s back but…

“Ugh. G-get away from me!”


Force qi was only pushed into about the fingertip and strong energy retention pushed Muk Yen out. It wasn’t as hard as Kingbonki’s body, but his body had grown very dense.


And Yi Burwi charged toward Chun Yeowun.

‘I just need to kill you!’

He didn’t have time to fight others. If he killed Chun Yeowun who could hear the telepathic messages, their plans would still fail but they would be more successful in the end.

Yi Burwi’s hand wielded blue force qi. It was larger than any force qi that the others used. It was as large as what Kingbonki used when he used the Blood God’s Reversion Art.

“L-Lord Chun Ma!!”

Clan leaders shouted. Yi Burwi quickly unleashed sword formation with his force qi over his hand. The power of the formation struck down upon Chun Yeowun, trying to tear him apart into pieces.


And at that moment…


With the sound of something being cut off, something dropped to the ground. It was an enlarged arm covered with bulging veins. It was Yi Burwi’s arm.


Chun Yeowun’s hand, which was empty until now, had the Sky Demon Sword glowing with black force qi. Yi Burwi screamed in pain while he grabbed his shoulder. His body had grown so tough to even withstand against force qi, but it was cut off easily.

“Aaaargh… M-my arm… my arm!!”

He was in pain, and was confused. More powerful warriors were no match even they used Blood God’s Reversion Art, so there was no way for Yi Burwi to defeat Chun Yeowun, even if the art was completed. Chun Yeowun asked Yi Burwi, “I guess you will refuse to deactivate the blood reversion art, right?”

“What- Aaaaaaargh!”

And before he could even respond, Yi Burwi’s other arm was cut off. Yeowun was trying to make it so that he cannot even try to fight back. But that wasn’t the end.

“I just need your head and your body.”

“W…what are you…. N… no… AAAAAARGH!”

With the black sword shooting past over his thighs, Yi Burwi dropped to the ground. Both his legs were cut off. But Yeowun just looked down at him coldly.

“Nngh…. Y… you monster…!!!”

Chun Yeowun was much more colder than Chun Yujong. He had no mercy toward enemies. Yi Burwi realized that he was no match against Chun Yeowun even after using Blood God’s Reversion Art. But it was now too late.

‘Is… is he really a monster? …I guess this is it… at least I bought time for Pahin to run away… I should kill myself now.’


And someone dropped next to him, who was lying on the ground limbless. He turned his head and checked the man dropped and frowned.


It was Palace Guard leader, Pahin. His blood points were sealed, so Pahin couldn’t even move.


“I have captured him, as you ordered.”

The person who got him down here was 10th Elder Yin Moha. Pahin’s face turned red and glared at Yin Moha.

“NNn….noo! Aaaaargh!”

There was no way Yeowun would not do anything when he knew who Yi Burwi’s partner was. Yi Burwi’s buying time was not successful. Yi Burwi screamed in anger, but Yeowun ignored it and ordered to every elder and clan leader in the hall, “I order you as the Lord Chun Ma. Arrest every member from the Buju Sword clan and the Palace Guards. If they resist, you may kill them.”

“Yes, my Lord!!”


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