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Chapter 249 - Culprit - Part 9

With the official order from the Lord Chun Ma, the clan leaders moved quickly. Chun Yeowun’s authority and power he showed was enough to make cultists follow him. Clan Leaders all charged out of the hall and began to arrest the Palace Guards. The warriors within the top 200 of the cult began searching the palace, and the progress was quick.

There were also other palace guards inside the hall. These were the twelve best warriors from the Palace Guards that were appointed directly under the Lord. 3rd Elder Bu Churyong walked over to them with blue force qi over his hand.

“Do not resist,” Bu Churyong warned and ten warriors went down on their knees, showing their sign of surrender. They only moved under the Lord’s order, but when Chun Yujong used Blood reversion art, they realized something had gone wrong and surrendered. But not all of them were real Palace Guards. Two of them within the hall looked weird.

‘What should I do?’


They didn’t think their leaders would be overpowered so easily. They were finally able to be appointed as the Lord’s direct guards when the Lord’s mental health became worse, but it seemed like everything was going to fail without them doing anything.

“You two seem to know something.”

And from their hesitation, Bu Churyong recognized them to be the enemy. Bu Churyong charged at them.

‘We have no choice.’

[I’ll defend him. Go kill the Lord!]

One of the warriors unleashed force qi and struck Bu Churyong. He wasn’t sure how long he could withstand the powerful warrior, but he had to buy time.


Another warrior then charged in against the Lord who was on the ground by the throne. Marakim was checking on him, but the warrior was going to push him in some way and kill the Lord who was unconscious.


But when Marakim waved his hand, three swords that dropped within the halls floated in the air and charged at the warrior.

‘A-air sword?!’

The warrior became shocked and tried to defend himself. He was able to fend off one of the swords, but he couldn’t defend himself against the remaining two.


Two swords penetrated the warrior’s two shoulders. His body couldn’t resist the powerful energy wielded in these swords and was pushed up in the air and was pinned against one of the pillars in the halls.

“D-dammit! Aaaaargh!”

He wanted to pull out two swords, but the energy coming through the wound was so painful that he couldn’t move.


And the warrior who charged against Bu Churyong screamed in pain. He thought he could last at least unleash the three formation, but he couldn’t even defend himself against the first formation and lost his two arms.

“I told you not to resist.”


Chun Yeowun had been too powerful that made it feel like they were weak, but these were within top five warriors in rank within the cult. And what was happening outside wasn’t much different. There were three hundred palace guards, but not all of them were spies. When clan leaders ran out to arrest them, they all became shocked.

“W-why are clan leaders attacking us?!”

“Has something gone wrong?”

They were originally trying to charge into the hall under order of their leader Pahin. They first thought there was an uprising, started by the masked servants, but it seemed that wasn’t the case.

“Lord Chun Ma ordered that we can kill if you resist. Do not show your mercy on the traitors!”

“Yes, sir!”

Ko Wanghin from the Demon Fist clan shouted and the clan leaders showed no mercy. There were some palace guards who did resist intensely as if they were truly traitors, and died.

“I- I surrender!”

“I-I’m not a traitor!’

Many guards began to surrender and it became much more easier to pinpoint the traitors among them.

‘Dammit! Dammit!’

Yi Burwi was furious as he stayed on the ground limbless. His family was ordered to proceed with the plan on his generation, and they planned very carefully but it all failed just because of one man. Starting with his grandfather, a total of three generations had spent so much time and effort to earn the Sword clan’s trust.

‘If the messenger who has the order from him comes, our 100 year plan will begin. Do you understand this? Burwi?’

And as former leader Yi Burkem said, the messenger really appeared, even when it required them to show their hidden identity to Yulin. Yi Burwi was glad that time had finally come, but the plan was now over.

And in Yi Burwi’s ear, he heard a whistle from outside. His eyes made it seem like he had been waiting for this, so Yeowun asked curiously, “What is it?”

“Keke… You think you won? You think you are victorious?”

“…What are you talking about?”

It seemed like whistle sound that was heard outside was related to it. Everything had failed, but Yi Burwi was excited to strike Chun Yeowun in one way.

“I couldn’t kill you or any of the remaining clans, but I will take the guardians with me.”

“What?” Yeowun asked back with a frown.

“Who do you think is guarding those Guardians in prison? With the signal just now, I’m sure their heads will be rolling on the cold prison floor!”

That was the meaning of the whistle. It was planned ahead in case of any emergencies. The whistle was a signal to the palace guards to kill the Left and Right Guardians.

‘The two guardians who work for you… go look at their dead bodies and wail! Hahahaha!’

But Chun Yeowun looked weird. He didn’t seem to be worried as he shook his head.


Yi Burwi became confused and Yeowun scoffed at him.

“Is that all?”


The two guardians, who were also the two most powerful warriors within the cult and best advisors to Chun Yeowun, might be in danger but he didn’t seem to care much.

At the same time, at a prison located toward southeast of the Lord’s palace, there was a small cell with two middle aged men tied tightly to their chairs. They were Left Guardian Lee Hameng and Right Guardian Submeng.

They were frustrated as they were imprisoned together. They had to follow orders from the Lord, but they also had their blood points sealed so they couldn’t move, which made them even more concerned.

And it was weird that the palace guards were moving up and down the corridor outside the cell with their weapons, as if they were waiting for something. Lee Hameng sighed. He didn’t think he would be targeted while he was working as Chief of the Academy.

‘Has the Lord truly gone mad?’


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