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Chapter 250 - Culprit - Part 10

He only thought his enemies were the six clans, so it was hard to believe that the Lord had ordered this. He was also frustrated that he didn’t know what was going on outside. If they were arrested like this, it was likely that something happened to the other elders who sided with Chun Yeowun.

‘The Crown Prince might be in danger.’

That concern also was shared by Right Guardian Submeng. Submeng had lost an eye and had taken internal damage that made him stay at home to meditate, but he was arrested nonetheless so he was certain that something wasn’t going right.

‘Whew.. whew…’

Submeng spent four hours focusing on his energy to pull out the giant needle stuck in his body that sealed his blood point.


Submeng focused on the blood point with all of his might. But it wasn’t easy. After failing another attempt, Submeng let out a large sigh and panted.

“Aaaaaah… hu…”

“What? What are you doing?”

A palace guard found this out and shouted as he tapped on the iron bar. Lee Hameng knew Submeng was trying to pull out the needle already, so he shouted loudly, “You call yourself a Guardian when you can’t even stay quiet while being tied down?”

“What? Ugh… hah… you red haired idiot. Think where we are before picking a fight with me.”

“Just go to sleep if you can’t stay still.”


Submeng understood what Lee Hameng was trying to do, so he played along. With two of them arguing, the palace guard sighed and turned away. He had seen the two Guardians arguing with each other ever since they were imprisoned so he didn’t think it was anything strange.


Lee Hameng sighed in relief.

‘Try to be careful, you fool.’

It was good that Submeng was trying, but he kept on making mistakes that made Lee Hameng become afraid. But he was also astounded by Submeng’s persistent tries. Lee Hameng tried few times before he gave up, but Submeng was trying hard to the end.

‘I should try it again.’

It was then that he heard a small whistling sound from outside the prison. The palace guards then grinned as if they were waiting for that signal and pulled out their swords.

“W-what? Wait… what are you-!”

Submeng shouted frantically as he saw these warriors readying to strike. It seemed they were going to kill them. One of them tried to open the cell door. Lee Hameng realized he shouldn’t stay still and tried to at least get him out from the rope, but it was no use. His internal energy was sealed so he couldn’t use any energy.


He regretted that he had not tried harder. Even if it was an order made by the Lord, he thought he should have tried to get the seal out. And it was when the cell door was almost unlocked.

“W-who are you!”

A large bodied man burst into the underground floor and charged toward the prison guards. The man moved quickly and struck his fist wielding blue force qi into the guards.


The power strike threw the prison guard away to the prison wall. Lee Hameng became dumbfounded when he saw the large man with a long beard.

“Ko Wanghur?”

The man was Ko Wanghur. Palace guards tried to attack Ko Wanghur when another man jumped in and kicked them. It was Bakgi. Bakgi stormed in upon them to push the guards away. His kicks were too fast for the palace guards who swung their swords in the small prison corridor and they couldn’t react to it.

“S-since when-?”

“We were waiting for a while now. Hah!”


Ko Wanghur and Bakgi quickly overpowered the palace guards. And with two of them arriving at the right moment, the two Guardians sighed in relief as they were saved.

“Do you not see what it means for the elders of the three clans to help me?”


Yi Burwi became surprised. The Lord had sent Yeowun’s members to be appointed at the groups owned by the four clans purposely. This removed Yeowun’s members to be out of the picture. But with four clans siding with Yeowun now, then it meant his members were free to move.

“Do you think I would leave the two Guardians without any help?”

“N-no! You’re just bluffing!”

“Well, you can believe what you want.”

Yeowun spoke casually and Yi Burwi became shocked. If Yeowun really sent his members to the prison, then Yi Burwi failed with every plan that he made.

“You should be worried about yourself.”

“Ugh… YOU!!!”

‘I have no choice.’

Yi Burwi then made a choice. The reason he was left alive was because Yeowun was thinking about finding out who Yi Burwi was working for. He still had the Blood God’s Reversion Art activated, so Yi Burwi decided to kill himself by increasing the reverse flow even more.


Yi Burwi focused on the energy and his body began to expand more, as if it would explode.

“Hahaha! It’s no use! My Blood God’s Reversion Art changes all blood points so you won’t block me from doing this!”

This was why Yeowun couldn’t stop Yi Burwi from using Blood God’s Reversion Art. Yi Burwi did not want to die, but it was better to die than to survive and suffer from torture.

His body had expanded twice as large and veins popped up all over his face, making him look disgusting. Yi Burwi then spoke while holding on to his sickness coming up from inside.

“Ugh… don’t be too excited that you’ve won here. Our clan’s power reaches not only to the Demonic Cult, but beyond… ugh!”

But Yeowun wasn’t focusing on him. Yeowun’s hand passed through Yi Burwi’s face, and Yi Burwi noticed some kind of faint light. Yeowun then quickly swept through his body, unclear as to what he was trying to do.

“Ugh.. I don’t know what… ugh… you are trying to do… but- Ugh. Nothing will work…!”

Yeowun then placed his palm below Yi Burwi’s right ear and placed his right palm over Yi Burwi’s chest. Yi Burwi became shocked and tried to speak.

“What are you trying to… Gaaagagagagagagaga!”

With electricity coming through his body, Yi Burwi trembled and screamed. The electric shock made him feel like his entire body was twisted. It was so painful that Yi Burwi screamed before he passed out. But he didn’t stay that way for long.


Yi Burwi woke up from the pain coming from his cheek.

“W-what? Why am I…?!”

He didn’t die. His body should have exploded after all his veins expanded beyond limits, but his body turned back to normal, just like when Chun Yujong was stopped from going mad. Yeowun then scoffed at Yi Burwi and spoke.

“That worked, didn’t it? So, let’s talk about your clan now.”



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