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Chapter 253 - Coronation - Part 3

In most cases, things that will be talked over at the Great Meeting had to be talked over at the Elder’s meeting. There had been many things that were discussed at the Elder’s meeting that was held overnight, but there wasn’t anything regarding Chun Yeowun’s coronation. The three elders were relieved that none of the elders siding with Chun Yeowun spoke of it, so they were shocked to hear this.

“G-Great Guardian. May I object?”

Fifth Elder Hang Soyu raised an objection and got up. She then looked at Great Guardian Marakim and spoke.

“This has not been talked over before.”

“Y-yes. I am not sure why we are talking about an issue that we have not talked over at the Elder’s meeting.”

Fourth Elder Ja Kinkeng also rose up to add the comment. If they didn’t do something, it looked like Chun Yeowun’s coronation ceremony would be decided. They couldn’t let that happen before setting their scores with Chun Yeowun.

“I believe we can talk about that after our Lord wakes up from his sick bed. It’s better for us to move onto the next topic.”

Third Elder Bu Churyong spoke to finish the topic. But he was talking to other elders and clan leaders so that he could get their agreement.

‘So, we have become this powerless.’

Bu Churyong realized how weak their three clans had become while saying this. If it was before, the six clans did not have to ask for other elders or clan leaders for their agreement. They just had to do it. But things were different now. Unlike Chun Yujong who had become the Lord without anyone helping him, Chun Yeowun had grown his forces along the way.

‘And us…’

Three clans out of the six clans were gone. The Poison clan was wiped out and the Sword and Wise clan were disbanded and scattered. Chun Yeowun’s forces were now the strongest force in the entire cult.

“So, three of you disagree with talking about this topic?” Great Guardian Marakim asked and three elders turned to sixth elder Mong Oh. They needed at least Mong Oh’s approval so they could get the required number of half elders disagreeing with the topic.


‘W-what?! What is he doing?!’

Sixth Elder Mong Oh just closed his eyes and did not meet his eyes with them. Mong Oh said he was thinking very positively about siding with the three clans just until a few days ago. But he wasn’t anymore. It was apparent where his intention lay.

And there was one who was smiling at the sight. It was Ninth Elder Sama Yi. After last night’s Elder’s meeting, Sama Yi took time to talk with Mong Oh, who had been his long friend and was able to persuade Mong Oh to join Chun Yeowun’s forces. It wasn’t hard as Mong Oh already had been thinking about it ever since he realized Chun Yeowun was the new Chun Ma.


Bu Churyong turned grim. This wasn’t good. Elders from the three clans were now losing in the votings. This meant their objection was going to be ignored.

‘Then we can only trust the clan leaders.’

Six clans had over 60% of control over all the clans within the Demonic Cult. If these 60% of clan leaders went against it, their objection was going to gain power.

“Clan leaders. Are there any amongst you who agree with the objection?”

“We agree with the three elders.”

At Marakim’s question, Jo Sang, clan leader of Five Dragon Blade clan spoke, and other clan leaders began to rise in agreeance. But…


The three elders turned grim immediately. All clan leaders that rose were only 35 of them. They were the clan leaders of clans that were owned by the three clans.

‘They are not afraid of our clans anymore!’

The number decreased dramatically with the Sword clan being disbanded. There were those who sided with the six clans before even if they weren’t owned by them, but they did not follow the six clans anymore. They now had the new Chun Ma, a destined leader, to follow. And after seeing what Chun Yeowun did in the Great Hall three days ago, most of the clan leaders now favored Chun Yeowun.

‘Ugh… we don’t have enough voting power.’

With more than 80% of people supporting Chun Yeowun, the Coronation was going to be held. Chun Yeowun’s elders were certain they were going to win. They had been allies when they were fighting against traitors hiding inside the cult. But with the traitors all arrested, the three clans were now back to their enemies. Marakim spoke.

“Objection did not exceed the required number of votings, so we will proceed on talking about our Lord Chun Ma’s Lord Coronation Ceremony.”


Eighth Elder Mun Yun and Ninth Elder Sama Yi became excited. They had guessed there would be a change to the balance of powers, and it was confirmed.

Suddenly, Bu Churyong walked out into the middle with a grim face and knelt in front of Chun Yeowun and spoke as he bowed.

“I accept Lord Chun Ma in your right and power. But our Great Demonic Cult is built upon the foundation of our tradition, law and order. We have learned that our Lord has been played with his minds by these traitors, so I think it is right to wait for our Lord to wake up from his slumber and work according to our traditions.”

“We agree with Third Elder.”

Ja Kinkeng and Hang Soyu also got out of their seats and bowed to agree with Bu Churyong. They were now asking Chun Yeowun directly who was in charge of the final approval.

‘They’re now bringing the Lord into this.’


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