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Chapter 254 - Coronation - Part 4

Lee Hameng frowned as he watched them from Yeowun’s side. They lost in their votes so they were now insisting that they should wait for the Lord to wake up.

‘If this is the case, we have to drag as much as time we can so we can regain our forces.’

They had to rebuild their forces before Chun Yeowun could build his forces and build the entire Demonic Cult under his leadership. Or else, the six clans that had reigned over the cult for 500 years were going to crumble.

‘They are not going down easily.’

Mun Yun became grim. There was no good in fighting internally. Mun Yun turned to Yeowun.

‘He’s not happy about this.’

Chun Yeowun was looking coldly at the three elders. Everyone in his forces knew that Chun Yeowun hated the six clans. The three clans were safe only because Yeowun’s elders suggested that Yeowun should keep them under his arms so that the Demonic Cult would not suddenly become weakened.

‘I hoped he can become the Lord fast and start controlling those clans.’

Sama Yi also had the same thought. If this was the case, there was a need to fight them strongly. Sama Yi spoke out.

“The Demon Doctor reported that he couldn’t find any progress in the Lord’s state. I understand you three Elder’s thoughts, but while we have imminent threat of an enemy outside our territory, we cannot afford to have our leadership go empty.”

“If that is the case, my suggestion stands even more. If the Demon Doctor can’t heal him, then we have to invite the Godly Doctor here to heal the Lord and do this according to our laws.”


Sama Yi moaned. The three Elders weren’t going to back down.

‘Lord Chun Ma was right.’

Their actions proved that they did not want to lose their control. They were trying to keep the three clans as the most powerful clans in control of the cult. The thee Elders then got up from their kneeling and Bu Churyong spoke.

“Our current leader is still our Lord. Aside from other issues, if we are to proceed with the coronation without following our laws, I see no point in staying at the Great Meeting. I will see myself out. And for the future meetings, I will not attend until the Lord wakes up from his bed.”

Bu Churyong then turned his back and the two other Elders followed them. With them leaving, the clan leaders under their clan became hesitant, but they soon followed.

The atmosphere turned weird. As they were walking out of the gate, Bu Churyong grinned. This was a gamble. If he and others were stopped, then he was going to say that Chun Yeowun was going to be a tyrant ruling over them.

‘There wouldn’t be any issues if we weren’t facing enemies, but he wouldn’t dare to lose 20% of the cult’s power at this time.’

Bu Churyong was certain that his plan was going to work. Even if Chun Yeowun hated them, it was likely that Yeowun would not try to risk weakening the cult.

‘This has gone too far.’

Great Guardian Marakim raised his hand to signal warriors from the Guardian forces to stop them from moving out of the hall.

[Let them go.]

[…Yes, my lord.]

He wasn’t sure what Chun Yeowun was thinking, but it was an order. Soon, three elders and thirty five clan leaders left the room. Chun Yeowun actually had authority to stop them, as he was the temporary leader and also the mighty Chun Ma, but he did not do this. While everyone became curious, Yeowun mumbled to Marakim.

“It’s better this way. We can clearly see who is our enemy.”

Marakim couldn’t answer Yeowun after he described them as the enemy. If this internal war was to go on, the cult was going to be weakened. Chun Yujong and Chun Inji had to take the clans’ intentions as they couldn’t bear to let that happen.

‘What is Lord Chun Ma thinking?’

Marakim became worried.

After the Great Meeting, same day after dinner. The gazebo behind the palace’s Hall of Feast was lit, with tables full of various cuisines and liquor. There were three people. It was Bu Churyong, Ja Kinkeng and Hang Soyu. They were here because an invitation came to them an hour ago. A messenger from the Guardian forces arrived at the Blade clan’s mansion, to the three elders who were discussing what to do now, and sent a message from Chun Yeowun. It was a short message, but it was what they were waiting for.

[I will talk.]

Chun Yeowun wanted to invite them over to the dinner at the gazebo behind the Hall of Feast.

“Your plan worked!”

Hang Soyu became excited and cheered. She first became suspicious that maybe Chun Yeowun was setting up traps, but Bu Churyong was certain that there weren’t going to be any.

‘If he does that, our cult will lose huge power. Even if our Chun Ma was our enemy, he will not go so far. But we do have to make sure.’

They then talked to the messenger about their conditions. Most of their conditions were agreed upon. They were required to have dinner in the open, not in the closed room, and also asked to have every guard warrior to stay away at the dinner.

“Don’t worry. We just have one more thing though.”

That was about the liquor and cuisine. It was a talk to have them join Yeowun’s forces, so Bu Churyong believed Yeowun would have not played with the food, but they needed to be careful.

‘The servants have not learned martial arts, so I can’t test it.’

There was a way to send out most poisons coming into the body, but there were all kinds of poison out in the world so they had to be careful. The three elders then arrived first at the appointment place to check if there were any traps or warriors in hiding, and Chun Yeowun arrived later. The only person he brought here was Great Guardian Marakim. There were no other warriors here, so they couldn’t ask Yeowun to even send Marakim away.

“Lord Chun Ma.”

They got up and bowed to Chun Yeowun. They seemed much more bright then they were at the Great Meeting, thinking that they would get what they wanted here. After a brief greeting, Chun Yeowun sat down at the table and Bu Churyong spoke first.

“It is great honor that our Lord Chun Ma invited us into such a wonderful dinner.”

Those words were hollow. It felt like he was scoffing at Chun Yeowun. Marakim became dumbfounded and looked at them coldly.

“Hmm. Well, we cannot allow our delicious food go cold. Why don’t we eat first and talk?”

Ja Kinkeng spoke and Chun Yeowun nodded. Bu Churyong then grabbed the liquor bottle at the table and poured it into Yeowun’s glass.

“This is to our Lord Chun Ma.”

Bu Churyong’s eyes narrowed as he spoke. The reason why he poured it into Yeowun’s glass first was to see if Yeowun had played any tricks on it.

Yeowun then grabbed the glass and drank it.


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