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Chapter 255 - Coronation - Part 5

After watching Chun Yeowun drinking the glass, the three elders confirmed that the food was okay. All that remained was to enjoy this small feast and talk about what they wanted. The first was to talk about the empty elder seat from the First Elder. High number elder seats were important seats that had power to control the cult’s forces and many of its affairs, so it was essential.

‘And if we retrieve forces from the disbanded Sword clan and their worksites, then we will regain our power back.’

The three clans going missing was a downsize of their power, but it was also fortunate. They now had only three to share the pie with. And it was also likely that their future descendants would have a chance at becoming the Lord, as the seats belonged to the Wise and Sword clans for the past hundred years.

The three elders became relieved and began to drink liquor. Bu Churyong still checked to see if there was any poison, but it was fine. And soon, servants began serving expensive cuisines. It was apparent that the feast had been well prepared.

‘Hahaha… so, he was worried about our forces. Look how he prepared everything.’

Bu Churyong began to smile as he realized his plan had worked. And when the feast began, a cook brought a freshly killed bull and began to work on it to cook it over the bonfire.

“Hahaha! It would have been better if we had this dinner earlier!”

The atmosphere eased as they enjoyed delicious food and liquor. After eating the feast enjoyably, Bu Churyong thought it was a good time to talk about the important issues.

“Lord Chun Ma. Why don’t we talk about…”

“Oh, wait a minute. Why don’t we enjoy the special delicacy before that?”

“A… delicacy?”

It was the first word that Chun Yeowun said during the feast. The three Elders became confused and Yeowun pointed at the bull that the cook was working on.

“It is food I ate a while ago. I heard it’s a famous delicacy in the Peking region.”

“At Peking?”

“Since we will be friendly toward each other now, I’ll prepare it myself for you.”

“You will serve us?”


Yeowun then got up and walked over to the bull that was cut up and processed. Yeowun spoke to the cook and the cook backed away and began preparing some seasonings. Meanwhile, Yeowun took up the knife and cut out the bull’s chest.


Yeowun then reached into the bull and pulled out the heart. The bull that was freshly killed still had its slightly pounding heart that was steaming with heat.

‘A-are we eating it as is?’

Yeowun then brought it over to the table and placed on the plate and cut it in four pieces. Hang Soyu did not like eating raw meat, so she frowned. The cook then came over with seasoning.

“It is good just by eating with salt, but if you eat it with my seasoning, it will be much better.”

“Oh! I haven’t tasted this in a while!”

It seemed Ja Kinkeng had eaten this before. Ja Kinkeng loved eating special and unique foods, so he first picked it up and dumped it into the seasoning and ate it. Yeowun also picked it up with his finger and just put salt on it and ate it.


Bu Churyong watched closely and also picked it up and copied Yeowun to put salt on it to eat it. He thought it would be too bloody, but it was actually very delicious.

‘Hmm… it sure is a delicacy.’

He grew suspicious as Chun Yeowun cut out the heart with his own hand, but it seemed like nothing strange was done to it. Hang Soyu hated eating fresh meat, but she couldn’t refuse the offer made by Chun Ma, so she cut out a small portion with her chopstick and swallowed a bit.

‘Ugh… it’s not to my taste.’

She wasn’t fond of the faint blood scent, but she still showed her respect by eating it. Yeowun then poured the liquor in his glass and drank before he began to speak.

“So, with that done, why don’t we start talking?”

“Hahaha. Yes, we will.”

It was the time they had been waiting for. It wasn’t sure how far Chun Yeowun was going to take it, but they had to get as much as possible. Bu Churyong was about to begin stating their conditions that they decided amongst themselves when Chun Yeowun started first.

“First, I will talk about my conditions.”


Bu Churyong became shocked at the unexpected turn of events.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Aren’t we going to talk about what we each want and see if we can work things out?”

Yeowun answered his question casually and the three elders became confused on what they should do. They first thought that they would talk about what they wanted and see what could be accepted. But they didn’t think Chun Yeowun also had what he wanted on his side.


It was puzzling. The three of them looked at each other. They wanted to share ideas by talking it through telepathic messages, but they had suspicions about something because of what happened at the Demon Dragon clan’s mansion, so they couldn’t do it. They were suspecting that Chun Yeowun could overhear telepathic messages. Bu Churying then spoke.

“…Understood. You can speak first, my Lord.”

He decided to listen, as he could always refuse any absurd proposals. Chun Yeowun then started with his conditions.

“First. I will remove the six clan system that has been within our cult as tradition.”


The three elders all responded in unison from shock. They first expected Yeowun would ask them to join his forces and support him, but this was totally out of their expectation. Bu Churyong then spoke up to raise an objection.

“Lord Chun Ma. This is…”

“I am not done yet.”

Chun Yeowun warned, and Bu Churyong stopped and just glared for a moment before he answered.

“Whew… Okay. We will listen.”

“Second. I will change how elders are appointed. We will now start ranking elders according to the power to follow the tradition of our cult which values strength the most.”


Hang Soyu became dumbfounded and spat. If what Chun Yeowun was saying was to go live, then she had a chance to become demoted to the lowest rank of elders as she had lost an arm.

“Third. All clans will be disbanded, and families can only own small warrior forces. All other warrior forces will be absorbed and will be controlled by the cult itself.”


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