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Chapter 256 - Coronation - Part 6

Three elders thought the first and second conditions were absurd, but they went on to listen as they can always object later. They also waited as they were in front of Chun Ma’s authority. But as they heard the third condition, they couldn’t hold back any longer.

“And Fourth…”

Before Yeowun could move onto the fourth, Bu Churyong pounded the table. At the same time, Great Guardian Marakim pulled out his sword and aimed at Bu Churyong’s neck. Bu Churyong did not care and glared at Chun Yeowun.

“Lord Chun Ma. What is the meaning of this?”

“…I am talking about my requirements so we can become allies.”

“Allies? Talk? This sounds like you just want to become our enemy.”

They didn’t hear the fourth condition, but the third condition was enough to take away all the powers that the three clans had. And it was possible that they would lose everything they had and they would have to start competing with all the cultists. Yeowun then spoke to Bu Churyong.

“I have prepared this feast so that I will not be your enemy.”

“THIS? THIS FEAST?! Your condition only sounds like you really want us to turn our backs to you!”

Hang Soyu screamed with anger. Marakim was aiming them with his sword, but she wasn’t afraid. There were all the forces of the three clans waiting right outside the courtyard. If something was to happen to them, they were ordered to charge in through the wall. This was already told to Chun Yeowun before they arranged this dinner. They thought Chun Yeowun was going to talk amicably as he took in all these conditions.


Bu Churyong let down his anger and spoke coldly to Yeowun.

“Lord Chun Ma. Our power is one fifth of the entire cult’s forces. Do you think you can fight against the Blade God Six Martial clan, and the forces of Justice and Evil after losing that much power?”

His voice was calm, but the content was almost a threat. Bu Churyong was threatening Yeowun that if he did not accept their conditions, they will move out of the cult.

‘You have made a mistake. How dare you anger us.’

Bu Churyong thought he had to take this chance to put pressure on Yeowun. And as three of them glared at Yeowun with similar looks, Yeowun sighed.

“Whew. It’s hard trying to talk nice to you scums.”


Three of them frowned at the sudden change of tone. Chun Yeowun did not sound friendly anymore and his eyes turned cold. Yeowun then looked at them and ordered.


The three elders became dumbfounded at sudden order and tried to object.




The three elders immediately were overwhelmed with heart-strickening pain that made them writhe in pain. They weren’t sure what was happening, but it felt like something was attacking their heart. They frantically tried to bring up their internal energy to defend.



“AAAAAaRGH! M-My stomach!”

They also felt the same pain coming from below their stomach and couldn’t use their internal energy. Slight use of internal energy brought pain to their body. It felt like their body was being eaten from the inside. It was even more painful then taking internal damage.

‘Aaaargh! W-what is going on?’

‘W-we checked!’

They were shocked. They checked that no food or liquor had poison and they only ate what Chun Yeowun ate. They didn’t know what was going on.

“I said, kneel,” Yeowun ordered them again. They wanted to withstand pain and tried to keep their pride, but they couldn’t bear to withstand the terrible pain coming to their heart and internal energy.

Three elders knelt in pain. And when they did, the pain magically disappeared. Bu Churyong became reddened with anger and shouted.

“W-what have you done to us?!”

Yeowun then smiled.

“I’ve done filthy stuff that fits you filthy scums.”

“W…what are you talking about!”

“It’s the poison parasite.”


The three elders were so shocked that their eyes trembled. They had heard of this before. The poison parasite was something that hid within the body until it woke up and attacked its host. But they were all superior master warriors who could sense any poison coming into their bodies and send it out.

“I-it’s impossible! How did you…!”

While three of them were shocked, Marakim remembered what happened two days ago.

‘Are you saying you will remove my poison parasite?’

‘I don’t see any reason to have that in you anymore.’

Yeowun decided to take out poison parasite from Marakim’s body. The poison parasite was sent down within the Great Guardians and only was removed when the host died. The only other way to remove it was to have a person with the qi of the Sky Demon order it. Marakim had seen how the reactant looked, but he had never seen parasite poison with his eyes, so he was shocked when he saw it coming out of his body.

‘W-what in the…’

It wasn’t just a few, but hundreds of small worms. Chun Yeowun found out one interesting fact. The poison parasite, contrary to how others perceived it, wasn’t poisonous at all. And thus, eating them only felt like one was eating just a normal insect.

‘I can use it then.’

Yeowun then had it fed to a bull, and these parasites took their place in the bull’s heart. And it was that heart that the three elders ate.

‘To think he used those parasites on them.’

Marakim was astounded by Chun Yeowun’s amazing plan. And for the three elders, they couldn’t hide their shock that they had eaten poison parasites. The pain disappeared, so they tried to remove it by using internal energy.


The terrible pain returned and sent them back rolling on the ground. And as they saw Ja Kinkeng almost dying from the pain, the other two elders couldn’t even dare to try.

“That poison parasite was created by Father Chun Ma. It is only controlled by qi of the Sky Demon. Your effort to remove it is futile.”

“Father Chun Ma… created it?”

“If you disobey me or threaten me in any way, it will activate.”


They couldn’t even think straight on what they should do. Yeowun was warning them that if they disobeyed, then it would mean a painful death.

‘We are trapped!’

Bu Churyong thought he was prepared, but Yeowun had gotten him. With this, they had to follow Yeowun so that they can live. And to the three elders, Yeowun spoke as if he remembered something.

“Right. I forgot about the fourth one.”


“I need a gift from you for letting you join my forces.”

“A gift?”

The three elders became worried and Yeowun smiled.

“I need the right arm from every wife of the Lord. Oh, this is for our amicable relationship of course. I want you to do it yourself.”


And they all turned pale from Yeowun’s terrible request.


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