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Chapter 257 - Coronation - Part 7

Chun Yeowun was on his chair, placed in front of the desk inside the Lord’s office. On the table, there were two right arms that were heavily medicated for preservation. These were the weak arms of the ladies that were cut off last night. One came from the Blade clan and one came from the Lust clan two days ago.

‘I am sorry, but Lady Ja already passed away.’

Lady Ja of the Loyal clan died already, so Fourth Elder Ja Kinkeng was unfortunately not able to cut down his family member’s arm. Yeowun frowned as he looked at these arms.

‘So, they value their lives more.’

Yeowun had wished that these elders, who were top leaders of the cult, would uphold their family and pride and go against Yeowun’s absurd request. But these leaders showed their greed for power.

‘They will go off the limit for their own safety.’

It was disgusting and bitter to see this as the cult that had been led by these kinds of people.

‘They’re lucky that they can live for now.’

Yeowun still wished to wipe out the remaining three clans if he could. But with enemies lurking at bay, it was too dangerous to cut out these rotten pieces of the cult that might weaken the cult’s power.

‘What should we do now?’

Five days ago, Yeowun gathered every one of his members to talk about the situation. It was to talk about how to deal with six clans. Three clans were disbanded, and there were three remaining clans. Chun Yeowun was set to avenge them first, but with two incidents of the cult’s castle being attacked by outside forces, he couldn’t ignore the possibility of the cult being weakened. The opinion was divided three to seven.

‘It is better we get rid of the potential threat and fix our cult now.’

‘We will just be dragged down by them.’

Those who wished to wipe out the three clans said that it was dangerous to keep them as they could pose a potential threat. But these opinions were only 30% of all members. It was the 70% of them, even though they knew how these clans corrupted the cult and were dragging the cult’s growth down, who said they should keep these clans.

‘If we are not threatened by enemies, we can get rid of them. But now is not the time.’

‘There are a lot of clans that are affiliated with these clans. If we are to get rid of all of them, we will suffer.’

‘I share the same idea. And three superior master level warriors don’t mean nothing. We already lost four of our superior master level warriors. If we lose these three on top of that, we might have a hard time fighting against the enemy in the future.’

Those who opposed were concerned about the cult being weakened. Both sides had reasons that made sense. Having the three clans stay onboard would mean potential danger in the future, and if they were removed, then there was the potential of the cult being weakened.

Yeowun thought deeply on how to deal with the three clans, and also to not weaken the cult. The answer was the parasitic poison. Yeowun decided to use the poison to control the three clans and change the cult’s entire system so that clan powers will be diverted. If this worked, then it was going to allow Yeowun to use the twenty percent of its power. And it was also possible for Yeowun to send these three elders to the frontline in battle. Yeowun’s members all agreed with his plans.

‘Did previous Lords have the same problem?’

It was the bitter truth that Yeowun who now had ultimate power over the cult couldn’t avenge his enemies as he wished. He wanted to achieve his dream, but reality was harsh. He had to compensate for what he could.

‘If I cannot get rid of the enemy because of the power loss… then I will make our cult become strong enough so I don’t have to care about that power loss.’

This was the final answer that Yeowun had come to in the end. For now, he decided to use these three elders to fight against outside enemies and when the cult became strong enough that Yeowun no longer needed these three elders…

‘I will kill them then.’

It wasn’t going to be long before that happened. The required first step was to train new warriors inside the cult. It was necessary to make warriors like the Six Swords, or Master ranked warriors who were already talented in martial arts to become superior master level warriors. As Yeowun was thinking about his future plans, someone knocked on the door to the office.

“Lord Chun Ma. It is time for you to get dressed.”

It was Great Guardian Marakim.

“Oh… is it already time?”

Yeowun then got up from his chair.

Cold winter day, in the afternoon. The sun was high up in the sky, with not a single cloud in the bright blue sky. It was a good day for a big event.

There were countless cultists gathered in the courtyard in front of the Lord’s palace. These crowds consisted of almost every cultist there was at the Demonic Cult’s castle, and they gathered here because of the announcement made a few days ago.

It was only afternoon, but there were fires lit on torches everywhere. This was a tradition for the cult, which considered the Demon God and its fire as the most sacred. On the stage, there was a large torch which hadn’t lit yet.

“Get back little more! Move back!”

“What?! I can’t go back any further!”

Warriors from the Guardians pushed back cultists who were just moving further in. It was understandable for these cultists who were eager to see their new leader, but the distance had to be kept for any possible problems.

And from the wall of the palace, drums began to ring. It was the signal that the ceremony was now starting.

“Ohh!! It’s starting now!”

“It’s finally starting!”


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