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Chapter 258 - Coronation - Part 8

There was a long red velvet carpet laid down in the courtyard that was connected to the main palace building. On either side of the carpet, all leaders of the cult were standing by. They were all dressed in formal clothes, waiting.

“Master is becoming the Lord…!”

Ko Wanghur spoke with an astounded look, while Bakgi and Yeowun’s others members nodded. They all looked overwhelmed and happy. Just until a while ago, they were at the Demonic Academy, concerned about how Yeowun would compete in the competition and become the Crown Prince, but now Chun Yeowun was the Lord.

“But I feel sad for Hu Bong.”

Sama Chak spoke as he thought about Hu Bong who wasn’t with them. The place beside the carpets were only allowed for those with master or higher rank within the cult, so Hu Bong was left behind just like the other regular cultists.

“Well, rules are rules.”

Bakgi spoke without much thought. Hu Bong couldn’t stand beside them with his blue Squad Leader clothes among them. The formal clothes of the cult had different colors depending on the rank. Elders wore purple, and master ranks wore red.

“Hu Bong wanted to see the master becoming the Lord at the closest spot. I feel bad for him.”

Hu Bong’s loyalty was at the top among all the members. He was excited for Yeowun’s coronation, but he was depressed when he heard that all warriors below the Squad Leader rank or lower had to stay outside the courtyard to watch from afar.

“Yeah… but don’t you think that person looks familiar?”

Mun Ku who looked much more beautiful in her red formal dress pointed somewhere as she spoke. She was pointing toward the stage by the main building where a familiar-looking man was standing by the torch up on the stage.


As everyone turned and looked closely, the man up on the stage turned and looked at them. Ko Wanghur, Baki, Sama Yi and others became shocked.

“H-Hu Bong?”

It was Hu Bong. Hu Bong was holding onto a small unlit torch that was drenched in oil so that it ould be used to set fire on the large torch. He was waving at them excitedly. It looked like he was appointed to be the torch handler to give the torch to the Lord. Everyone became dumbfounded.

“…There was no point in feeling bad.”

“Haha… right.”

Bakgi and Ko Wanghur laughed. That’s when another drum sound rang from the wall, along with a loud horn sound. The gate of the inner palace opened and someone appeared.

It was Great Guardian Marakim in his mask with a weird engraving on it. He was dressed in formal clothes, holding something in both his hands. Elders, clan leaders, and other warriors all got down to the ground and shouted.

“Glory to the Demonic Cult!”

When they shouted in unison, all cultists outside the courtyard shouted immediately.

“Glory to the Demonic Cult!”

Tens of thousands of people shouting in unison almost trembled the entire castle. What Marakim was holding onto was the Sky Demon Order. Behind Marakim, two female servants were holding a small box that contained a crown. Drums roared. Originally, it had to be the former Lord who had to walk up to the stage, but the Lord was still unconscious. The job was then left to Great Guardian Marakim, who was also the Guardian of the Sky Demon Order. By showing the Sky Demon Order, it proved that this event was according to the will of Father Chun Ma. Marakim got up on the stage and raised up the Sky Demon Order high and shouted.

“Cultists of the Great Demonic Cult. Hear the Sky Demon Order!!”

“Glory to the Demonic Cult!”

Cultists shouted back in response. Hu Bong became so overwhelmed that he almost shook. It was Chun Yeowun’s coronation, but he became tense from its grand scale.

“We will now begin the coronation of the Lord of our Great Demonic Cult!”


Cultists who roared in cheers, filling the entire Demonic Cult with sound. With a long and loud horn sound, someone appeared at the entrance of the inner palace. Long hair and pale white face. He wore a formal black robe with a golden dragon embroidered on it. Chun Yeowun began to walk down the carpet that connected the palace to the stage. Unlike his appearance of a young man, the power felt within him was tremendous, and that made the cultists gasp in awe.

[Hehehe… did I tell you that the Lord is my apprentice?]

On the right of Yeowun, Right Guardian Submeng was following with an excited look. Left Guardian Lee Hameng, who followed to the left shook his head.

[Ugh, how long will you brag about that?]

Submeng had been bragging about this to Lee Hameng ever since Yeowun’s coronation was set in place. But it was surely an envious fact. The only teacher Chun Yeowun had was Submeng.

Starting with the Third Elder Bu Churyong, all elders began to kneel before Yeowun, and followed him as Yeowun passed by them. Yeowun passed through elders, clan leaders and other warriors. Yeowun then saw Ko Wanghur, Mun Ku, Sama Chak, Bakgi, Hou Sanghwa, Che Takim and others. Hou Sangwha and Che Takim had become the master rank warriors by passing the fifth test not long after Yeowun left the Demonic Academy.

[Congratulations, master. I mean, my Lord.]

[Congratulations, my Lord!]

[Hehe… I guess I can’t call you prince anymore. Congratulations, my Lord.]

Every one of them was overwhelmed with joy as they sent telepathic messages. As for Mun Ku, who spoke teasingly, was almost teary from the overjoy. Chun Yeowun didn’t show much emotion, but he felt so thankful for them at this moment and smiled.

With every warrior within the courtyard following Yeowun, it became a majestic sight. It felt like a king was walking up to be crowned. As Yeowun walked on the carpet toward the stage, many things passed through Yeowun’s head.



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