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Chapter 259 - Coronation - Part 9

Chun Yeowun, once the lowest rank within the candidates to the heir, was now becoming the Lord of the Demonic Cult. The person Yeowun that came to his mind most was his mother Lady Hwa. He wanted to show his mother what he had become the most, but she was in a better place.

‘…I will change the Demonic Cult, so that there won’t be any more tragedies like that.’

He had thought about this and worked on it thousands of times. When Yeowun got to the stage, elders, clan leaders and warriors all divided into two sides and stood in front of the stage.

Yeowun began to take steps up onto the stage. As Yeowun got up, there were tens of thousands of cultists below filling up the outside courtyard. Yeowun didn’t know before as he was below this stage before, but standing up here and looking at these people was a breathtaking experience.


“It is our Lord Chun Ma!”

“Lord Chun Ma has come up onto the stage!!!”


With Chun Yeowun getting up on the stage, cultists shouted with cheers of joy. After every recent incident was announced, and that Chun Yeowun had become the new Chun Ma, every cultist wished to get a glimpse of their new Lord and leader.

‘We finally have the master of the cult. Dear guardians of the Sky Demon Order. This what we have waited so long for.’

Great Guardian Marakim was also overwhelmed with joy. His face was hidden under his mask, but he couldn’t stop smiling. Marakim went in front of Yeowun and shouted with the Sky Demon Order.

“Chun Yeowun, who will now be appointed as the 24th Lord, kneel before the Sky Demon Order!”

“Chun Yeowun, son of the Demonic Cult, at the service of the Sky Demon Order.”

Yeowun knelt down with his one knee and bowed at the Sky Demon Order. Marakim then ordered to Hu Bong, who was holding onto the torch that was now lit with fire.

“Give him the torch.”

“Yes, sir!” Hu Bong shouted and brought the torch up to Yeowun. Hu Bong’s hand was trembling tremendously. He couldn’t calm down when the most important event was almost upon them.

‘Hu Bong.’

Yeowun smiled. Hu Bong was his first servant and the partner who had gone through many hardships with him. Yeowun took the torch and placed his hand on Hu Bong’s shoulder to send in energy to make him calm. Hu Bong became teary and spoke.

“M-My Lord. Congratulations. I will never forget this moment.”

“…So will I.”

Yeowun then took up the torch and walked up to the large torch, and set it on fire. The torch that was now on fire in almost 20 years, burned blue. This torch, sent down since the beginning of the Demonic Cult, was famous for having the blue fire instead of red when it was lit.

Yeowun brought both arms to his chest and knelt on his both knees to shout out loud. It was the holy words of the Demonic Cult’s sacred book.

“I burn my body to the holy fire, and find no temptation in life or death. I shine light upon the path that I will take, and let all joy and sadness become the dust of the past.”

As Yeowun recited the holy words, all cultists gathered their two arms and crossed them above their chest and followed.

“I burn my body to the holy fire, and find no temptation in life or death. I shine light upon the path that I will take, and let all joy and sadness become the dust of the past.”

With the somewhat quiet and heavy memorization of the holy words, all cultists became humble before the words. With this being done, Marakim shouted, “According to the Sky Demon Order, I bestow the crown of the Lord to the Crown Prince and Lord Chun Ma. Chun Yeowun, the 24th Lord, will now take the crown!”

It was finally time. With this crown placed above Yeowun’s head, Yeowun will now become the Lord of the Great Demonic Cult. Yeowun got back down on his one knee, bowed, and closed his eyes to be ready to be coronated. But as he waited, it seemed like it was taking longer than expected. Yeowun then felt someone walking up on the stage.


It felt like the person had not learned any martial arts. The man walked up to Chun Yeowun and placed something over his head. It was the crown. Yeowun opened his eyes and looked up.

“Prince… I mean. My Lord. Congratulations.”

It was Guard Jang, looking down at him with eyes full of tears. He was smiling, showing his teeth that were replaced by implant technology that Yeowun asked Baek Jongmeng and Ou Sunong for help with.

“I’m sure Lady Hwa will be glad.”

It was unexpected to see Guard Jang here. Tears ran down Yeowun’s cheek. This was a small gift prepared by Yeowun’s members while they were preparing for the coronation. Yeowun’s members became overjoyed as they saw this. It was first time Yeowun had felt happiness in his lonely life. Yeowun then got up to the stage with the crown and reached out.

The black metal covering both arms all scattered apart and gathered together to form the shape of a sword. It was a glowy black sword, the Sky Demon Sword.


“It’s the Sky Demon Sword!!”

Cultists shouted in awe. Yeowun grabbed the sword that was floating by itself and flashed it up in the air. Cultists roared with excitement.



It was the beginning of the 24th Lord, and the 2nd Chun Ma of the Demonic Cult.

It was later recorded by historians of Yulin as the day that Demon God had appeared from the Demonic Cult.


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