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Chapter 260 - Going out to Yulin - Part 1

Winter had now passed. Green leaves began to sprout and the Mountain of Ten Thousand was now filled with a hint of spring. It was now three months after the coronation ceremony of the new Lord of the Demonic Cult. There had been many changes to the cult in those times. With Chun Yeowun, the young and powerful Lord becoming the leader, the Demonic Cult began to undergo a huge change. There was opposition from the former leaders, but they couldn’t stop the policy of having every clan disband and all warriors taking direct orders from the cult itself. It wasn’t a welcome idea to the powerful clans who had armies of their own, but this was to have every cultist become equal in power.

‘We value the strong. I will make this right.’

Chun Yeowun announced this, and now all warriors and former clan leaders were given warrior groups to lead depending on their powers. This gave a chance to weaker clans, and a reason for stronger clan leaders to train harder.

‘Elders are not an exception.’

And this didn’t stop with the clans. There had been a change in elder ranks also. After two months of the coronation ceremony, a competition to appoint new elders were held. This was to find new elders and also change the current ranks.

‘The minimum requirement of competing in this competition is at the end stage of the super master level.’

Elders were originally required to be at the superior master level, but Yeowun figured that there weren’t any new superior master level warriors so he made it lower. This announcement was made to all castles and outside posts. After the competition, the result was unexpected.

A total of 45 cultists competed. Those who passed the preliminaries sorted out those who did not know tactics and battle formations were 32. This was where something unexpected happened. Hidden warriors rose from hiding.

‘Two from the same clan?’

The first was that there were two superior master warriors hiding within one clan. It wasn’t among the three clans, but from the Sword Illusion clan. The older brother of former sixth elder Mong Oh, Mong Mu was a superior master level warrior. It seemed that Mong Oh was not aware of this. Mong Mu was deemed a talented warrior ever since his days in Demonic Academy, and was sent out to the western front where war was frequent for five years. It was there where he survived through real battles and found understanding. Another hidden powerful warrior at the Demonic Cult’s outpost.

‘Yang Danwa?’

‘He is a leader of the northeastern post of Honam Castle. He is from our castle, but he loves war and volunteered to be stationed there. He has been at the post for 10 years now.’

He too was a superior master warrior. His application stated that he was established superior master warrior.

‘But why is he coming back then?’

‘He says he’s interested in the Blade God Six Martial clan.’

It was told that he was now uninterested in his post, where the war between Yulin clan had come to a stop due to an alliance.

And third and the last was a man named Suh Deng. He didn’t volunteer himself, and was recommended by Marakim. He was a criminal who was sent away.

‘He was sent away for fifteen years?’

‘Yes. Most elders know of him.’

It was told that Suh Deng’s clan, who had the job of keeping a record of all things within the cult, became angry at the Wise clan that was interfering with their job, and ambushed them.

‘I like that.’

‘Yes, but their ambush failed.’

Unfortunately, there was a spy hidden within their clans and the spy spilled the ambush plan to the Wise clan, and Mu Jinwon, who did not want to deal with it by himself, reported it to the Lord’s palace.

‘Suh Deng was entry at the superior master level warrior at the time. They believed that he would become the future Lord for sure.’

Suh Deng, who was loyal to the cult, surrendered when warriors from the Guardians came to arrest them. The six clans insisted Suh Deng and his clans to be executed, but Chun Yu Jong just sent him away.

‘Lord Chun Yujong sent him away so he could be brought back later to be used as a sword against the six clans.’

Chun Yeowun became intrigued and ordered Marakim to bring back Suh Deng from his banishment. Yeowun already liked him for the fact that he had sided against the six clans. Suh Deng then returned to the castle after fifteen years.

And like that, the competition to appoint elders was held, changing all ranks of elders from top to bottom. The former third elder Bu Churyong thought there wasn’t anyone stronger than him, now that leader of the Wise and Sword clans were gone, but he had failed to proceed on the second round and was left on a lower rank.


And the final result was not something Yeowun or Marakim had expected. First Elder spot had been given to Suh Deng. He had trained hard during his 15 year exile, and had reached the end stage of the superior master level warrior level and defeated Yin Moha, who were trained in the Twenty Four Demon Sword. And finally, elders were now appointed per the power.


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