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Chapter 261 - Going out to Yulin - Part 2

First Elder, Suh Deng.

Second Elder, Yin Moha.

Third Elder, Mun Yun.

Fourth Elder, Yang Danwa.

Fifth Elder, Bu Churyong.

Sixth Elder, Mong Mu.

Seventh Elder, Huan Yi.

Eighth Elder, Mong Oh.

Ninth Elder, Sama Yi.

Tenth Elder, Ja Kinkeng.

Eleventh Elder, Hang Soyu.

Twelveth Elder Gu Chuyong.

The Twelveth Elder was only elder who had not reached the superior master level, but had managed to survive in the competition to acquire the elder spot. It was a huge change after 500 years. Adding to this, Yeowun announced a new change in the Great Meeting. He declared that the elder spots will be tested once every five years. This meant that all current elders were required to train if they wanted to hold their spot and there were chances for others who had not become elders.

‘I will divide up the Palace Guards into six groups.’

Yeowun then increased the power of Palace Guards. The Palace Guards were divided up into six groups and Yeowun’s Six Swords were appointed to compete against each other. Most of the warriors of these six groups were filled with members that Yeowun took in at the academy, but the only difference was that their top leader was former Senior Instructor Hou Jinchang. All six swords agreed with Hou Jinchang being their leader as they always considered him their teacher.Read more new novels on

With everything being changed, the only thing that didn’t change was the Guardians. Yeowun figured that the Guardians had kept their ways since the day of the Founding Father, so he felt there was no need for change.

And during these three months, there had been a clash with Blade God Six Martial clan. The cult was notified that there were the forces of the Blade God Six Martial clan gathering at the borderline of Bokgun and Jurkang castle, so First Elder Suh Deng was appointed as a commander and took Bu Churyong, Ja Kinkeng, Hang Soyu as lieutenants to lead forces. Unlike the expectation of the fight to be big, there were only small skirmishes. What was heard from the spies working outside the cult was that it seemed that the Blade God Six Martial clan was busy fortifying Jurkang and Kangsuh Castle and had no time to waste on the outside yet. But four elders were left at Bokgun Castle to be ready for any unexpected situations.

‘The Blade God Six Martial Clan is helping me this time.’

This was good chance for Chun Yeowun. Three elders were sent out under the watch of the First Elder who hated six clans, so it was a good chance for Yeowun to divert the remaining forces of the six clans. The job was going to be finished if those elders who were sent out returned home.

About a month ago, a messenger arrived from the Yulin clan of the forces of Justice. The message congratulated the new Lord, and it was also was about postponing the invitation to the Yulin Competition on a new year. The intel said that there had been many issues happening inside the Yulin clan. They were trying hard to keep everything to themselves, but it seemed that there were spies within the Yulin clan who worked for the Blade God Six Martial clan.

‘That will be hard,’ Yeowun concluded. Unlike the Demonic Cult which had the Lord as its central figure of government, the Yulin clan were the association of many clans and families that were intertwined that made it hard to search the spies within them. It was likely that the Yulin clan would have a hard time finding these spies.

And there were also small changes. Yeowun asked Demon Doctor Baek Jongwu to create the poison that enemies from the Blade God Six Martial clan used at the party. This was to make Yi Burwi and Pahin speak. But the ingredient, Opium Poppy, was a flower that bloomed in the summer and the Demonic Cult did not use it often, so it couldn’t be done fast.

‘They’re lucky.’

The questioning had to be postponed. And within that time, Yeowun sent a special expedition team down to Jianghu. After doing their best, the Lord Chun Yujong was still unconscious. Yeowun had to resort to his final option, which was to find the Godly Doctor. But the problem was the location of the place where he could use the tag. First, he didn’t even know how to use the tag, but after further investigation, it was found out that the original owner of this tag was Lady Mu of the Wise clan. After questioning every warrior who used to be in the Wise clan, the location of where the tag needed to be taken was found. But it was within the region of the forces of Justice.

‘Hmm… this is troubling.’

‘Sword Creek near Hobuk Castle…’

Hobuk Castle was an area ruled by Jegal family and the Mudan clan. Going bit more north from there was the headquarter of the Yulin clan. It was possible to think that there was no problem as the cult now allies with the Yulin clan, but that wasn’t the case.

Godly Doctor was a legendary being. He was said to heal every disease except death, so that all people from the Yulin clan, the forces of evil and the Empire’s Royal Palace searched all over for him.

‘It is too dangerous to request their help.’

It was likely that the Yulin clan will attempt to take the tag to meet the Godly Doctor. Also, it was secret that Lord Chun Yujong was unconscious, so it wasn’t a good idea to let the Yulin clan know that the cult was looking for the Godly Doctor.

‘How about we send the elite team?’


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