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Chapter 262 - Going out to Yulin - Part 3

‘Elite team?’

Marakim’s idea was simple: send elite warriors who weren’t known to the outside world. Of course, these warriors had to be highly skilled so that they can protect the Godly Doctor. The warriors appointed were Yin Moha, Hou Sangwha, and Bakgi. As for Yin Moha, she always wore the mask of her older self so no one knew about her younger look. And they were helped with a spy agent who had experience in the forces of Justice region.

‘They will do it well.’

Marakim spoke assuringly. It was a dangerous mission, but it was likely that they will succeed.

And a month had passed. There were people dueling within the training ground inside the Lord’s palace. There were four people fighting against one man.

A large man unleashed his fist formation. It was Ko Wanghur. And other three who fought alongside him were Sama Chak, Mun Ku, and Che Takim. They were using their best skills to fight against one man, almost as if they were fighting for real.

‘Ugh! He’s too fast!’

The man they were fighting was so fast that even Ko Wanghur and Mun Ku who had now reached the end stage of superior master level couldn’t follow with their naked eyes.

‘Is he really not using half of his internal energy?’

They couldn’t even follow his trace. If they didn’t fight with their backs against each other, the man would fiercely attack them.

‘He’s getting faster.’

Great Guardian Marakim gasped in astonishment. He was the only warrior here who could follow the movement within the trace. It was Chun Yeowun.

‘What are those unique steps?’

Yeowun was slightly jumping on the ground as he moved. It looked simple when he was practicing it, but with internal energy and the Step of Wind God added to it, it became hard to predict the movements.

‘Hmph. Let’s wait for the chance,’ Ko Wanghur thought as he couldn’t follow the movement and decided to wait for the right moment to attack. And the chance came. Yeowun’s body charged into Ko Wanghur’s chest.

‘It’s now!’

Ko Wanghur then thrusted his fist that wielded 100% of his energy into Yeowun. He thought if Yeowun came in this fast, then there was no way for Yeowun to avoid this attack.


But Yeowun twisted his waist in a weird way to get away from the attack and punched Wanghur’s ribs.


Ko Wanghur defended it quickly but his body was sent up into the air. The punch did not wield any internal energy, so it was just pure muscle strength that threw him into the air.

Chun Yeowun then spun and kicked him in the air. Ko Wanghur was flown back and Sama Chak who was trying to attack was struck by Wanghur and sent back together.


Mun Ku and Che Takim were dumbfounded as they looked at two men being thrown away. Chun Yeowun said he was not going to use his best, but he was becoming ever more powerful.

‘What is this martial art he’s using?’

Chun Yeowun was using a very different martial art now. It was made with simple movements but efficiently came after the weak points that were hard to fight against. Yeowun then came to stop. Mun Ku and Che Takim weren’t enough to fight Yeowun.

‘Let’s stop here. How is it, Nano?’

[The mixture of Martial Art containing Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, and Step of Wind God is at 75% completion.]

‘I still have more to go then.’

Yeowun had learned martial arts of the far future that Nano had in its data. It was much more refined and efficient than martial arts from Yulin, but it didn’t use internal energy or any formations. Yeowun was now working on it with Nano to improvise it.

‘I can use my strength well now.’

Yeowun clenched his fist. His power was already at the limit of human strength, but now it had exceeded that. After analyzing Blood Reversion Art through Nano, Yeowun was able to increase his muscle fibers and fine-tune it. He couldn’t manage the increased strength at first, but now he was getting the hang of it.

‘I will bring my basic power to its peak first.’

After fighting many powerful enemies while becoming the Lord, Yeowun learned what he was lacking. His effort was now focusing on getting what he lacked.

‘I am much stronger, but I am still far from supreme master level.’

Yeowun was trying hard to gain understanding through meditation every night, but it was hard to grasp. This was only obvious. There were only less than 10 people who had reached the supreme master level in all of Yulin. If that small amount of people was able to reach that level, it meant it required very hard training and effort.

‘Well, it’s not going to help even if I try to do it fast.’

Yeowun reached his hand to Ko Wanghur and Sama Yi to help them get up and he was going to say that today’s training was over, but he stopped when Marakim came down into the training ground with someone. They bowed to Yeowun.

“Greetings, my Lord.”

“Elder Huan.”

It was Seventh Elder Huan Yi. Huan Yi was usually very cheerful and confident, but today he was a bit grim. If his face was like that, then Huan Yi had brought bad news.

“Is there something wrong?”

“My Lord. We have a message coming from the agent at Hobuk Castle.”

“Hobuk Castle?”

Yeowun’s face turned grim at the word. Hobuk Castle was the place where Yin Moha, Bakgi, and Hou Sangwha went to find the Godly Doctor. A month had passed since they left, so Yeowun thought it was time for them to arrive. But it seemed that the message wasn’t going to be a good one.

“…What happened?”

“My Lord. Our special expedition team to find the Godly Doctor went missing at Sword Creek.”


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