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Chapter 263 - Going out to Yulin - Part 4


Ten days ago…

The forest was deep with dense fog that hindered one’s sight. The place was a creek that was commonly covered with such fog. And within the forest were four warriors with swords on their waists, preparing to travel toward the creek, outside the restaurant. They were the special expedition team sent by the Demonic Cult. It was led by Yin Moha, Hou Sangwha, Bakgi, and an agent from the covert operations team.

“If you pass through that forest, you will see the creek.”

The old man standing in front of the restaurant spoke as he pointed at the eastern side of the forest. Bakgi bowed to the old man.

“Thank you, sir.”

“Don’t thank me. I just taught you a way to your death. Don’t blame me since I told you multiple times that it’s suicide to go into that creek on a day like today with that much fog.”

The old man shook his head and walked into the restaurant.


Bakgi regretted showing thanks for that slight moment.

After a while, they moved toward the east, and they saw the dense forest through the fog. It seemed that they had to pass through that forest to find the creek inside. At the entrance to the forest, there was an old wooden panel that read ‘Sword Creek.’

There was also writing that said entry was forbidden colored in dark red, which gave them the chills. Sword Creek was dangerous to go in with the dense fog, and even hunters did not go in there. The forest was so dense that the team had to cut through the bushes to walk through it.

The spy agent walked forward to cut out bushes, but the fog was too dense and they couldn’t see much so they weren’t sure if they were going the right way.

“It’s my first time coming to Sword Creek… it sure is creepy.”

None of the others replied to the spy agent’s words. The three of them didn’t talk much during their travel down there, so the agent thought it was interesting.

‘…Are they called special because they don’t talk?’

Yin Moha, Bakgi, and Hou Sangwha did not talk much unless it was really important. As for that, the agent had to stay silent against his will.

‘I can feel the energy reacting.’

As they walked further into the woods, Yin Moha felt a strange sensation. It felt like powerful sword energy also.

‘Should I follow this?’

The agent said he did not know inside of the forest, so it felt like Yin Moha had to follow this energy.

“I will take the lead.”

“…Of course.”

Hou Sangwha answered and the others began following Yin Moha. Yin Moha walked through the dense fog and walked. After a while, the dense forest ended and they found something. Yin Moha became shocked and looked at it.


The rest of the team showed a similar reaction when they saw it. They were astonished when Yin Moha frowned and pulled out her sword. That’s when a shadowy figure attacked them.

It was now 20 days later. There was a Yellow River located north of Hobuk Castle. It was a vast river that flowed through it.


Those who were running on the horse at the hill that watched river from above stopped. They all gasped in astonishment as they saw the vast river.

“Wow! This is so big!”

“Is that the Yellow River?”

They were Mun Ku and Hu Bong. They were mesmerized by the first look at the Yellow River that they saw for the first time.


And there was one person who was sighing at them. It was a middle-aged man with slicked-back hair and thick eyebrows with a handsome look. It was the Fourth Elder, Yang Danwa. And the man with long hair next to him was Chun Yeowun.

They were here to find the missing special expedition team. Chun Yeowun was going to send someone else, but since he had never gone out of the cult yet, he took this as a chance to come out for once.

‘No way!’

‘You shouldn’t go there yourself, my lord!’

Many objected to the idea of the Lord searching for the missing team by himself. Great Guardian Marakim objected and so did Huan Yi. But Yeowun wanted to see the Jianghu with his own eyes, so he insisted on going.

‘Understood. I will follow you then.’Read more new novels on

The Great Guardian was a guardian of the Lord, so Marakim said he would follow but Yeowun refused. His leave of absence was to remain unofficial, so he was going to put a replacement. He couldn’t have the Great Guardian to be replaced with a replacement so he ordered Marakim to stay.

‘But you can’t leave alone. Then why don’t we do this?’

Huan Yi then suggested taking someone who knew the Yulin clan well and the forces of justice as it was Yeowun’s first time going out. And of course, they were a powerful warrior. Huan Yi wished he could leave together, but he couldn’t stay outside the cult for a long time as he had to watch over every covert operation. The person appointed was Yang Danwa. He had been at the northeastern outpost for a long time, so he knew well about the lands of the Jianghu. He was also at the end stage of superior master warrior, so he was strong enough to aid Yeowun.

‘I-I will go with you, my lord!’

Hu Bong, lieutenant of Palace Guards, volunteered to go. He always insisted to stay close to Yeowun. He insisted that he’d carry bags, so Yeowun decided to go quietly with these three people. And…

‘…Since when were you all waiting here?’


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