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Chapter 265 - Night in the Inn - Part 1

Thunders roared and heavy rain started to fall. If Chun Yeowun’s group was a bit late, then they would have been drenched in the rain. Every guest inside the dining hall all turned to the entrance that opened. Warrior Monks from the Mudan clan also turned also.

‘This is troubling.’

Yang Danwa frowned at the situation where they had come across warrior monks from the Mudan clan right by the inn near Sword Creek. The Mudan clan was one of the strongest clans within the Yulin clan.

‘I tried to avoid meeting foxes and now we have come right into the tiger’s den.’

Of course, Yan Danwa was the Elder and a warrior who always searched for war so he wasn’t afraid of them. But they had Lord Chun Yeowun with them. It was like the king was moving by himself, so they weren’t sure what the Yulin clan might try to do if they found out. Yang Danwa sent a telepathic message to Yeowun.

[My Lord, there are quite a few warriors from the forces of justice in here.]

The ones that were the most concerning were those from the Mudan clan, and most of the other guests were also warriors. None of them were highly skilled, and it would probably only take a few minutes for Hu Bong to take care of them alone.

[The rest are weaklings, but those are monks from the Mudan clan. What should we do?]

There were two answers to this question. One was to give up staying in this inn and go through the rain, or stay quietly at the inn without making any trouble.

Yeowun glanced outside the inn, and the rain didn’t seem it was going to stop any time soon. It was heavy monsoonal rain that didn’t seem to stop. It wasn’t a wise move to go out searching the creek in this weather.

[I guess we should stay quiet and lay low.]

He had his face covered with a mask, so it wasn’t likely that they would be discovered. And from what he can feel, the strongest man within that group was only about a master level warrior. They weren’t a match, but it didn’t mean Yeowun’s group could cause trouble within the region of the forces of justice.

“Oh MY! Look at the rain… huh?”

Hu Bong then entered late, fully drenched in rain. He then saw monks dressed in white clothes and frowned.

[Don’t say anything.]


Yang Danwa sent a telepathic message, so Hu Bong pretended nothing was wrong and sat down. But Hu Bong and Mun Ku were out in the Yulin for the first time, so they became tense at the sight of enemy forces. But Yeowun didn’t seem like he wasn’t bothered at all.

‘I heard it’s his first time too… he sure is brave.’

Yang Danwa was astounded. They sat down right next to the monks, not a spot far away from that place. Because of this bold move, monks from the Mudan clan didn’t think much about them and returned to their dinner.


A old man with a pipe smoke got up and walked over to Yeowun’s table.

“Having dinner?”

Most inns should have servers working, but it seemed the old man did it by himself. Yang Danwa spoke to him.

“Do you have a room, sir?”

“Ah, I guess you need a room in such weather. But hmm…”

“Do you not have one?”

“Well, as you can see with all these guests…”

The dining hall had a total of eight tables, with five tables full of guests that totaled up to 25. Yang Danwa glanced over and saw only 8 rooms that matched the tables.

“Don’t you have any rooms available?”

“I have a two-person room… if you don’t mind staying in that same room.”

It seemed the two-person room was quite small. Yang Danwa frowned as he scratched his chin. He couldn’t offer the Lord of the Demonic Cult to sleep together in a small room. That’s when someone spoke to him.

“To God all mighty… it seems you need a room.”

Yeowun turned, and one of the monks from the Mudan clan got up and was looking at them. He had clean monk clothes with a mustache. Yang Danwa became wary. He wanted to avoid coming into contact, so he didn’t expect he would have to talk to them in this way. But it was the old man who responded instead.

“Haha… Are you going to offer your room, Monk Mu?”

“Well, your guests are in trouble. We, the people of God, can happily give our room away for the good of others.”

It seemed that both of them knew each other well. The old man took a long seep from his pipe and spoke.

“Well, our Monk Mu Jinja from the Mudan clan is saying he will offer his room to you. What do you say?”

Yang Danwa hesitated for a bit, but got up and bowed to the monk.

“Thank you, Monk Mu.”

“To God all mighty… no, it is nothing. It seems that the three of you are heroes who have learned martial arts. It is a deed must done to for brothers in arms.”


It seemed that monk Mu Jinja thought Yeowun’s group were warriors from the forces of justice. Yeowun was hiding his energy, but he thought he had to be careful on how to act. That’s when Mu Jinja sent a telepathic message to Yang Danwa.

[By the looks of it, you are serving your master there, right? Don’t worry and use the room.]

Mu Jinja then winked at Hu Bong. Yang Danwa almost burst into laughter but he had to hold back. Even Chun Yeowun laughed a bit as he overheard the telepathic message.

‘That’s why…’

Mu Jinja was the leader of the group. He was a warrior at the end stage of master level, so he could only sense the energy from Hu Bong, and he thought Hu Bong was the leader. All of Yeowun’s members looked very young, so it didn’t come to Mu Jinja’s mind that maybe they were much stronger.


Hu Bong became confused as he didn’t know what was going on. And when Mu Jinja returned to his seat while laughing, Hu Bong grimaced and sent a telepathic message to Yeowun.

[Master, that monk is strange. He was winking at me, like how Elder Huan does… is he a pervert?]


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