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Chapter 266 - Night in the Inn - Part 2

As they ordered simple meat noodles and food, they talked normally while sending telepathic messages for important messages. The orange tag that could bring them to the Godly Doctor was given to the special expedition team, so they had to search through the entire Sword Creek.

“Let’s hope the rain stops tomorrow.”

While they were talking, the old man brought out the food from the kitchen and placed it down on the table. At least he didn’t carry his pipes while he was carrying food.

“Well, the rain will stop early morning tomorrow.”

It seemed he had heard a bit of what they talked. Hu Bong said, “The rain is so heavy. Do you really think so?”

“Haha. I have lived in this region for 30 years. We are not in the monsoon period. This is just passing rain.”

“Oh! That’s good!”

Hu Bong spoke excitedly to Yeowun and the old man frowned and asked, “Hmm… Are you folks trying to enter Sword Creek?”

As he finished, the dining hall turned silent immediately. It was even hard to believe that the hall was noisy just until while ago. Guests were acting if they weren’t interested, but they were focusing on what the old man was saying.

‘This is strange.’

Chun Yeowun and his members felt the strange air inside the hall and glanced around. There were two other groups who had learned martial arts, but all three martial artist groups stopped and focused on them. This was weird. The old man continued, “Let me tell you. Don’t enter Sword Creek.”


Hu Bong looked back and the old man took the plate and picked up his pipe. He then took a long seep and let out a sigh as he spoke.

“Whew… there are others who have not come out after going into that creek. I just hope you don’t kill yourselves.”

“…Old man. What is that about?” Yang Danwa asked. Before he left, he had heard a lot of information about Sword Creek from Huan Yi. But they never heard anyone other than the special expedition team going missing within Sword Creek.

“Well, there were martial artists like you folks in recent days but I never saw them come out after they went into that creek.”

The old man sighed as the thunder roared outside, with lightning flashing. Everyone was now silent and was focusing on what the old man was saying.

“Is there something happening inside the creek?”

“…I’m just an old man at the inn. I wouldn’t know much… but I warned you. And when the rain stops, there will be fog. Don’t try to go in and kill yourself. Just go back.”

The old man spoke, and all members of Yeowun’s group became grim. They wanted to ask, but they couldn’t bear to ask while all the people around were listening to them. Yang Danwa sent a telepathic message to Yeowun.

[We have many ears here, so I’ll ask the old man later about the details. You should get some rest after dinner, my Lord.]

[I understand.]

Yeowun thought Yang Danwa was correct so they returned to their dinner. The old man went back to his pipe and the dining hall became noisy again. But the only difference…

[Brother Mu. It seems like something’s happened to him. Maybe the innkeeper knows something.]

[To God all mighty… Brother, don’t jump to conclusions.]

[I’m sorry.]

There were countless telepathic messages going back and forth in the hall. Yeowun was able to listen to all of them through his ears as Nano worked to tap in on them. There was another group from the forces of justice and it seemed like they were searching for something within the creek.

[Something must have happened within the creek!]

[We can’t be sure yet. There’s no way our lieutenant would have died.]


[We will go on with our search as planned.]

[Yes, sir.]

It seemed they too, like Yeowun, were looking for missing people. But another group seemed to have a different purpose.

[This is strange. Maybe the object wasn’t there?]

[Impossible. No one died because they didn’t bring it before.]

[…Maybe something happened to the Godly Doctor?]

[That’s impossible too. Do you not know who protects the Godly Doctor?]

[Yes, I know.]

[There are too many people here. We will depart as soon as the rain stops.]

Other groups seemed to be after the Godly Doctor. It seemed like they were talking about the orange tag.

‘It is certain that the Godly Doctor is within Sword Creek. But why did Yin Moha and the group go missing?’

He wasn’t sure what happened to them. Yin Moha was a warrior at the end stage of the superior master level. If she were to be put down, then it required a much more powerful warrior. At least Yeowun was able to find out that all three warrior groups here were here to find someone within Sword Creek.

And contrary to the old man’s expectation, the rain became more heavy. It was concerning, but Yeowun and his members decided to take the night off and rest. As they walked up the stairs, Yang Danwa spoke.

“Master, you can rest here while…”

That’s when Hu Bong interrupted them, “Wait.”


“The two-person room is said to be small. I don’t think it’s a good idea to have three people share it.”

Yang Danwa became dumbfounded at Hu Bong’s words.

“What are you talking about? The master should use the room al…”

“How can we share this small room with a wo…. Hmph. Man, Mun Ku? It’s better for her to share the room with Master and guard him.”


Hu Bong spoke with a cough and Mun Ku blushed. Yang Danwa knew that Mun Ku was a girl, but he just thought it was better for the Lord to rest alone.

‘Hmm… well, it might be better for someone to stay by the Lord.’

Yang Danwa agreed, as that was a valid point. But he didn’t like idea of sharing the room with the talkative Hu Bong.

“Well, Mun Ku. You should share the room with the master tonight.”

“Good! We should go to our room then! Haha!”

Hu Bong then pushed Yang Danwa’s back into their room. And as they walked in, Hu Bong turned to glance at Yeowun and winked his eyes.

‘My Lord! Your best servant Hu Bong, has prepared you for the night! I hope you have a wonderful night! Hahahahaha!’

Yeowun frowned.


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