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Chapter 267 - Night in the Inn - Part 3

Chun Yeowun and Mun Ku awkwardly entered the room. They once used the same dormitory room back when they were cadets at the Demonic Academy, but this felt entirely different. They were young and didn’t have any feelings for each other back then. Now, it was different.

Besides, there weren’t any of the other cadets like before. Only Chun Yeowun and Mun Ku were in the room.


Mun Ku’s face blushed as she didn’t know what to do. And when they walked into the room, there was another thing that made them shocked.


“There’s only… one bed.”

The room that was said to be two-person room was larger than they thought but there was only one bed. It seemed like this room was the room that Monk Mu Jinja had given to them.

“I-I think there was a mistake. M-my Lord. I will go ask Hu Bong to change rooms.”


Mun Ku left the room before Yeowun could say anything. After coming out of the room, Mun Ku tried to calm her pounding heart. She didn’t know before, but it made her very nervous to stay in one small room with the person she loved.

‘I’m shaking.’

She grabbed her shaking hands. Whatever the case, it didn’t feel right to sleep in a room where there was only one bed. Mun Ku headed toward the opposite side of the second floor through the corridor that was shaped like a square. Another room was on the opposite side.

As she walked, there were monks from the Mudan clan coming up the stairs. Mu Jinja bowed to Mun Ku as they came across each other on the corridor.

“It seems your master has weird taste. I gave away the room so that your master can rest alone, but if two are in there…”


“Uh, no. It’s nothing.”

Monk Mu Jinja shook his head awkwardly and went into his room. It seemed he had mistaken Hu Bong and Yang Danwa’s relationship, but Mun Ku was not the type to know anything like this, so she just became curious. Mun Ku then got to the room where Hu Bong and Yang Danwa stayed and knocked.

“Hu Bong. Hu Bong.”

She couldn’t dare to call out the Fourth Elder, so she whispered Hu Bong’s name. But there wasn’t any answer.


She wasn’t sure if Yang Danwa was inside, but she felt Hu Bong’s presence so it was weird. Maybe he was pretending to not have heard. Mun Ku then knocked harder.

“Hu Bong!”

Someone inside then ran up to the door and opened it slightly. Inside was already dark without a light. Hu Bong poked out his head through the door and spoke.

“Hmph. What is it?”

“I think our rooms were switched.”


“Our room has only one bed.”

Hu Bong’s face turned weird when he heard that. He thought the two rooms all had two beds, but it was actually better if the room Yeowun went in had one bed.

“Hu Bong… do you realize you are grinning like a pervert?”

Hu Bong’s face was grinning very weirdly. He then changed his expression to make it seem as if he was sympathetic and sorry.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”


“This room only has one bed too.”

“Don’t lie!”

“No, I’m not. I have to sleep on the floor, you see… and Sir Yang Danwa is sleeping right now. Do you want me to wake him up?”

Hu Bong spoke casually, and Mun Ku frowned. She wanted to light up the room to check, but she couldn’t bear to have the Elder wake up from his sleep. She had no choice but to return to her room. And Hu Bong smiled satisfyingly as he looked Mun Ku returning.

‘You should thank me later.’

Hu Bong then heard Fourth Elder Yang Danwa’s low voice.

“…I’m just letting you do this once, Lieutenant Hu.”

“Yes, sir. Hehehe.”

Mun Ku, after she arrived at front of the room, stood there hesitating. It was fine until now, but her heart began to pound again. It was beating so hard that she couldn’t go inside. That’s when the door opened.

“Did he say he will switch out the room?”

It was Chun Yeowun who felt the person’s presence outside the door. Mun Ku blushed and shook her head.

“N-no… he said they only have one bed there too.”


He would not have believed it if Hu Bong there to say it to Yeowun, but he couldn’t do much as Mun Ku seemed to have been persuaded. Yeowun then told Mun Ku to come in. Mun Ku began to think about what she should do again and Yeowun spoke to her.

“Mun Ku. You should sleep on the bed. I will sit down on the floor and meditate tonight.”


Mun Ku became surprised. Yeowun then blushed a bit and offered Mun Ku to sleep on the bed again. She didn’t realize at first but she now realized that Yeowun seemed to be embarrassed too. It felt weird.

‘Is he nervous too?’

It seemed she wasn’t the only one who was nervous about the situation. When she realized this, her nervousness calmed down and she now thought that Yeowun was cute.


Yeowun always was cold-hearted and emotionless, but looking at him being blush made Mun Ku feel better. She wasn’t sure until now, but she began to think maybe Yeowun liked her too.

“You can go to sleep first.”


“I’m okay.”

“Are you sure?”


“I can’t help you if you regret it later.”

Mun Ku wasn’t nervous anymore as she teased and Yeowun nodded. Mun Ku then smiled and took off her outer clothes and placed them over the table.


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