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Chapter 268 - Night in the Inn - Part 4


Yeowun then became surprised and turned away. He knew that she wouldn’t take off all her clothes with him here, but it still felt embarrassing. As he waited, he felt Mun Ku coming near him.


And when Yeowun turned, he froze. Mun Ku was without her skin mask and was standing a foot away from Yeowun. Mun Ku’s beautiful face lit under low candlelight made Yeowun’s heart pound harder than ever.

Mun Ku looked up to Yeowun who was blushing, and her lips were so tempting. Yeowun became embarrassed and stuttered, “W-why did you take off your mask?”

Mun Ku smiled as Yeowun’s embarrassed reaction felt lovely to her. She still had a pure and beautiful smile just like when she showed herself to Yeowun the first time under the moonlight at the academy. She spoke to Yeowun who was watching her with a mesmerized look.

“Do you… like me?” Mun Ku asked with careful, shaking voice. Yeowun felt her nervousness and looked her back into her eyes. Mun Ku then moved her small lips again to ask.

“Or… do you not like me?”

Her eyes showed Yeowun’s reflection. Yeowun became silent for a while at the question, but slowly raised his hand and placed it over her white cheek. Mun Ku shook when she felt his touch.


Yeowun smiled at Mun Ku, who was shaking like a small bird.

“I like you.”


He had Mun Ku in his mind ever since he saw her back in the academy. But Yeowun had grown without love ever since his mother Lady Hwa passed away, so he wasn’t used to love and affection. Mun Ku smiled at Yeowun who looked embarrassed while he touched Mun Ku’s cheek.


She then pulled herself up by tiptoe and brought her lips against Yeowun’s lips. Two lips met each other and Yeowun’s eyes grew large. Mun Ku’s soft and sweet scent came into Yeowun’s nose.


That’s when Yeowun heard Nano’s voice inside his head.

[User’s heart rate is increasing rapidly. Hormone rate is growing…]

‘Nano, go mute.’

[Activating silence mode.]

After a long kiss, Yeowun and Mun Ku let go of each other’s lips. Mun Ku had been holding her breath so she panted.


Her cheeks were reddened as she stood embarrassed and Yeowun’s heart began to beat harder. Both of them became mesmerized by the sensation of their first kiss. They were never taught how to do so, but they began to kiss again and started touching each other’s cheeks and body. Soon, two of them sat on the bed and began to dive into one another.

About an hour later, Fourth Elder Yang Danwa came out of the dorm room carefully. Hu Bong was inside the room, snoring through his sleep. Yang Danwa held on the fence and looked down. The hall was empty with all of the guests having returned to their rooms. There was only the sound of rainfall outside the building. He had been waiting until all the guests returned to the room.

Yang Danwa quickly jumped off the fence and got down to the first floor. His two feet were so light that they didn’t even make any sound. The skill of superior master level warrior was beyond that of any normal person.

‘Should he be sleeping?’

It was after midnight so it was likely that the old man was asleep. There was no chance that there would be any more guests coming in this late at night with the heavy rain outside. He knew that there was a room for workers to sleep next to the kitchen, so he carefully walked over to it and opened the room door. And…


There were two beds, but only one bed had the cooking staff on it. Another bed was empty, with a trace of someone who had gotten up from it recently.

‘Where did he go?’

Yang Danwa used his senses to focus on sensing any human presence nearby. The heavy rainfall was a hindrance, but he felt someone nearby.


The person was at the barn. Yang Danwa then quickly moved out of the inn building and went outside. The rain was still heavy with thunder and lightning roaring occasionally. Yang Danwa took steps to avoid getting soaked in rain to run toward the barn. When he got there, he had to hide quickly. He only expected to see the old man, but there was another man there. The old man was talking to a certain man with orange tag in his hand.

‘That is…’

He had heard before coming here that the orange tag was necessary to meet with the Godly Doctor.

‘Is that it?’

The tag looked similar to the one that the special expedition team had taken with them. Yang Danwa decided to he should wait a bit as there was a guest that had come first.


Something unexpected happened. The old man used his finger like a sword and quickly penetrated the man’s forehead. The man also hadn’t expected the attack and got killed with his two eyes wide open.

‘How can that be…?’

He thought the man was a normal man, but it seemed like the old man was actually a powerful warrior. And as he was shocked, the old man mumbled something. His lips read this:

“There’s a rat hiding here.”


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