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Chapter 271 - Sword Creek, Grave of swords - Part 1

Forest was dense with fog, that it wasn’t visible to look forward. The rain stopped but the ground was still damp and wet and the forest was very humid. The forest was also so dense that it was hard to even walk through it.

“I’m not sure if we are going the right way.”

Hu Bong ranted as he cut down the bushes as he walked forward. After they moved past the old wood sign that said ‘Sword Creek,’ they were searching through the forest without a direction. They couldn’t move through with the horses as the forest was too dense, so they were on foot now.

‘It’s like finding a needle in a haystack.’

It seemed it was going to be hard to find the missing special expedition team within this creek. Yeowun had opened all his senses to search for any signs of people, but he couldn’t see anyone.

[Mapping the area… at 5%.]

Nano’s voice rang inside Yeowun’s head. Yeowun was watching through augmented reality. He saw a small square box at the corner of his sight, where Nano was showing a map as they walked through.

“No. Move to the left.”

“Yes, Master.”

Hu Bong changed direction at Yeowuun’s order. At least they weren’t walking through the same area with the help of Nano. Anyone would want to have Nano within them if they found out about Nano’s abilities.

But they didn’t know when they would get to find the missing people or the Godly Doctor. It was about two hours into the forest.

‘I sense energy harmonizing.’

A small sound of harmony began to come from a distance. It seemed that Yang Danwa also felt this and was looking in the same direction and he grimaced.

“Did you feel that, sir?”

Yeowun nodded at Yang Danwa’s question. Hu Bong and Mun Ku weren’t sure what they were talking about and became curious. They were too weak to sense this sound.

“I think there’s something there. Let’s move there.”

“Yes, sir.”

Yang Danwa answered and Hu Bong became confused and asked, “W-where are we going?”

He wasn’t sure what they were talking about and Yang Danwa smiled and spoke.

“Lieutenant Hu. Turn to the northwest from where you are right now.”

“Y-yes, sir!”

With Yang Danwa explaining where to go, Hu Bong cut through more bushes and walked forward. The group began to move more quickly. As they walked closer to the area, the sound grew louder.

‘It’s… like a sharp energy.’

Energy that might come from a legendary weapon was flowing near the area. It seemed like they would get to the destination soon. It was then.

‘What is this smell?’

It was humid forest, so the sudden smell of blood pierced his nose. All members of the group also smelled this and frowned.

“Master, I smell blood.’

It seemed like it was coming from nearby. They quickly moved toward the smell, as it could be anyone. And toward the east, they saw a place with many sword markings.


Mun Ku frowned and looked away when they got there. All of the bushes were splattered with blood and there were bodies that had been cut into half. Organs were popping out here and there, so it was hard to see. But there wasn’t just one body. There were two bodies, and it seemed like the sword markings here were evidence of them trying to survive.

“T-these people are…”

Yeowun’s eye narrowed when he saw the faces of dead bodies. They were those who went to chase after the old man last night.

‘Did they come across that man?’

That was the likely explanation for them to be found dead. These people were only at about at the top-class level. There was no way for them to fight against the old man, but Yeowun couldn’t care about these people.

“Oh, these are people from yesterday.”

Hu Bong also realized this and spoke as he looked closely at their faces. Hu Bong then tapped on the body with his finger a few times and spoke.

“Master, it looks like they were killed recently.”

When they left yesterday, there was heavy rainfall. If the body was soaked under such rain, the body should have expanded, but the blood drained from the body down to the ground, leaving a trace of it which meant they were killed after the rain stopped.

‘Nano, analyze it.’

Yeowun ordered to Nano when he placed his finger on the blood and skin of the body. A white light began to come out of his finger and Nano began to analyze. Soon, Nano’s rang inside his head.

[From analyzing the blood and the muscle contraction, the estimated time of death is 2 hours ago.]

That wasn’t long. But it was enough time for the killer to move further away from the location. Yeowun then find out another fact.

‘Where is… another one?’

These groups traveled in groups of three. The actual group with their dead leader was a four-man group. But Yeowun couldn’t find another person’s body anywhere.

‘There’s no way he would be able to get away.’

There were only three of them, so it was likely that the old man could easily catch up to them and kill them. But Yeowun couldn’t find another body. And when he was curious, Yang Danwa raised his hand to signal.



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