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Chapter 272 - Sword Creek, Grave of swords - Part 2

Yeowun ran there and found footsteps in the mud. But there were the footsteps of two people instead of one. Luckily, the rain made the ground become muddy, leaving many traces.

‘They couldn’t erase the tracks.’

If it was just sand or dirt, it would have been easy to erase everything, but it was hard to erase footsteps left on mud. But where these footsteps were heading was…

“…It moved toward the sound.”

It was the location of the sound. Maybe if they went to the place, they can find the old man. But it wasn’t sure why the old man left one person alive.

“Let’s follow the footsteps.”

“Yes, sir.”

Yeowun’s members began to follow the footsteps. There was already a way created through it, so Hu Bong didn’t need to cut out any more bushes. After walking about 10 minutes, they were at the end of the bushes.


Hu Bong brightened up. He was feeling depressed while walking through the humid bushes, but it seemed like that was going to end. It was hard to see what was ahead as the fog was dense, so they had to get out of the bushes to see what was ahead.

‘There’s no mud.’

And as they came near the ending point, the ground turned into rocks. The footsteps also disappeared because of it. As they got out of the forest, they were at a large open space. The fog still hid most of its sight, but they still managed to see a vast stone wall standing in front of them.

“Whoaaa! A mountain? A rock mountain?”

Mun Ku looked down to up at the giant rock. The one they were looking at was a large mountain peak, but it was created with a rock instead of dirt. The surface was so steep that it was almost upright and there was almost no place to gain a foothold. Even a warrior had a powerful stepping skill, it would be hard to climb up without the right equipment.

“Such a thing was hidden within the creek.”

It was astounding. They walked closer to look at it. Hu Bong then quickly ran up to it and stopped with shock.


Hu Bong could have been in danger if he had just kept on running. The ground wasn’t all just rocks. There was a large cliff that existed between.

“M-master! It’s a cliff! Don’t go near!”

Hu Bong shouted with a pale face. The distance between the cliff to the rock was quite far, and the cliff was so deep that they couldn’t see the bottom. The wind blew fiercely from below.

“Oohhh wow. I-it really is deep.”

Mun Ku looked down carefully and backed away with a pale face. The cliff was so deep that it was even dark. If someone dropped, they’d definitely be dead, no matter who it was.

Then they heard the sound again. Yeowun turned to a direction and gasped.


“I-it’s impossible!”

Fourth Elder Yang Danwa also turned at the direction and gasped in shock. They didn’t see it at first because of the fog, but when they got closer, they saw it on the wall of the rock.


There was a large word engraved on the giant stone wall.

“What are you talk… HUH!?”

“T-this is…”

Hu Bong and Mun Ku also turned to the direction and became wordless at the sight.

‘This is amazing.’

That was only thing they could think of as they saw the word on the rock. They weren’t close to it, but the word wasn’t something that was carved out by some chisel.

‘Sword? No, it’s created by sword qi.’

The word was engraved in by qi. No one knew when it was engraved here, but the sheer size and power emanating from the word was enough to bring shock. It was almost like when Yeowun saw Chun Ma’s sword trace left on the blue pearl stone pedestal.

‘Who did this?’

Yeowun felt the arrogance and authority of the man who engraved this word on the wall. It felt like if the word itself was proving that the man was the best in the world. It was enough to make one training in the sword to become humble.


Even Hu Bong, who had a low understanding of sword, couldn’t put his eyes off from the word.

‘There’s no rest between. It was written there once. How did he do it?’

Yeowun was able to find out that it was written through sword qi, but it wasn’t sure how it was made without any rest, especially when the cliff was dividing them apart. And it also seemed that the writing style was very familiar.

‘This writing is like…’

“Prince. Look at that!”

Mun Ku shouted and Yeowun turned to the direction where she pointed. Under the giant word, there were some things that were stuck beneath. These swords were stuck there like a hedgehog.


Many swords were stuck beneath the word, and it seemed like there were more than hundreds. There were all kinds of swords, ranging from ordinary ones to treasured swords. But most of them were rusted, proving they had been there for a long time.

‘Look at all those swords… are these swords abandoned?’

It wasn’t easy to abandon one’s unique weapon, as it was like a lifeline to a martial artist. This meant the person who abandoned the sword gave up on training sword art. Were there that many people who gave up on training sword because of that word?

After looking at it for a long time, Yeowun came to an understanding.

‘Wait. If these swords are abandoned here… maybe this place is…!’


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