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Chapter 273 - Sword Creek, Grave of swords - Part 3

“Sword Creek! Prince! This must be Sword Creek!!”

Chun Yeowun nodded to Mun Ku’s excited shouts. This was truly Sword Creek. There were so many swords abandoned in this place, and that gave the creek its name: ‘Sword Creek.’

‘This is like a graveyard for swords.’

With all the swords on the wall shaking slightly, a buzzing sound came through.


Yeowun finally realized what the sound was about. It was through the word engraved on the wall sending energy through the swords, creating soundwaves from the shaking.

‘A sword trace left on the wall sending out the sword qi from within… wow.’

It was amazing to see such wonder for one who studied the sword. It seemed like the word left on the wall had been there for a long time. But it still had sword qi within it, which was a mystery beyond understanding.

‘It’s a level where a superior master level warrior cannot even possibly think to achieve.’

As Yeowun looked through the word, Yang Danwa suddenly found something and sent a telepathic message.

[Master! Master!]


[I sense human presence nearby!]

‘Human presence?’

Yeowun then got out of focus from the word and focused on his senses. He then felt the presence of a person nearby, but it was toward the wall.

‘Why is there a person in the wall?’

[Lieutenant Hu!]

“…Waaah! Y-yes! Yes!”

[Be quiet!]

Yang Danwa quickly got Hu Bong out of his mesmerized state. Hu Bong became frantic as he snapped out of daydreaming while looking at the word.

[Get yourselves together and follow me.]

[Yes, sir!]

Yang Danwa led Yeowun’s group down and moved to the right of the word. There, they found something surprising again.

‘W-what’s that?’

There were about twenty caves at the wall. They didn’t expect to find such a cave at the side of such giant rocks. Yeowun then had a thought.

‘Oh. Maybe the Godly Doctor is within that place!’

Yeowun was concerned when he entered the forest as he couldn’t find any traces of people. But after looking at these caves, he thought maybe he could find where the doctor was.

[There are so many caves.]

Mun Ku spoke through telepathic message and Yeowun raised his senses. The reason why there were this many caves was possibly because many of them were fake. Fortunately, the person that he sensed while ago was still within the same place.

[It’s that one.]

Yeowun pointed at one of the caves. Yang Danwa also sensed this so he nodded. But there was a problem.

‘It’s too far.’

The cliff divided them from the entrance to the cave. It required a huge leap into the cave, at least over 30 meters. It wasn’t a distance that any stepping skill would allow. It was too far for Hu Bong, who was only a master level warrior, to jump across.

‘Can Mun Ku jump across?’

Mun Ku was an established super master level warrior, but it was still concerning. One mistake would mean dropping into that endless cliff. Hu Bong glanced down at the cliff and swallowed his throat nervously. Yeowun then whispered, “Yang Danwa. Can you carry Hu Bong over to that cave?”

Yang Danwa thought for a second and nodded. He was a superior master warrior so it wasn’t hard for him to jump across 30 meters without much effort.

“Mun Ku, can you do it?” Yeowun asked and Mun Ku glanced over at the distance and was about to say she could, when…

“I’ll carry you over if you can’t.”

She stopped herself from saying it and nodded excitedly. There was no need to refuse the offer.

‘Hehe. He’ll carry me over!’

Hu Bong shook his head as he looked excited Mun Ku. As it was decided, Yeowun first held up Mun Ku in his arms.


She brought her both hands together and grinned in happiness. Was this what it was like to be protected?

“Good. Hold on tight.”

“Okay. Hehe.”

Mun Ku grabbed on Yeowun tightly and Yeowun began to run toward the cliff. Sending energy into his feet, Yeowun’s body shot off the cliff, and landed on the cave. Hu Bong then laughed and walked over to Yang Danwa.

“Thank you, sir.”

Yang Danwa frowned and turned and showed his back for Hu Bong to climb up.

“Are you not carrying me over?”

“I don’t want to hold a man in my arms. Get on my back.”

“…Yes, sir.”

Hu Bong then awkwardly got up on Yang Danwa’s back. It seemed like Yang Danwa was more than eager to jump across alone if Hu Bong hesitated.

“If you’ll excuse me… UGH!”

As soon as Hu Bong got up, Yang Danwa didn’t say anything and quickly ran and jumped. When he got down to the cave, Yang Danwa let go of his hands from Hu Bong’s butt. It was an order from the Lord, but it still didn’t feel good to touch a man’s butt.

‘Ugh… I thought I was going to die.’

Hu Bong was more surprised than awkward. Whatever the case, Yang Danwa then walked in and sniffed.

‘What is this smell?’

A weird smell filled the cave, which was coming from the inside. It smelled like something was burning. Yang Danwa tried to tell Chun Yeowun about the smell, but Yeowun was on the ground, touching something with his finger.

‘What is this?’

Yeowun looked at the black powder on his finger. When he sniffed it, it had the same smell that filled the entire cave.

‘Nano, can you tell me what this is?’

Nano then began to analyze the black powder. After a white light came out from the tip of his finger, Nano’s voice came to his head.

[Analysis complete. It is fire powder.]

‘Fire powder? The exploding powder?’

[Yes, Master.]

Yeowun frowned and looked down at the powder again. Why there was there fire powder all over the place, and why was the cave filled with this smell? Yeowun then felt something was wrong and looked into the cave. There was surely a sign of a person inside. And Yeowun also saw faint light deep within.

‘What is the point of this?’


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