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Chapter 274 - Sword Creek, Grave of swords - Part 4

The fire powder had its own purpose, but if the person was inside there, then it wasn’t likely for him to set it to explode.

[What should we do, my Lord?]

[Wait here.]

[Yes, my Lord.]

Yeowun then decided he should check it out first, as walking in without checking first could be dangerous.

‘Nano, activate Nightvision mode.’

[Activating nightvision mode on user’s sight.]

Nano’s voice rang out and Yeowun’s eye shook before taking in more light exposure. Yeowun now clearly saw what was inside the cave. But the distance was still too far to look at it clearly.

[Wait here.]

Yeowun took ten steps in and saw a person far away.

‘Nano, can you zoom in?’

[Zooming in on current sight.]

The faint person figure was then zoomed in. When it was zoomed in enough, Yeowun became shocked.


The cave was a dead end. There was a man sitting there, shaking his head frantically. This was the reason for the light shaking within.

‘That man..’

It was one of the men from the group that was found dead while ago. The man had been tied with rope, but he could move his head, which he was shaking frantically with a pale face.

‘A fire?’

There was a small torch by man’s mouth that was created with small wood. The fire was coming near the man’s mouth, and the man was trying hard to put out the fire but it was almost at his mouth. Even through its extreme heat, the man didn’t let go of the torch and tried to put it out.


Yeowun then looked near the man and saw a huge amount of fire powder by the man. Yeowun deactivated nightvision mode and shouted frantically.


It was then. An explosion rang from within the cave, and the fire exploded out like lightning. The explosion was so loud that everyone’s ears went deaf with a ringing sound. But Yang Danwa, Mun Ku, and Hu Bong realized something went wrong and turned to run out of the cave. However, the explosion was too fast. The fire quickly reached the entrance and the fire came over them.

At that moment, when even the cave was coming down, Yeowun was only thinking about saving Mun Ku and the others, rather than his own escape. Yeowun then unleashed all of his energy onto the three people. Their bodies were then pushed out like a cannonball through the energy.



The three people got out of the cave just when the fire reached the entrance and they flew to the other side of the cliff.

‘N-no!! Prince!’

Mun Ku then quickly turned as she was flying away.


And she saw Yeowun, engulfed in fire, thrown out from the cave before dropping down into the cliff.


Mun Ku screamed in despair, but Yeowun’s body was disappearing into the depth of the cliff. With Yeowun’s energy dissipating, Mun Ku and others got down safely on the other side of the cliff and quickly turned to run to the cliff.



Yeowun’s fire disappeared into the dark depth and Mun Ku and Hu Bong screamed madly and tried to jump in. Yang Danwa held them to stop them. Jumping off here was an act of suicide.

“Let me go! Let me go!!”

Mun Ku screamed with tears running through her reddened eyes and Yang Danwa slapped her.

“Wake up! Are you going to kill yourself and have the Lord’s sacrifice to go in vain?”

Mun Ku was so heartbroken to hear this. It wasn’t even a day since they found out about each other’s feelings. This tragedy brought despair and grief to her.


She then slumped down on the ground and began to wail. Hu Bong, who had been screaming toward the cliff, couldn’t hold back his emotions either. No one imagined such thing would happen in that short amount of time.


Yang Danwa clenched his fist and blood dripped from it. He stopped these two people from jumping off, but Yang Danwa felt the same way. He was actually saved by the Lord whom he had to prtect, so he couldn’t find the words to describe his despair. Their sadness had barely passed…

Someone appeared through the bushes and Yang Danwa turned. Someone was walking out as if it was entertaining. It was the old man from the inn.


“Oh- haha. This is an unexpected profit. Someone else bit the bait.”

The fire powder inside the cave was the old man’s work. He seemed really glad about what just happened.

“It would have been harder if that one was alive, but he dropped down on his own. What a fortunate turn of events.”


Mun Ku then glared with reddened eyes. She became furious at the old man who seemed to be happy about Yeowun’s death.

“Oh? You were crying like a girl just now, but you are a man? But!”

The old man unleashed powerful energy.

“You wouldn’t last long.”

Yang Danwa’s eyes turned grim. The old man was much more powerful than himself last night.

“I am bit busy, so I’ll make this quick.”

The old man then smirked and charged.

After about an hour, at a forest about 5 miles away from Sword Creek, someone was barely walking through the forest.

“Whew… Whew…”

He seemed exhausted and was breathing heavily. It was the old man who attacked Yeowun’s remaining group. It seemed he had taken internal damage as his face was pale.

‘I thought I was lucky… but I guess not.’

The old man then stopped and rested his back on a large tree. He opened his senses to check if there were any chasers.

‘If it wasn’t for that girlish boy coming at me so fiercely… I would have taken care of them fast and also taken care of him too.’

He couldn’t forget Mun Ku’s eyes. Mun Ku charged at the old man like a woman who had lost her husband. The old man was much stronger, but he was overwhelmed by such a fierce attack. That’s when the man that the old man baited came out and joined the fight, which resulted in the old man taking internal damage and retreating.

‘Haha… doesn’t matter. I know which cave he came out from now.’

That was the original purpose anyway. He had gone through many caves, but he never found any entrances. That’s why the old man exploded one of them to check, and it sure worked.

‘Just a bit more to find his trace… I just need to tend to my wound and… hmm?’

The old man felt many people appearing nearby. But he didn’t seem surprised. One of the men then appeared in front of the old man and knelt down.

“Lee Chung, at service of the Blade Sword Master!”

The old man grinned.


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