Nano Machine | Chapter 275 | Within the Sword Creek | Part 1

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Chapter 275 - Within the Sword Creek - Part 1

Chun Yeowun’s body was engulfed with the flame that shot out from behind. The heat coming from the explosion was overwhelming and felt as if all the skin on Yeowun’s back was melting. With fire all over his body, Yeowun couldn’t withstand the pain and screamed.


He tried to endure the pain and jump, but he couldn’t fight against the power of the explosion. Yeowun was thrown out of the cave, and he couldn’t do anything but drop down with his body on fire. He then caught a glimpse of Mun Ku’s face gripped with despair as she saw Yeowun falling off the cliff.


Although the fire burning his entire body, Yeowun’s head was filled with Mun Ku’s crying face that made his heart tight. With his body falling, the wind put out the fire that was on his body.

[Activating self-healing mode to heal burns from the explosion.]

Even when he was dropping, Nano began healing the burns that were all over his body. His skin melted down into the muscles, but it quickly began to heal. The pain subsided quickly, but Yeowun was still dropping at an enormous speed.

‘Is it that deep?’

[Falling speed increasing. Danger. Danger.]

Nano’s voice rang out, warning him of the situation. Yeowun had augmented reality on his eyes, so he saw Nano shooting red lights that showed numbers which seemed to be the speed of Yeowun’s fall. Yeowun had once jumped off from a high mountain, but that wasn’t long fall like this. As Yeowun kept falling through the dark depth, Yeowun was struck with the fear of death.

‘Am I going to die here?’

Surely anyone would be facing death in such a situation. Pain, darkness, end, and nothingness. With all that coming into one’s emotions, it was bound to put one into the depth of despair.

[User’s heart rate increasing rapidly.]

Nano’s voice warned of the danger but Yeowun couldn’t focus. This speed of this drop would shatter Yeowun’s body into pieces the moment he dropped, which would render Nano’s healing ability to be useless.

‘Do I have to accept my death?’

Yeowun was about to accept it as his fate. That’s when a sudden gush of wind swirled around, pushing Yeowun to the side.


Yeowun was shocked by sudden wind changing his coarse. His body then struck against the wall of the huge rock. But that wasn’t the end. With the strong gush of wind, Yeowun’s body was then thrown off to another side.


Yeowun then came back to his senses from the pain. He almost succumbed to the fear of death, but he was able to get out of it.

‘I can’t die like this!’

There was something more fearful than death itself. Yeowun couldn’t finish what he had set out to do yet. And to think that he couldn’t see the woman’s face whom he had given to the first time in his life, his head instantly cleared up.

As Yeowun was flung about all over the place from the wind, he noticed something. He didn’t see it when he was in fear, but now he now saw it clearly.

‘It’s a sword.’

It wasn’t like above under the word ‘Sword,’ but there were a lot of swords stuck in the wall.


Yeowun then came up with an idea and reached to back of his waist.

‘It’s there!’

The White Dragon Blade still hung by his waist. He wasn’t sure what the scabbard’s strap was made of, but it withstood the fire and was still hanging on Yeowun’s waist. Yeowun then pulled out the White Dragon Blade. He then gripped the blade and took a deep breath.

‘If I’m going to die, I’ll at least die trying to survive!’

The strong gush of wind still threw him all over the place as he dropped. When he then was thrown to the other side of the wall, he made a move.


Yeowun used all his might to strike down with White Dragon Blade against the wall. Whether it was the sharpness of the blade or the speed of the fall, but the blade began slicing through the wall as it stuck there.


The impact broke Yeowun’s right shoulder bone and ribs. Even if Yeowun’s muscles were enhanced beyond the limit of a normal human, it didn’t apply to his bones. Yeowun was trying to fight the gravity pulling him down, so his bone paid the price.

“Stop! Please!!”

And after falling straight through for about 15 meters, his dropping speed began to slow down and the blade soon came to a stop.

“ worked!”

It was very close. Yeowun almost died by dropping, but he had survived. He then glimpsed down and saw that the ground wasn’t very deep down from here.


[Detected disjointed shoulder and a bone fracture. 3rd right rib bone is broken. Initiating self-healing mode.]

Nano began to activate to heal broken bones, and the pain began to subside. Yeowun looked down and saw that he could easily jump down from the height he was currently at if he used the stepping skill. When the pain went away, Yeowun pulled out the blade and dropped safely.

As he got on the ground, he slumped down and sighed in relief. Everything was dark, but he was still alive. Yeowun then realized martial arts wasn’t everything. He was very powerful now, but he learned that there were situations that could still kill him.

After resting for a bit, Yeowun got up. He now survived, so he had to find a way to go up the cliff.

‘Nano, activate night vision mode.’

[Activating night vision mode.]

Nano’s voice rang and Yeowun’s eyes turned to see the area clearly.



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