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Chapter 276 - Within the Sword Creek - Part 2

Yeowun’s eye grew large. He thought there wasn’t anything here, but there were many swords stuck in the ground. They had all rusted through time, so there weren’t any useful swords.

‘There are so many swords here.’

But it wasn’t only swords that were here. There were countless skulls and bones scattered around. It seemed these were people who dropped through the cliff and died. Some were too old, barely recognizable if they were human, but there were some that were intact and still had clothes.

‘I almost joined them. But why did they fall and die here?’

Yeowun became curious but there was no way to find out. Yeowun hesitated for a bit, but he then took off one of the pieces of clothing from a skeleton.

‘It’s clothing from a dead person but…’

His original clothes were burned heavily, and they were in no state to be worn. Yeowun changed his clothing into the one he picked up and walked over to the cliff wall so he could find a way to climb back up. Yeowun thought it was better to find a way up on the opposite side of the giant rock, which was almost upright and slick on the surface.

‘Hm… it’s not much different here.’

The other side of the cliff was more rough, but it was actually angled backwards. There was no way of climbing up.

‘Was this why there wasn’t any information about this?’

Even if someone tried to climb down by using rope, that gush of wind would throw the person off balance.

‘Is there any other way?’

Yeowun then began to look around just in case he might find something. As he began to walk around the giant rock, he came to a stop at some point.


Yeowun became shocked. He thought maybe what he was seeing was a mistake. He was looking at many traces of a sword and a blade on the giant rock.

‘Why is there a trace of fighting here?’

It was hard to understand. Yeowun was thrown off from the explosion, so he dropped against his intention. But why did all these people come all the way down here and fight? After checking these traces, Yeowun’s eyes widened. The sword and blade traces were very familiar.

‘Sword Force of the Sky Demon…?’

The clear sword trace was very similar to that of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon. There were few sword movements that didn’t match, but the remaining movements were exactly the same. It seemed that this came later than the Sword Force of the Sky Demon.

“Wait… maybe…”

Yeowun looked up with shock. He thought he had seen the writing style of ‘Sword’ word up on the cliff somewhere, but he now realized it was Father Chun Ma’s writing style. Yeowun then brought the black sword to take shape. He then looked at writings on the sword.

[Sky Demon Sword]

The ‘Sword’ word engraved on there was almost same as the ‘Sword’ engraved on the wall above. This meant that Father Chun Ma had come here and fought someone. That didn’t seem all that impossible, as the recording of Lord’s palace showed that Father Chun Ma even set out to invade all sides, even through Hobuk Castle, where this Sword Creek was at. But what made Yeowun shocked was different.

‘What is up with this blade tracing?’

This blade trace was surely the blade skill of the Blade God. Yeowun looked at the blade trace left on it and became shocked.

‘I’ve never seen this.’

On blade traces that seemed to be the blade skill of the Blade God, there were two formations that Yeowun was not familiar with. The two formations were more powerful than the six blade formation that Yeowun learned. It seemed these two were the latter part of the blade skill.

‘…I thought the six formation was everything. I was wrong.’

Yeowun was beyond shocked to see the blade skill. This was almost as powerful as the Sword Force of the Sky Demon, except the last formation of the Sword Force.

‘I didn’t think this would be waiting for me here.’

Yeowun thought he was unlucky for falling down, but it was actually a blessing in disguise. It was unclear as to why it was here, but Yeowun luckily managed to come across a trace of two very powerful warriors fighting against each other, especially because Yeowun had Nano who could simulate this.

‘Nano, scan it.’

Yeowun ordered Nano to scan the sword and blade traces.

[Yes, Master.]

Nano scanned the trace and began analyzing. Yeowun was then walking through the traces and…


He found something while he walked. This was different from the sword trace he saw. It was left there by combining something and had a word engraved below.


It seemed whatever the writer was trying to do wasn’t achieved. The writing style matched that of Father Chun Ma’s. After looking closely, Yeowun then realized that the sword trace here wasn’t like a fighting trace that was left on the other places. It seemed this trace was left by trying something on it.

‘Why is there the word ‘impossible’ here?’

Yeowun became confused and ordered Nano to extract these sword traces. When it was finished, Yeowun ordered Nano.

‘Nano, show me the 3D image of these sword traces.’

[Yes, Master. Initiating 3D view of the scanned sword trace.]

Complicated sword traces then began to show up with white lines flashing through, and Yeowun was able to see sword movements. Yeowun was shocked to see these movements in formation form.

“This… is impossible.”

This was a sword skill that moved beyond conventional body movements, just like how the blade skill of Blade God did. Yeowun was able to sense it instinctively.

‘He tried to combine it!’

That was it. These sword traces that were marked ‘impossible’ were the creation of Father Chun Ma which came after fighting against the blade skill of the Blade God.


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