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Chapter 278 - Within the Sword Creek - Part 4

She then left the building with the two warriors standing guard following her. When she left, Yang Danwa heard a telepathic message coming to him.

[Did you see that?]

Yang Danwa turned to the direction, and there was a beautiful woman with thick eyebrows looking at him with her arms crossed, sitting on a bed on the opposite side. It was Second Elder Yin Moha. She too was safe. However, Yang Danwa saw Yin Moha’s true face for the first time after he got here, so he looked awkward searching for Yin Moha’s younger look.

[…I think she’s being watched. And so are we.]

Two warriors who stood guard had left together with the doctor, but there were still eyes watching them from the dark. Yang Danwa felt the presence of people watching inside the room. That’s why they were talking over telepathic messages.

[Elder Yin. What is going on here?]

They couldn’t talk about it because Yang Danwa had to be treated by the doctor ever since he got here. Yin Moha sighed and answered.

[We fought them when we got here.]

When Yin Moha and others first got to Sword Creek, someone attacked them. It was the warriors who came out from the hidden mansion, and they first attacked and asked who Yin Moha and the others were. They were within the territory of the Forces of Justice, so Yin Moha did not reveal who they were. But she just showed the orange tag and said they had come to meet the Godly Doctor. Warriors then became less wary and showed interest.

[That’s when we were attacked by that old man from the inn and the other three powerful warriors.]

A new fight had begun. All four of these newly-appeared warriors were so powerful that they killed the spy agent of Yin Moha’s group instantly and also killed two other warriors who came out from hidden mansion. And while Yin Moha was fighting against the old man, ‘he’ appeared.

[…Hing Wunja of Mudan Strong Sword.]

Her telepathic message sounded grim with the name and Yang Danwa narrowed his eyes.

[So, it was him.]

Yang Danwa knew the name. Under the five most powerful warriors of the entire Yulin, there were those who were known as the ‘Strong Nine’ who were said to be next five most powerful warriors. Hing Wunja was one of the Strong, and an Elder of the Mudan clan.

[He helped us to chase away the old man and we were able to enter here. But… we could not persuade the doctor yet.]

Just like Yang Danwa, Yin Moha and others requested the doctor to visit. She just kept on saying that it was hard to do that, even with the orange tag. Yin Moha speculated the reason Gam Rosu could not leave this place was related to Hing Wunja who was protecting this place.

‘What would be the reason?’

The Godly Doctor was definitely hiding something. The problem at hand was with the Mudan Strong Sword.

[It’s fortunate that he doesn’t know who we actually are.]

Yang Danwa didn’t expect to find such a powerful and prominent figure in Forces of Justice here. What’s interesting was that the other warriors beside Hing Wunja didn’t seem like monks from the Mudan clan. Yin Moha then sighed.

[Yes, but that will not last long.]


There was no way that a warrior like Hing Wunja would not become suspicious of them. Two of these visitors were superior master level warriors which were scarce in number, so it was likely that Hing Wunja will try to find out who they were.

[Maybe he knows and just wants to use us for a favor.]

Yin Moha then continued as she turned to the directions where she felt eyes watching them.

In the other building, there was a old man with white beard talking to someone. These people were monks from the inn last night. Mu Jinja spoke.

“So, that’s why we lost contact with you… Elder Hing.”

“Yes. They were surrounding the creek. I had no choice.”

The old man with a white beard was the Mudan Strong Sword, Hing Wunja. He explained why he had lost contact with the Mudan clan for a month. The reason was because of the old man from the inn. The old man and his cronies had been searching the area to find the hidden mansion, so Hing Wunja couldn’t contact the clan.

“Elder, why don’t we move the location to the Mudan or Jegal Family’s place? If it is almost complete, I don’t think the Godly Doctor needs to stay here anymore.”

“…It is better if we leave her alone. I know it is for the greater good, but our actions should be just.”

“Yes, sir. You are right.”

“But as you say, the Godly Doctor is almost complete with her work. With enemies located near our spot, it is better for us to move.”

They couldn’t bear to move as they were now revealed. The entrance was equipped with a blue pearl stone gate with many traps, but it wasn’t going to hold off enemies for long. Mu Jinja then asked, “But Elder, why did you help them? I’m sure that they are from either the Forces of Evil, or from the Demonic Cult.”

He was talking about Chun Yeowun’s group. Mu Jinja was shocked when he heard from Hing Wunja that the group had at least two superior master level warriors. That level of power was not to come by often.

“Brother Mu is right, Elder.”

Monks from the Mudan clan were suspicious of Yeowun’s group after they found out that Yeowun had a mask on his face. There was a chance that there were powerful warriors in hiding and were not known, but if two superior warriors were in one group, it was likely that they were from one of the three main forces of Yulin. They knew all powerful warriors from the Forces of Justice, so the educated guess would come down to the other two forces.

“And they want Godly Doctor too.”


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