Nano Machine | Chapter 279 | Within the Sword Creek | Part 5

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Chapter 279 - Within the Sword Creek - Part 5

“…They will help us,” Hing Wunja said.

“Huh? Wait, are you going to ask them to…”

“No. We will use them as our shield and let them fight our enemy, while we return to Mudan Mountain with the Godly Doctor.”

“Yes, Elder. That sounds like a plan.”

Mu Jinja nodded in astonishment. He was concerned about Yeowun’s group as much as the enemy outside, so this plan sounded very good. It didn’t matter if Yeowun’s group was from the current ally, the Demonic Cult.

At the same time, below the cliff. A sound of wind gushing from the movement filled the area. Within the darkness, a young man was moving quickly through with his sword. It was Chun Yeowun. He had been practicing sword formations for two hours already, but he was doing something entirely different from what he knew before.

The formation that continued smoothly suddenly came to a stop, and Yeowun’s body shook. This resulted because the movements couldn’t be connected flawlessly.

“Hah… hah…”

Yeowun slumped down with exhaustion to rest. His forehead was drenched with sweat.

‘This isn’t easy.’

It was hard to combine two legendary martial arts skills into one. What he was trying until now was an attempt to combine the Sword Force of the Sky Demon with the blade skill of the Blade God. Yeowun remembered what happened four hours ago. He first was so shocked when he saw the trace left by Father Chun Ma.

‘How can he come up with such an idea?’

He was astounded by the idea that he didn’t even come to cross. He was only focused on training the completed martial art, but Father Chun Ma was trying new things with the martial art he had encountered for the first time, although it resulted in a failure.

‘Physical limitation.’

Chun Ma was the best in martial arts and the sword, but there was something he couldn’t overcome. Even if he had body best fit for martial arts, there was a limit to how far the muscle and its fibers could be strengthened. But the blade skill of the Blade God was only possible when the physical ability was up to its limit. Chun Ma tried to combine its traits into his sword skill and after a few tries, he came to a conclusion.


But Yeowun was different. After analyzing the Sword Force of the Sky Demon, the blade skill of the Blade God, and Blood Reversion Art, his muscles and physical traits were increased beyond the limit of a mere person. Yeowun was able to use the formation that Chun Ma made for a test run very easily. But this wasn’t the completed version as Chun Ma stopped developing it, so Yeowun had to take it as a guideline to do it on his own.

‘…It’s hard.’

It was possible in theory, but combining and using it was a different story. The Sword Force of the Sky Demon was already perfect in its original form, so Yeowun had to create an entirely new formation.

‘Let’s try again.’

After a bit of a rest, Yeowun got up again and began moving his body to use the sword formation. He was also using Nano to analyze the simulation. But he wanted to cross the limit by himself and learn the understanding through it. Yeowun didn’t rest while he tried many sword movements in an effort to combine the two.

“Hah… Hah…”

‘I’m exhausted.’

After two hours, Yeowun was now fully exhausted. Almost four hours of nonstop usage of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon depleted his internal energy completely. How could he create a new sword skill that broke the limit that was set in place? He tried many ways but failed constantly.

‘I cannot combine the sword movements if it goes over the current limit… I have to make it work in balance…’

He had to create new sword movements that could work in balance through all of its movement. After thinking for a while as he lied down, Yeowun then came up with a sudden idea in his head.

‘Yeah…! Let’s not use all of the movements I have right now. If it doesn’t fit in well, then I might as well as just take it out. If I stop limiting myself and be free to create the balance… it will be free… free…’

The sword movements he had, and thinking about the new movements that could work together with it. Yeowun then came to an unexpected situation. The understanding often came when he didn’t even think about it.

‘To create a balance, I need freedom. It is created by not locking myself in, but by opening it…’

Superior master level was achieved by bringing what one already had into perfect completion in one circle. The reason why a warrior at the superior master level can control its internal energy was because of this understanding of having understood how to bring everything into one. But the higher level required another understanding. It required not limiting oneself to controlling the energy, but to be freed from it. When one finds balance to let the energy flow freely in and out of the body, this understanding would be the one to bring warriors to the supreme master level.

Yeowun’s body began to shine brightly with the bright lights, and the area around him began to storm. The energy from the environment was sucked into Yeowun’s empty body where his energy had been depleted. The energy of the environment began running through Yeowun’s body and a change began to come onto Yeowun who was already sitting down meditating.


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