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Chapter 280 - Within the Sword Creek - Part 6

The Godly Doctor was known to the people of Yulin as a dignified-looking old man who looked like an aristocrat. But her true self was entirely different from her rumors. An old man with a small body, but with heavy and thick muscle. That was the Godly Doctor, Gam Rosu.

“Hmph. Why did you want to see me? I’m busy.”

Gam Rosu spoke to Hing Wunja, who called her to his room at the mansion. She seemed uncomfortable that she was called, and Hing Wunja smiled softly.

“To God almighty… This humble monk had a message to tell you. Granny Gam.”

The man only spoke like this when he had some uncomfortable request. Gam Rosu became concerned and asked back, “A message? What is it?”

“I think we have to pack up and leave this place by early morning.”

“Leave? From this Sword Creek?”

“Yes. That is correct.”

Gam Rosu turned furious at request to pack up to leave. This place was home to her and her ancestors. She had been living here for all her life, so it didn’t sound all that well to hear that she had to leave.

“This is different from what you promised. I was promised to stay in exchange for fulfilling your request. And you promised that if I complete the project that you will…”

“Leave from your home, yes. But the situation has changed.”

“Changed to what? Are you talking about those ones outside? There were always those lurking around. It’s not anything new.”

There were many who came to Sword Creek in search of the Godly Doctor. But the only times when Godly Doctor and her ancestors left the mansion was through the orange tag bearers who acquired the tag from long time acquaintances.

“I am sure you are aware that this is different from the past.”

Hing Wunja’s voice began to drop low. It seemed he had given up on persuading.

“They are different. They are more dangerous than any of the other enemies you have seen. If you get kidnapped before you finish your project, our operation will fail.”

Hing Wunja walked up in front of the doctor and spoke.

“You promised that you will help us for the peace of Yulin after you lost the one you hold dear. Please let us protect you from evil.”


Hing Wunja insisted heavily and Gam Rosu’s eyes shook with anger. She was sad that her current state and regretted how it came down to this. She started on work with good cause but the direction didn’t seem to be going as she first thought. Gam Rosu’s silence was taken as agreement and Hing Wunja smiled again.

“You should finish packing up by 3 AM.”

He then let the doctor return to her office so she could pack up. When Gam Rosu returned, a man with dark clothing came in.


“It is as you said, Elder. There are suspicious movements detected around the forest outside the creek. Numbers are increasing, so they’ll be coming in by the morning.”

It was what the scout had found outside the creek.

“We must make haste.”

“Are you using them as bait?”

The man was talking about Chun Yeowun’s group. Their plan was to have them stay behind the mansion and act as a barrier while they got out of the creek and returned safely. Hing Wunja smiled.

“Yes. They will work well for their purpose. We will leave as soon as the doctor is finished packing up.”

“Yes, Elder.”

While Hing Wunja was talking with the scout, Gam Rosu returned to her office. Her office was used as her lab, so it had many medicinal tools and books that helped her with the study. There was a lot of weird stuff inside, where one wall had a skeleton that was preserved through medication set upon the wall. It was a creepy sight if one entered without any knowledge. But the skeleton had its waist area cut off as if it was cut into half when it was killed.


She threw one of the dishes she used to hold herbs to ease her rage. It was devastating that she had to abandon the home that her family had lived in for generations. But she had no choice as the enemy would surely come to attack her if she didn’t leave.

‘My path is surrounded by enemies.’

But was there a difference with enemies outside to those of Hing Wunja’s group. Gam Rosu shook her head and glanced at two warriors watching over her by the door. If she refused, they were likely to force her to follow them anyway.

‘I have no choice.’

She had no option, so she had to take as much as she could. She then walked over the bookshelves on the left side of the room and took out a book that read ‘herb list.’

When she opened, there was a small book inside the book. But this book seemed to be created with different material. When she opened the small book, there was the writing of simplified characters that was hard to read. It was hard to explain, but there were also drawings of humans inside out with details. This was like a treasure to any doctor.

‘I will need this to complete the project.’

This book was a treasure she had got from her ancestors. After putting the book into her inner pocket, she packed tools and other stuff she needed. That’s when some noise came from outside.

“I told you, the doctor is busy right now.”

“Hey, we have a patient here! And we have a doctor here right? Isn’t it the doctor’s job is to tend to patients? Come on!”


Someone was trying to enter the office while warriors at the door were blocking them. The commotion kept on going so Gam Rosu became curious and opened the door to check what was going on.

‘Huh? These people..’

It was Hu Bong and Hou Sangwha. Hu Bong was helping Hou Sangwha stand, who was bigger than him. She insisted her breast was aching.

“What is it?”

“It’s nothing, Granny Gam. You should finish what you were doing.”

Hu Bong frowned at the warrior’s words and shouted angrily.

“Wow! It’s ‘NOTHING?’ Are you suggesting to the doctor that she ignore her patient?”

“Be quiet!”


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