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Chapter 282 - Emergence - Part 1


A strong gush of wind threw Chun Yeowun’s balance off, messing up his stepping skill. He tried to regain balance, but the rusted sword couldn’t hold him up and broke down.


Yeowun fell back down the cliff. He had climbed all the way up here, but he was about to lose everything.


Yeowun quickly pulled out his White Dragon Blade and stuck it into the wall. Luckily, it wasn’t long before he started dropping, so he was able to stop without being dragged down too far. He fell only about few meters but it was enough to make his heart sink. Yeowun panted as he looked up.

“Hah… hah…”

‘Dammit. I should’ve thought about that gust.’

The idea was to control all swords stuck on the wall with the ‘Air Sword’ technique to stick them into the wall so that he can use them as stepping places. If he created the way up, then he could probably climb up without much problems. But the strong gush of wind in the middle set him off the balance. There was no way a mere human could walk past shaky steps under a storm.

‘I can’t go past this area with the stepping skill.’

Even the master of stepping skills Marakim would not be able to possible to walk up such a place. Yeowun then resorted to the last method. The black metal over both arms scattered apart and formed it the black sword. With the White Dragon Blade on his right and the Sky Demon Sword on his left, Yeowun reached up and stuck the black sword into the wall. With the help of muscle strength and energy, it was easy to stick the sword into the stone wall. It also helped that his weapons were legendary weapons. Yeowun then pulled out the White Dragon Blade with his right hand and stuck it higher above the place where his Sky Demon Sword was stuck.

‘This will take time, but there’s no other way.’

The gush of wind didn’t allow him to run up, so this was the safest way for him to climb. But would take much more time

‘Let’s do it quick.’

Yeowun began to climb up slowly but consistently.

The man who came out of the medical room then ran to Gam Rosu’s office.

‘Didn’t the sleep medication work?’

They had put in sleeping medication into medicine soup distributed to those people. He thought they would have been sleeping from the effect of the medication. But if they didn’t fall asleep and disappeared, it was easy to see what they were trying to do.

“Follow me!”

“Yes, sir!”

Warriors who were assigned on the way followed. There was no way the man could handle six powerful warriors. And as soon as he got to the place, he burst the door open, destroying the door. He didn’t care as they were going to abandon the mansion anyway.


The doctor was missing from the office. There were only two warriors who were supposedly guarding the gate, unconscious. Warriors walked over to them and checked.

“T-they are dead!”

These warriors had their throats cut down and died without even managing to scream. These warriors were alive just until 30 minutes ago.


Something was going terribly wrong. The fact that the Godly Doctor missing was more troubling than the missing six people. The man ran out and shouted.

“The doctor is missing! FIND THE DOCTOR!!!”

“What?! The doctor’s missing?”

Warriors who heard the shouts began to search through the mansion. The man then quickly headed toward Hing Wunja to report, who would have been waiting at the secret passage. And when he got there, he saw monks of the Mudan clan waiting outside the secret passage.

“It’s not opening!”

The passage was made to be opened by using the lever made next to it, but it was broken and a few monks were trying hard to open the door. But there was no way they could open the blue pearl stone door that had been sealed. The man then found Hing Wunja between them and ran up to him.

“What’s going on? Where did the doctor go?”

There was no way that he did not hear the shouts. Hing Wunja asked back furiously and the man reported.

“Elder. The six people in the medical room went missing along with the doctor. I ordered a search throughout the mansion but…”

Hing Wunja stomped on the ground from fury before the man could finish. The ground cracked, showing how furious he was. Hing Wunja pointed at the secret passageway and shouted.

“Search? They already destroyed the door of the secret exit and escaped! There’s no use searching here!”


‘No, we were fooled!’

The man then realized that they were played. They were too late. It wasn’t sure how, but they found the secret passageway and escaped with it, destroying it behind. This meant that they were helped. It was likely that their help was given by the Godly Doctor.

‘She turned against us!’

Hing Wunja left the shocked man behind and pulled out his sword. Hing Wunja then spoke to his monks.

“Move out of the way!”

The mechanism of the door was broken, so they had to break their way out. And it was when monks were about to move away. There was an explosion toward the entrance of the mansion. It was similar to the explosion they heard last night. It was a sign that enemies were on the move. It wouldn’t take long for them to reach the area. They then tried to make haste when…

“Ambush! Enemies are coming!”

“Enemies are already inside the mansion!!”

They heard warriors shouting toward the entrance. Hing Wunja became dumbfounded. There was no way that one explosion would break open the gate. The gate was sealed by many traps and thick blue pearl stone.


Hing Wunja frowned. This situation was exactly the same plan that he was going to use while he ran through the escape route. But instead, it was him and his group that was trapped inside, while the enemies were coming in.

‘Gam Rosu…. That old hag!!!’


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