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Chapter 284 - Emergence - Part 3

After climbing up for a long time using the Sky Demon Sword and the White Dragon Blade, Chun Yeowun was finally able to get out of the dangerous area. The winds died down and now Yeowun felt a lot of presences above. He could now sense further than when he was at the superior master level.

‘There are a lot.’

Yeowun became concerned. He wasn’t sure what happened while he was down at the cliff. All those people above the cliff were martial artists.

‘Yin Moha?’

Yeowun then felt familiar energy. It was the energy of Yin Moha, Bakgi, and Hou Sangwha who were missing.

‘They were alive!’

Yeowun then thought he should make his way up quickly. All other presences he felt were hostile. He wasn’t sure what might happen if he didn’t hurry up.

‘I don’t think I have to do this anymore.’

Yeowun then tried to create a step up again by using air sword, but then he saw someone jumping across the cliff above. And one of the figures had very familiar energy.

‘Mun Ku!’

It was Mun Ku. There were others who were crossing the cliff. And on the other side where they were jumping off to, more martial artists were gathering, some of whom were very dangerous. It seemed one of them was the old man that Yeowun fought at the inn. He couldn’t sense him before, but now with the supreme master level, he was able to sense the old man.

‘I have to be quick.’

But the way he used the method until now was slow. Yeowun then changed his way of climbing. It was a change in ideas.

‘Wait. If I can control the sword, isn’t it better if I control it while carrying me?’

It was the Air Sword Flying technique. Yeowun didn’t know this, but there was an unconfirmed legend that there were some supreme level warriors that flew around with the swords. Yeowun had just come to this idea himself however.

Yeowun placed the Sky Demon Sword over his hand and sent energy into it. The sword began to move freely and Yeowun placed his both foot over the sword. It felt weird, as if he was stepping on nothing, but he had no time to think about the feeling. Yeowun sent energy to make his foot connect tightly to the sword and moved it to rise above. Yeowun then sensed about 150 warriors above and chose to use air sword.

Hundreds of swords floated above, waiting to be ordered. They floated as if they would charge with the flick of Yeowun’s finger. Masked warriors couldn’t move as they were tense from being aimed.


Mun Ku shouted with tears running down her cheek. And it wasn’t only her who was crying.

“M-Master!!! You were alive!!”


Hu Bong and Hou Sangwha also cried at Yeowun’s appearance. What was crazier were the floating swords around him. It was surely the use of Air Sword.

‘D-did the Lord become a supreme master warrior?’

Yin Moha’s eye turned large as she looked at Yeowun. He was at the same power up until while ago. But after hearing that he had dropped to the cliff and died, Yeowun returned in a day with entirely different power.

‘Is he really chosen by the Demon God?’

It was hard to describe it any other way. The sight of him with black robe and floating in the air with hundreds of swords actually made him more like a Demon God himself.

‘He should have died in that cliff…’

The old man saw Yeowun fall into the cliff with fire on his body. Even if it was the old man himself, there was no way he could survive from dropping into that cliff while on fire.

‘He’s different man from two days ago.’

The old man sensed Yeowun to be at the end stage of superior master level. But if he was using air sword, he was surely at the supreme master level. And if he could control this many swords…

‘It’s not just entry. He’s definitely at the supreme master level.’

This was unbelievable. Was there some treasure hidden beneath that cliff? The old man then turned to glance at the Godly Doctor.

‘No. That old woman should be carrying that.’

The old man speculated if the one he was looking for was down the cliff, but that didn’t seem likely. The old man shouted at Yeowun.

“You’re lucky to be alive! Hahaha. Welcome to the world of highest powers.”

World of highest powers meant supreme master level to the people of Yulin. Among tens of thousands of martial artists, there were only a handful of people who reached the supreme master level. Masked men were fearful of Yeowun’s appearance however, as all these swords presented were very threatening. And Yeowun floating alongside these swords made him look like a monster or a demon. The old man shouted.

“Stop bluffing and why don’t you come and fight me?! You think I don’t know that you can’t control all of those swords?”

This wasn’t a lie. The old man was also an entry-level supreme master warrior. He knew how to use air sword but he also knew that the technique didn’t work well against powerful warriors with equal strength. And there was also a clear limit as to how many numbers of swords one can control, as there was a limit to how many things one could think at once.


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