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Chapter 285 - Emergence - Part 4

‘Even that fool who only trains in energy force said 12 was the limit. That’s just a bluff.’

Even controlling 12 was limited to simple movements. Most people who could control swords with Air Sword was limited to three to five.

‘He’s a fool. Trying to bluff in front of the same supreme master level warrior.’

The old man was certain that all those floating swords were just a show. It was probably Yeowun’s plan to demoralize enemies as they were outnumbered. Yeowun then spoke to the old man.

“Do you think it’s a bluff?”

“Oh? If not, then why don’t you show…”

But before the old man could finish, Yeowun aimed his finger at the masked men. Hundreds of swords then began to make a move.

‘No way. That’s not going to work.’

The old man shook his head. Something didn’t feel right but he denied the possibility and held on his sword and tried to jump toward Yeowun. At that moment, Yeowun ordered Nano.

‘Nano, help me with this.’

Nano’s voice responded within Yeowun’s head.

[Activating self-targeting system on all of 128 swords per user order. Locking onto all targets…]

Yeowun’s eye already had augmented reality activated, and he saw red spotlights aimed at every masked man. It also targeted the old man who was now charging at him. Yeowun then raised his hand up.

[Attack commencing.]

And the 128 swords immediately began to move at once. It was a sight to behold. Countless swords moved on their own as if they were alive and charged at the masked men.

“N-no way!”

“This is impossible!”

The masked men tried to defend themselves by using their weapons, but the speed of these swords was equal to the speed of Yeowun using the sword by himself.



Tens of masked warriors immediately were penetrated and cut by the swords. Blood splattered all around and screaming filled the area.

“S-stop! Stop it!”

“W-what do you suppose we do!”

Masked warriors shouted frantically as they tried to defend themselves by using formations but they couldn’t do anything. There was no way to defend against these swords unleashing powerful sword skills. The area became a bloodbath and the old man frowned.

‘H-how can this be!’

He was looking at it with his own eyes but he still couldn’t believe it. He didn’t imagine that he would see hundreds of swords controlled perfectly at once. What kind of brain could achieve this?

‘This is not possible!!’

Of course, it was not possible for any normal human. But with help of Nano, it was able to control everything through Yeowun’s brain, especially these movements that no ordinary man could do. It was Nano that made impossible to become possible.

“You are not an exception.”

Yeowun aimed his finger at the old man.


Four swords immediately charged at the old man and he quickly moved his sword to deflect it. Swords used a powerful sword skill, but they were all rusted so they all shattered when the old man struck them down.

“You think I’m a fool- HUH?!”

But Yeowun was no longer in the air. Yeowun knew very well that there was no way to kill the old man with rusted swords.



Swords flew around, splattering blood everywhere. The screams filled the entire space. Yeowun heard the sound ringing through as he ran. It felt as if time was flowing slowly on him. Yeowun shot past the masked men who were falling down.


At the destination, the man who was called Master Lee was striking down at Mun Ku. He was trying to take the Godly Doctor when the situation began to turn against them. Mun Ku was raising her hand to defend, but she was a bit late.

The sword was coming fast at her head. At that moment, Yeowun’s Sky Demon Sword swung up and struck against the man’s sword. The man’s eye grew large as his hand was thrown upward.

“W-when did you?!”

His eyes saw Yeowun appearing suddenly in front of him. But that wasn’t the end. With throwing the sword away by using Sky Demon Sword on the right, Yeowun’s left hand was already upon the man’s neck. And when the blade touched his skin, the man then realized. His eyes shook from the shock when the blade sliced past his neck.

The time came back to normal speed. This was the world that supreme master level warriors were seeing.


Mun Ku, who was trying to defend against the attack, became surprised and stopped. The sword that was coming at her was already in the air and…

“…A line?’

A red line appeared on the man’s neck, and soon his head was cut and it fell to the ground. Blood gushed out from the neck and Yeowun kicked the body away so that the blood would not splatter over Mun Ku.


Her eyes teared up as she realized it was Chun Yeowun who saved her from danger. And at the same time, another man was furious from the turn of events he just witnessed. It was the old man who lost trace of Chun Yeowun while trying to defend himself against four swords. He finally realized where and what Yeowun had done.



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