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Chapter 287 - Emergence - Part 6

This was similar to the blade skill of the Blade God. Yeowun then realized that this old man was related to the Blade God Six Martial clan. Yeowun used the second formation of the Sword Force of the Sky Demon. The sword was coming from a weird angle, but Yeowun knew where it was coming from already so he defended against it easily.


The old man’s eye grew large from shock. The movement wasn’t something that could be predicted but Yeowun defended easily as if he knew it from the beginning. Yeowun struck the sword down and spoke.

“You’re from the Blade God Six Martial clan.”

The old man’s eyes shook from shock. He had snuck into the territory of the Forces of Justice, so he refrained from any formation that might resemble that of the Blade God’s skills but he revealed just one movement.

‘What? Does he know our clan’s martial art?’

And with the reaction, Yeowun was able to confirm that the old man was indeed from the Blade God Six Martial clan. And with such power, it was likely that this man was one of the leaders.

‘Something’s not right. I have to escape.’

With his identity revealed, the old man became worried and unleashed force qi to use the formation to distance himself from Yeowun. But Yeowun used a unique stepping skill to dodge the attack easily.

‘This skill…!’

The stepping skill that Yeowun jused used was the Step of Wind God. It was the skill that man with a strange mask the old man once fought a few month ago at Jurkang Castle.

‘Is this him?’

He was able to recognize the martial art that the enemy used when he fought previously. This stepping skill was exactly the same skill that the masked man used that time. It was the man who dodged the blade god skill’s formation and struck him.

“You’re that masked cultist!”


Yeowun became surprised. It was certain that this old man was talking about Great Guardian Marakim.

‘This is the man that Great Guardian said he fought at Jurkang castle!’

Yeowun heard everything that happened at Jurkang Castle with details. If that was the case, Yeowun had to capture this man alive.

‘If he’s that cultist, then it is better I kill him even if it’s going to cost my life.’

The old man changed his plan from escaping to fight. His original plan also contained having the power of the Demonic Cult to be weakened. If his enemy was one of the cult’s leaders, then it was better to get rid of him while he had chance.

The old man who originally tried to escape, charged back in. The old man then unleashed all of his power and used the final formation of his skill.

“Hmph! You won’t get away from this one!”

‘I know this one.’

The old man was using the ‘Soaring Dragon’ formation that Yeowun named. It was the sixth formation of the Blade God’s blade skill. The power was tremendous, enough to rip apart First Elder Mu Jinwon in the past. With the old man’s body spinning from the bottom, sword energy began to storm up, trying to overwhelm Yeowun.

‘This is the formation you barely got out last time!’

He didn’t fully master this formation a few months ago, but it was different now. The old man had perfected the formation in order to make it work correctly. Yeowun’s body began to be pushed upward by a strong torrent.

‘I got him!’

But Chun Yeowun didn’t look all that concerned.

“I didn’t think I would try this first on you guys.”


The Sky Demon Sword in Yeowun’s right hand immediately scattered and returned back to armguards. With his body bit lifted from the ground, Yeowun grabbed the White Dragon Blade with both hands and struck down on the ground. His body then divided into eight traces and all eight traces unleashed eight formations from it. And the old man gasped with shock.

“W-what! This is…!!!”

With the blade formation that came from eight traces like a dragon, it stormed through the old man’s force qi and shot out. It was a blade formation that unleashed all energy within it. It was the seventh formation of the blade skill of the Blade God that Yeowun acquired under the cliff.

‘H-how can this be?! This is impossible!!’

The old man quickly brought up force qi to defend himself by using a defensive formation. But the power was just too strong.


The old man’s sword cracked from the power and the blue blade force qi shot through his sword and cut down his body.


The old man gasped. At the same time, blade force qi penetrated past the old man and struck the ground, kicking the dust up.

‘This is useful,’ Yeowun thought as he looked down at the White Dragon Blade that was stuck in the ground now. Unlike the eighth formation, the seventh formation was a combination of existing blade movements that Yeowun was able to acquire it quickly. But the power was beyond that of any of former formations.

The dust cloud died down and there were eight scars left on the ground from where Yeowun was standing, as if there had been an explosion with Yeowun as the center. A broken sword dropped to the ground. It was the long thick sword that the old man had held.


Blood spat out from the old man’s mouth. His body was drenched with blood as it was cut from the blade formation that Yeowun used. The old man opened his mouth with disbelief.

“H-how did you learn his blade skill…. UGH!”

And the old man spat out a lump of blood again and dropped to the ground.


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