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Chapter 288 - You think I could not do it - Part 1

The old man didn’t die from the wound. Among those 8 directional markings on the ground that shot out from Yeowun as the center, one of them was cut off in the middle. It was where the old man fell on the ground. When Yeowun used the seventh formation of the blade skill of the Blade God’s skill, he controlled his power so he will not kill the man. The old man was one of leader who appeared at Jurkang Castle in the past, so it was likely that he knew more information than those spies that entered the cult.


With a scream, the last of the masked men fell to the ground. They were no match against the Second and Fourth Elder of the Demonic Cult. Yin Moha and Yang Danwa also had one enemy alive for each of them.

‘It’s amazing.’

Gam Rosu became astounded, as she was still hanging onto Bakgi’s back. She first thought it was lucky enough that she escaped with these people’s help but this was more than she had imagined.

‘That young man is a monster.’

She couldn’t forget the moment where countless swords floated through Sword Creek. Screams coming from left and right made Gam Rosu became terrified, yet astounded.

‘To think there was another monster than the leader of the Yulin clan… and that man is young.’

When the situation settled down, Yang Danwa ran up to Yeowun and knelt down. He then banged his head on the ground to apologize.

“Master, please punish me.”

Yang Danwa had been accusing himself of Chun Yeowun’s presumed death from falling into the cliff.

‘Huh? Is he the ‘Master’ they have been talking about?’

Gam Rosu then realized this young man was the man that these people had been mourning about. As Yeowun looked down at Yang Danwa, he smiled. There was no one to blame for what had happened. Yeowun helped Yang Danwa up.

“Oh, and Bakgi. Who is that you have on the b… huh?”

Yeowun then suddenly turned to a direction and frowned. Yang Danwa looked up.


Yeowun looked toward the north, and reached his hand toward his feet and gestured of raising it up. A dead masked man’s sword was then sucked into Yeowun’s hand.

And at about a mile away from the Sword Creek toward north, two men with bloodstained clothes were barely running across the bushes. One man with a white beard was Hing Wunja, and another was a monk from the Mudan clan. Two of them were doing their best to escape from the region.

‘We have to make haste.’

Thanks to Yeowun’s group destroying the entry trap to the hidden mansion, they had to fight enemies that rushed in from outside. They were able to kill all enemies that entered, but the only ones alive in the end were Hing Wunja and another monk. And as they got out of the mansion, Hing Wunja witnessed the impossible. He was terrified by the massacre created by countless air swords.

‘W-we have to get away! We can’t do anything about that monster!’

Even if he was one of the Nine Strong, he was helpless against such a monster. Fortunately, the monster was busy fighting against masked men.

‘I must return to Mudan and bring our full force. Maybe I will need to request help to northern division of the Yulin clan.’

He had to hurry before they took the Godly Doctor away. Luckily, Mudan Mountain was only about two days away from the Sword Creek. And if he moved quickly, then it would not be long until he reached the outposts of the Yulin clan located in the area.

“Ugh… hah..”

But he was also concerned about another monk who was running with him. Hing Wunja was injured, but this monk had serious internal damage that he was getting worse as they ran.

“Hang in there.”

“Hah.. y-yes, Elder.”

It was better they get some distance before taking rest. Hing Wunja figured they would need to be at least 5 miles away.

‘They were fighting that many enemies. That will buy us some time.’

That’s what he thought. Suddenly, Hing Wunja heard something shooting through the air. He barely noticed this when the energy was so close. Hing Wunja quickly got down and shouted.

“Get down!”


But the monk couldn’t get down in time.


A sword penetrated through the monk from the back.


The monk called out to Hing Wunja once and died. Hing Wunja felt chill running through his spines. Were all those masked men killed in that short amount of time?

‘This is impossible. He sensed this distance?’

Hing Wunja was a superior master level warrior, so he could throw a spear or sword about 400 meters, given that there were no obstacles or bushes like this. But this was simply impossible.

‘Are supreme master level warriors really monsters?’

This level of power would surely be called the top leader of either the forces of evil or the cult. He needed to ask help from allies as soon as possible.

‘My brother… I am sorry.’

There was no time to take the body. Hing Wunja took the book that dead monk had in his pocket. It was the book that Gam Rosu had taken out. The book had a hole when the sword penetrated through the chest, but Hing Wunja took the book anyway.

He had been running slow as he had to keep the pace with the monk, but now he was able to run away quickly.

Soon after he left, someone arrived where they were at. It was Second Elder Yin Moha. Yeowun used all of his energy by throwing the sword, so he ordered Yin Moha to chase after the escapee. She checked on the dead body of the monk.


The body had a sword that Yeowun threw. The forest was dense with bushes so she wasn’t sure if Yeowun had gotten the target, but it accurately got the target it was thrown for.

‘Another one escaped. …It’s him.’

There were two men’s footsteps that led her here. Yin Moha decided to follow the footsteps of another man that ran. If the man was who she was thinking of, then it was dangerous if she let him go.


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