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Chapter 289 - You think I could not do it - Part 2

Inside the hidden mansion within Sword Creek. Godly Doctor Gam Rosu was frantically searching through all parts of the building. She didn’t look good as she seemed to have lost something she valued.

“W-where did it go?! Where is it?!”

She remembered last time when she took it into her pocket. But when she was done packing up and escaped, the book disappeared. It was a treasure that was passed down from generations so she had to find it. And while Gam Rosu was busily searching through, Yeowun’s group was busy taking care of dead bodies outside the cliff.

“Ugh. This is heavy.”

“Make sure you erase those trackings on the ground, Hu Bong.”

“Yeah, of course.”

Hu Bong and Bakgi were gathering bodies in one place. They couldn’t burn it all down at once as there were too many bodies, so they gathered 20 at a time to burn them down.

‘Just those outside?’

Yeowun ordered to leave the bodies that were inside the mansion intact. Yang Danwa agreed with Yeowun’s idea. The bodies outside were those who were killed by them, but ones inside were the result of the masked men and the Mudan clan fighting against each other, so it was better to leave them alone.

‘It’s not here.’

Yang Danwa’s face turned grim. The mansion was in ruins from the fight and there were countless bodies. But Yang Danwa couldn’t find the body of Hing Wunja, the Mudan Strong Sword.

‘Was it him that the Lord sensed earlier?’

It was the man they should not have allowed to escape. If that man took even a glimpse of Yeowun’s power, then it was likely that he will bring the entire force of the Mudan clan here.

‘Let’s hope Elder Yin caught up to him.’

Yin Moha was within the top five strongest warriors of the Demonic Cult. Even if Hing Wunja was one of the Strong Nine, it wasn’t likely that Yin Moha would have too much trouble in taking the man back.

“Godly Doctor.”

Someone called out to Gam Rosu who was still searching frantically. It was Chun Yeowun. She stubbornly insisted on being called ‘Granny Gam’ if she was called with such title, but she couldn’t do this to Yeowun.

“Y-yes, what is it? My rescuer.”

It was Yeowun who saved her life, so she called him her rescuer.

“I know you’re busy, but can you get me some medicinal herbs first?”


Gam Rosu became curious. Yeowun took one of the papers on the table and wrote down what he needed. He was asking since they were inside the mansion of the best doctor in the Jianghu. Gam Rosu became surprised when she saw the list of herbs and mumbled.

“Dry opium poppy?”

“Do you have it?”

“Not a lot, but I do have some in stock to use as a pain killer.”

Yeowun turned to a smile at the answer.

And in the mansion, in one of the rooms… Mun Ku and Hou Sangwha left two masked men and the old man in separate rooms, all tied up. The two women were doing something while they were looking at the tied man on the chair.

“Do you see the thin line behind the ear?”

“Oh! This one?”

“Yeah. That’s it.”

Mun Ku explained and Hou Sangwha found the line drawn between the old man’s neck and ear. It was very well hidden that it was hard to recognize. But Mun Ku had lived four years with a mask, so she knew where to look.

With Hou Sangwha pulling on the skin, the old man’s skin stretched as it uncovered the face beneath it.


Two of them became confused. The old man spoke like an old man, so they thought the enemy would be very old, but he wasn’t that old. The superior master level warrior would go through body reconstruction so it was hard to tell the one’s real age, but this man looked like in his late 30s.

“I thought he was older.”

“Yeah… huh?”

That’s when the man flinched. It seemed he was waking up from being passed out. Mun Ku ran out to fetch someone.


The man barely opened his eyes. He then saw ropes tying him down on the chair as he opened his eyes.

‘Have I been captured?’

He thought he was killed when he was struck down. He then looked down at his wound, which was covered with linen wrap.

‘They kept me alive.’

It was easy to see why they kept him alive. It was probably to gather information.

‘Fools. You will not get any information from me.’

Even if he lost, he had no intention of spilling the secrets of the Blade God Six Martial clan. There was no way to run, so it was better if he just killed himself. But as he tried to send internal energy to go berserk and damage himself to die, a strong pain came in to stop him. There was a large needle stuck on each of his blood points so that he couldn’t move any internal energy.

‘Damn. They locked me down.’

Everything was thought through. He also was gagged with rags so that he couldn’t bite on his tongue either. As the man became grim, the door of the room opened. A young man with long hair walked in. It was Chun Yeowun. When the old man saw Yeowun walking in, he remembered what happened before he passed out again. He became curious as to how Yeowun had learned that martial art.


But he couldn’t speak.

“You can stay outside, Sanghwa.”


“It’s okay.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Hou Sangwha walked out and Yeowun walked up to the man and placed a chair to sit down. He then pulled out the rag from the man’s mouth.

“Hah… Hah…”

The man let out a long sigh. He then looked up and glared.

“…You. How can a mere warrior of the Cult know ‘his’ blade skill?”

There was no need for anything else. He was only curious as to how Yeowun had learned the martial art. Yeowun then scoffed as he opened his mouth to speak.

“Let me correct you on two things first.”


“I am not just a mere warrior of the cult.”

The man then spoke with a smirk.

“Fool. You think I did not recognize you? You are from the Jurkang…. NNGH!”

Yeowun suddenly grabbed on the man’s mouth. He then shook his head and continued.

“Let me tell you this. I am not a mere warrior, but the Sky and the Master of the Demonic Cult.”

‘Sky? Master? …W-wait.’

The man became curious at first, but frowned as he realized what Yeowun had said. It meant Yeowun was saying he was the Lord of the Cult.

“Y…You are the Lord of the Demonic Cult?”

It was unbelievable. Why would the Lord come down to the remote region of the forces of Justice by himself?


Yeowun then placed his hand below the man’s stomach. The man looked back at Yeowun and Yeowun spoke coldly.

“Second, you have no right to question me.”


But before he could finish, Yeowun’s powerful energy penetrated the man’s internal energy.



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