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Chapter 290 - You think I could not do it - Part 3

Strong energy penetrated the man’s stomach and brought heavy pain to the man. The internal energy within him was being cracked down. The most painful experience for the warriors of Yulin would be when their internal damage was destroyed. The physical pain was beyond imaginable, but the pain of losing something that the warrior had built in his entire life brought loss that was more than what one could bear.

“Aaaaaaargh! Y-YOU!!!! Just kill me!!!!”

The man screamed and insisted on killing him. But Yeowun ignored his screaming and finished destroying the internal energy.


The man screamed from extreme pain and soon passed out. But he was woken up immediately. Searing pain on his cheek woke him up. His face was drenched in sweat and pale from the pain. He still felt extreme pain beneath his stomach.


‘M-my internal energy… it’s gone…’

He already prepared to be killed, but the feeling of losing internal energy wasn’t something he could bear. Yeowun then suddenly clapped his hands in front of the man’s eyes. The man became dumbfounded by such action and looked up.

‘Is he trying to…?’

He had lost his internal energy, but he didn’t miss the strange sound when Yeowun clapped. It was likely that the clap contained energy within it.

“Hah. Are you trying to put me under hypnosis?”

Hypnosis. The man was one of the leaders within the Blade God Six Martial clan and there was one leader in particular who specialized in such hypnosis. But he went missing after he entered the cult, so the clan thought the man was dead already.

‘Did you spill your secret to the cult?’

The result was disappointing. Whatever the case, there was no way the hypnosis will work on him.

“You know.”

Yeowun looked surprised. He just clapped once, so he didn’t think the man would recognize what he was trying to do right away. The man scoffed.

“Hah… you are a fool. You think copying our clan’s magic will work?”

He had lost internal energy but he and the other leaders were trained to build immunity against poppies. There was no way that they would be put under the same magic that they created.

“Haha… hah… HAHAHAHA!”


“I was worried because of your monstrous power… but you are not as smart. You said you are the Lord of the Cult? Don’t… NNGH!”

“Shut up.”

Yeowun grabbed his mouth again. The man couldn’t speak and the man then forced open the man’s mouth and picked something up from the ground. It was a medicine pot.

“Nnnngh! W-wha rar you… doin…!!!!”

Yeowun ignored him and put the pot’s opening into the man’s mouth and began pouring in the medicine soup into the man’s mouth. The man tried to spit it out but Yeowun clogged his nose, so the man couldn’t fight back on swallowing it. The soup was boiling hot.

After making him swallow a good amount, Yeowun took off the pot from the man’s mouth.

“Ugh… argh…”

The man coughed for a long time, but soon forgot the pain of being burned and smirked at Yeowun.

“I… I told you it’s no use… you are a fool.”

Even if the recipe was revealed, he had built-in immunity against its substance. There was no use of doing this to other masked men who were kept in other rooms.

“Do you… think we are not… prepared for this… ah… huh? W-what is… what am I…”

But he felt his body become relaxed and began to feel good. It was changing so fast that the world seemed to be turning around and melted away. The man barely got his thoughts together and asked, “W…what did you do… to me?”

“Do you honestly think I would use the same recipe that you people use?”


The substance that Yeowun made the man swallow had knowledge of future medicine mixed into it. Nano called this a ‘Truth Serum.’

[Out of 35 Truth Serums, 30 of them are outlawed by international law. There is one that uses a substance called Ritalin among those that are not illegal.]

Ritalin was a substance used under medical circumstances, but was also used as a truth serum in certain militaries. Nano mixed this with the original mixture to make it work better. Yeowun was able to create this as the Godly Doctor had most of the herbs required in her storage.

“I made it more powerful than the one you people use.”

“T…that is impossible! How did you… how…?”

He was certain that there was no way that the medicine will work on him, but it worked really well. He felt his body becoming relaxed, and he felt the urge to start speaking. He bit his lips to endure and shook his head. Yeowun smiled.

“You think I could not do something you guys did?”

“D-dammit! N…NO!!!!”

And Yeowun began to clap, with his energy focused on his hand. After a few claps, the man’s eyes became numb. He was now under full hypnosis. Yeowun was actually very fascinated as this really worked. It also helped that the man had lost his internal energy to fight back.

‘Let me start one by one.’

Yeowun thought he should follow what Nano told him to do: hypnotizing people. Yeowun clapped his hand in front of the man and spoke.

“You will answer my question each time I snap my finger.”


And now, he was free to ask questions. Yeowun asked who the man was.

“What is your name?”

“I am Lee Baek, the Sword Master of the Blade God Six Martial clan, one of six martial Masters of the clan.”


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