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Chapter 291 - You think I could not do it - Part 4

Yeowun became astounded. It really worked, as the man clearly explained who he was. Yeowun thought for a second on what to ask next, and asked what he wanted to know the most.

“Why did you want to take the doctor with you?”

“She has the relic left by our founder.”

Yeowun frowned. It seemed that this ‘founder’ was what the man referred to as ‘him’ until now.

“And what is that relic?”

“It is a schematic to create the Extreme Martial Body.”

“Extreme Martial… what? What is that?”

“It is a body that can learn the best martial arts of our clan, the Extreme Art of the Blade God.”

‘Extreme Art of the Blade God?’

Yeowun then thought that maybe the name was the name of the blade skill of the Blade God that he had learned. Yeowun asked just in case.

“Was the blade skill I used against you the Extreme Art of the Blade God?”

“That is correct.”

He had learned this blade skill for months, and finally learned its name. But why did these people need a schematic to make such a body?

“Why do you need that schematic?”

“Extreme Art of the Blade God requires a special way. We need it to bring our physical parts beyond their limits so we can learn the Extreme Art.”


Yeowun nodded. The Extreme Art of Blade God was a martial art that was not possible to learn for ordinary people. Yeowun was able to use it by strengthening his physical traits and muscles beyond the limit of humans with Nano’s help, but that method wasn’t possible for anyone else.

‘Wait… but why do they need this?’

These were people who said that the Blade God was their ancestor. How could they not know how to learn their ancestor’s martial art completely? It was curious as to why they would need the schematic. And above all…

‘How did the Godly Doctor put her hands on such a schematic in the first place?’

He was curious and asked.

“We do not know.”


Lee Baek seemed he did not know how Gam Rosu had acquired the book. Of course, they would have already have taken it for themselves if they knew how Gam Rosu got her hands on it. Yeowun changed the question.

“How did you know that Gam Rosu had it?”

“We learned through our spies at the Yulin’s clan’s secret organization, Blue Sky Brotherhood.”

“Blue Sky Brotherhood?”

Yeowun had learned about every organization within the Yulin clan before he left the castle, but he had never heard of such a name. As Yeowun became curious about what the organization was, Lee Baek continued.

“We learned that one of Blue Sky Brotherhood’s plans was to use Godly Doctor’s project to create warriors with superhuman strengths. We were able to confirm that they were talking about the Extreme Martial Body.”

After acquiring this piece of information, the clan sent out Lee Baek to retrieve the book. After getting the information that the Mudan clan was protecting and watching the Godly Doctor, it took them a month to find the Godly Doctor’s hideout. Sword Creek was located in the middle of the territory of the Yulin clan, so it required them to move very carefully.

‘I have the answer to my question at least.’

Yeowun now learned why the Blade God Six Martial clan wanted to get the doctor. And it was now time to unravel their important secret. The hidden power of the Blade God Six Martial clan, along with their secrets and motives. With these known, it was going to allow Yeowun to strike back.

With Hu Bong and Bakgi returning to the mansion after taking care of bodies outside, only one remained that didn’t return yet. It was Yin Moha, tracking down Hing Wunja. Hu Bong and Bakgi were dirty with ashes from burning all the bodies.

“This is tiring.”

Hu Bong was exhausted. Bakgi nodded as he too was exhausted from long work. Yang Danwa spoke to them.

“Good work. We are not sure when we will leave, so you two can get some rest while you can.”

They were in the middle of enemy territory, so even if it wasn’t for the escaped Hing Wunja, warriors of the Yulin clan could appear at any moment. Yang Danwa suggested for Hu Bong and Bakgi to rest. That’s when Gam Rosu appeared.

“Granny Gam?”

“I…it’s not there…”

“What’s going on? Did you not find the one you were looking for?”

They heard that Gam Rosu had to search for an important book that she lost already.

“There’s nothing in the storage. You two, did you see any weird book made with special paper outside?”

All of them shook their heads at the question. It was obvious that the book was taken by Hing Wunja.

“Ah… what should I do!”

She felt bad for losing a important family relic that was handed down from her ancestors. That’s when they heard some noise toward the entrance.


Yang Danwa, Bakgi, and Hu Bong all took their stances to be ready to fight at any moment. They sent a telepathic message to Gam Rosu to stay still. And as they waited nervously, someone appeared through the cave entrance. It was Yin Moha.

“Elder Yin!”

Yin Moha finally returned from her chase. On her back, there was something that was tied around with ripped clothing. It was a body with no limbs.


It was Hing Wunja. Yin Moha was successful in bringing the man back. But as she had to fight a warrior of equal strength, she too had small injuries and was also pale from exhaustion, proving the hard battle she fought.

‘T-these people are so cruel…!’

Hing Wunja had been threatening and pressuring her, but Gam Rosu felt sorry to find Hing Wunja in such a state. She was a doctor so she had seen many horrible sights that abled her to see this without much shock, but it wasn’t a sight for normal people to see. Gam Rosu became certain that these people were not from the forces of Justice.

‘It’s amazing!’

Yang Danwa, however, was glad that they were able to put down one of the Strong Nine, a powerful foe within the forces of justice, and tried to congratulate her.

“Elder Yin! You have…”

But an explosion came somewhere within the mansion.


That was the place where Yeowun was questioning the old man that they captured.


They all ran toward the explosion at once.


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