Nano Machine | Chapter 292 | You think I could not do it | Part 5

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Chapter 292 - You think I could not do it - Part 5

Noisy screaming sound filled the dark stone room. It was much noisier and annoying than the sound of a cricket. Someone entered the stone room with a candlelight. The light was so dim that it didn’t reveal the man’s face. He then walked slowly in and searched for the one that was screaming loudly. On the stone wall, there were shelves with many wooden boxes. Among them, there was a red wooden box that had the word ‘Sword’ written over it. The man took the box, which the sound was coming from within.

When he opened it, there was a fist-long centipede. It only had its antennae and a mouth, that was screaming with a weird sound as it shook. The man picked it up.

“I sent you to pick up the object, not spill our information. Hmph.”

The man spat and clenched his fist. The centipede screamed within the fist and soon exploded from the pressure. And the man watched white liquid dripping within his hand and smiled.

“Whoever you are… you are a fool if you think you can find something out from him.”

At the same time within the hidden mansion of Sword Creek… Yeowun was asking questions through hypnosis. Lee Baek had been telling all answers to every question Yeowun had until now. Now, they were moving onto the important question. Yeowun had to find out where the Blade God Six Martial clan was hiding, how strong they were, and their purpose. The Blade God had disappeared from the Yulin for 500 years and the Blade God Six Martial clan never revealed themselves within that time. If they appeared now, it was certain that they were ready for whatever purpose they set out to do. Yeowun wanted to know what that purpose was, so he could be prepared.

“The founder you said… is that the ‘Blade God’?”


Lee Baek shook his body for the first time during the questioning. His eyes were shaking and showing resistance in answering that question.

‘He’s fighting back.’

Yeowun snapped his finger again.


Lee Baek then barely answered the question. As expected, the Blade God Six Martial clan had descendants of the Blade God himself.

“Then are you people divided up into six groups, just like how your name describes it?”

And with questions going into details, the resistance only grew. Lee Baek was now being drenched in sweat and also his face turned red.

‘It’s getting bad.’

He had no internal energy to fight back, but still resisted against the truth serum and the hypnosis. Yeowun then realized this was strange to think it was coming from strong will.


That’s when Lee Baek’s numb eyes turned clear. Veins popped up from his forehead and his head began to expand in size. Lee Baek seemed to be in pain, but he smirked at Yeowun.

“…I told you you will not find anything from me.”

He knew this would happen if things went south. All leaders were put on restrictions just in case something happened to them. As soon as they try to speak the information that they were not supposed to spill, a male centipede within their head would send a signal to the female. This centipede was to die by an explosion if one of the pair died.


Lee Baek felt a strange thing in his head and felt something expanding within. Yeowun then placed his hand over his head.

“Nnngh… W-what?!’

Light shined from Yeowun’s palm and when it was done, augmented reality activated over Yeowun’s eyes. Yeowun was shown with information followed by a white square on a head.

[After MRI scanning of the target, a insect within the brain is found to be expanding.]

Yeowun saw the image of something small and red becoming large.


Yeowun frowned. He didn’t quite get all the information yet, but it seemed there had been protection over it. Lee Baek saw Yeowun’s frown and smiled.

“Ha… Haha…. You won’t get anything!”

“I see.”

“Even if you are supreme master level…”

That’s when Yeowun’s hand unleashed a powerful electric shock into Lee Baek’s head.


Lee Baek’s entire body trembled through electricity running through. His eyes, ears, nose and mouth all spilled blood from within. Yeowun then placed his hand over his right eye.

‘Nano, help me so I don’t damage his brain.’

[Yes, Master.]

With Yeowun’s energy penetrating into the man’s head, it started pulling something out. It was the insect that put to a stop from exploding itself through Nano’s electric shock.

[Located the insect.]

‘Let’s pull it out.’

[Acquiring control over the energy from the user.]

The electricity circled around the insect and Nano used its energy to bring out the insect slowly so that the brain would not take any damage.


Lee Baek’s right eye began to move. And when Yeowun gestured pulling it out, Lee Baek’s right eye was pulled out, followed by the centipede about two fingers long behind it.



Yeowun then controlled his energy to bring the centipede up through the ceiling. The insect then shot through the ceiling to be thrown out of the building, and when the electricity was taken out, it instantly expanded and exploded above. White ooze dropped on the roof of the building.


Lee Baek was under huge pain from both the electric shock and the pain of having his eyeball pulled out, but he couldn’t close his eye. He was looking up with fear to Chun Yeowun.

‘H…how can this happen? Is this man really a monster?’

He had not even dreamt that such thing would be possible. It was impossible to even think to pull out such an insect from within the body.

[Brain damage at minimum, but the target is in serious condition.]

Yeowun then realized he had to make it quick. A low electricity volt energized Lee Baek’s brain to think clearly, but it seemed Lee Baek didn’t have much time left.

“This will hurt, but I will have to make this quick.”

“Nnngh… what?!”

Yeowun then snapped his finger by Lee Baek’s ear. Lee Baek then became numb again.


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