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Chapter 293 - You think I could not do it - Part 6


Hou Sangwha and Mun Ku became surprised when they found something being thrown up over the ceiling and exploding. They climbed up and saw white ooze all over the roof.

“W-what is this?”

“M-my Lord!”

Mun Ku thought something must have happened within the room, so she quickly ran down and burst into the room.


She screamed as soon as she walked in. Yeowun was listening to something that Lee Baek was saying as he held on Lee Baek’s head. It was a horrible sight as Lee Baek’s right eye was dangling out of his eye socket.

“N…ngh… Jurkang… H.. Hangju… at Hangsan Castle… our base…”

Lee Baek who was barely speaking then dropped his head down. He finally died.


Yeowun let go of his hand. He wanted to get as much information as possible, but he was only able to find a few. But that was good enough.

“My Lord!”

That’s when other members also ran into the room. It seemed they were all shocked by the sound of the explosion. Yang Danwa walked up to Yeowun and asked, “A-are you okay, my lord?”

They were concerned if something serious had happened, but Yeowun seemed safe. Yeowun then spoke to his members.

“I have found their location.”


It was in Hangsan near the Jurkang castle. Lee Baek revealed the location of Blade God Six Martial clan’s home before he died. Yeowun’s group all became surprised.

And in another room, Hing Wunja was tied to a chair without his arms or legs. His face was pale and he didn’t seem to be in good shape. Yin Moha stopped him from bleeding after she overpowered him, but there was too blood that was lost.

“Hah… you cut off his arms and legs. This is natural.”

Gam Rosu shook her head. She treated Hing Wunja, but Hing Wunja lost so much blood that Gam Rosu said he would only last about an hour. She suggested supplying Hing Wunja with blood, but they had to leave soon so they didn’t intend on making Hing Wunja live a bit longer.

“I have something to ask you, my rescuer.”

Gam Rosu begged Yeowun. She was the best doctor there was in entire land of Jianghu, so she already knew what Yeowun created from the list of herbs that he got from her.

“If you are using that medicine to Monk Hing, give me a chance to question him.”

Gam Rosu said that she was asked by an organization called the Blue Sky Brotherhood to work on a project on finding a way to bring one’s body beyond its physical limit. The reason behind this project was…

“Blue Sky Brotherhood said they are creating powerful warriors to make the world a better place. I didn’t want to get involved in any of things happening in Yulin but…”

She had to change her mind when her only granddaughter was kidnapped year ago by a warrior from the forces of evil. With her only family and successor being kidnapped, she became vengeful and accepted the Blue Sky Brotherhood’s request.

“They said they have to win war against the forces of evil to get my granddaughter back. But they couldn’t do that with their current power.”

She was too busy thinking about revenge to realize at first, but as time passed, she began to grow suspicious. The Blue Sky Brotherhood was created by powerful warriors from many powerful clans and families from the forces of justice, but they kept saying they weren’t even sure if Gam Rosu’s kidnapped granddaughter was even alive.

“Monk Hing… I’m certain he knows something.”

Gam Rosu was certain that he was hiding some truth. But she was only a doctor so there was no way for her to find out. She only figured she had to fulfill her part of the request to be the only way of saving her granddaughter.

“If you help me, I don’t care where you are from. I will help you with all I can.”

There was no reason Yeowun would reject her request. The Godly Doctor was a doctor with noble heart so he was concerned on how to persuade her to come see Lord Chun Yujong, so this was better for Yeowun.

“I will let you ask him first then.”

Yeowun offered her to ask first. After destroying the internal energy and making him consume medicine, Yeowun hypnotized Hing Wunja. Hing Wunja became numb just like how Lee Baek had become.

“My granddaughter… Don’t you really know where Gam Miyan is being held?”

Yeowun snapped his finger and Hing Wunja opened his mouth.

“…Granny Gam’s granddaughter… is being held at Yongho House, one of the 18 Houses.”


Gam Rosu became furious at the immediate response of her granddaughter’s location. She had asked countless times if her granddaughter was found, but Hing Wunja always said they were looking for her. She bit on her lips to endure her fury and asked.

“Why… why did you not tell me until now?”

“…Granny Gam. We were told by our master of brotherhood to refrain from telling you before you finish the project. We were in touch with the Yongho Family of the 18 River Families, so we can always bring back your granddaughter as soon as you are finished with the project.”

“Y…you are in contact with the Yongho Family?”

Gam Rosu’s face turned red from fury. Every member of Yeowun’s group was within the room with them, and all of them became dumbfounded from what they heard. Hu Bong shook his head.

“Hah. They are worse then forces of evil! What a evil monk!”

“Shut up.”

Hou Sangwha poked his stomach to make him fall silent. Gam Rosu was already so shocked, so there was no need to make her become more furious. But even if Hu Bong didn’t say anything, Gam Rosu had already lost her temper.


She furiously charged and began to choke Hing Wunja’s neck.


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