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Chapter 294 - Yongho Family - Part 1

Gam Rosu screamed furiously as she choked Hing Wunja’s neck but no one stopped her. They all understood her fury as they all heard the truth. But soon, the act began to go out of control. Gam Rosu was pressing on the weak point of the neck.

“You call yourself a monk?! DIE! DIE!!!!”


‘No… he’ll die.’

Hing Wunja’s face was turning purple, so Yeowun walked forward to stop her. He didn’t even ask any questions to Hing Wunja yet.

“Godly Doctor! Stop!”


But Gam Rosu couldn’t hear anything and kept on choking Hing Wunja. She was well built with large muscles, so her choke wasn’t something that Hing Wunja, who had lost internal energy and was in a serious state could withstand. His eyes were now rolling backward.

‘She won’t stop.’

Yeowun reached out, and Gam Rosu’s body was thrown to the back by powerful energy force pulling him away.


Fourth Elder Yang Danwa quickly ran behind to catch her in the air. But Gam Rosu did not stop from frantically trying to fight back.

“Let me go! That bastard… my granddaughter!!”

“Relax! Calm down, Granny Gam!”

It was obvious that she couldn’t forgive the man who lied to her over a year, when her granddaughter was left with the infamous pirates, the 18 River Families of the Yellow River.

“Hou Sangwha. Take the Godly Doctor out of the room.”

“Yes, sir.”

Hou Sangwha took Gam Rosu out of the room. Yeowun then asked dying Hing Wunja to get some answers while he could.

“Hah… hah…ngh….”

“What is the purpose of the Blue Sky Brotherhood?”

Hing Wunja let out a heavy breath as he spoke.

“B…blue Sky… Brotherhood… only wants… the world to walk the path of… justice…. ..ngr….”

And with the lack of oxygen and heavy blood loss, Hing Wunja died before he could even finish answering the question.


Yeowun placed his hands over Hing Wunja’s head and chest. A low volt of electricity came out of his hand. Hing Wunja’s heart stopped, but Yeowun was trying to see if he could bring him back to ask at least a few more questions. But there was no use. Hing Wunja already died and his body was now becoming rigid.


Yeowun regretted allowing Gam Rosu to ask first. He wanted to find out what this secret brotherhood was all about, but it was too late.

‘Whew… I hope the Godly Doctor knows something about them at least.’

It was no use if he regretted it. He now just hoped that the Godly Doctor, who once worked with the brotherhood, knew something about them.

‘But a doctor choking a monk with fury…’

Yeowun felt weird when he thought about what he had just seen. This was the first time he came out of the cult. After seeing all that happened here, he came to a thought that all people, whether they were cultists or from the forces of justice, or killers or doctors, there wasn’t much difference between them after all.

‘Are we all just the same humans after all?’

Maybe the only difference was between ideals and goals. Yeowun thought there was something more significantly different between people from each group, but it was now going away.

“My Lord.”

That’s when Yin Moha walked up to Yeowun. She brought out some pieces of paper that was burned in most places. Some were burned too severely that it was not even recognizable.

“What is this?”

“I found Hing Wunja burning this when I got to him.”

When Yin Moha took out these pieces of paper, Yang Danwa walked up to them and spoke.

“Isn’t that the book that the Godly Doctor had been searching for?”

They knew that Gam Rosu was frantically searching for a certain book. All they heard was that it was created with some unique paper.

“This… sure is unique.”

It was a piece of burnt paper, but it was much thicker and slicker than regular paper.

‘It’s so smooth. What is this?’

Yeowun took it into his hand and Nano’s voice answered.

[Program is locked. Cannot analyze the material or year of creation.]

This was similar to when Yeowun asked if Nano could be transferred over to another body to heal. It had been a long time since Nano mentioned locks on certain information.

‘It’s strange… hmm?’

On the back, there was a piece of paper with some writing on it. The area around it was burned, but about three lines were legible. The problem was that it wasn’t the usual characters that Yeowun could read. It looked a bit more simplified.

‘Nano… is this also locked?’

[This is a ‘simplified Chinese character.’]


[It is created to easily write the traditional characters.]

‘How is it created?’

[There is a lock on the program for that specific information.]

‘…Can you tell me what it says then?’

[Yes, Master. Translating… ‘It is mistake that I went after him. He was surely an Origin of the Demonic Cult. My greed had failed me. I should have stuck to my original plan to go to the Demonic…’ End of translation.]

The latter part was burnt.


Yeowun became surprised when he heard it. What did it mean? He heard that the treasure Godly Doctor held was the schematic in creating the Extreme Martial Art. But the writing he just read was more like a journal.

‘Origin of the Demonic Cult…? Is this talking about Father Chun Ma?’

That was the logical explanation for such a title. It seemed that the man who wrote this tried to attack Father Chun Ma but failed. After a long thought, Yeowun remembered the trace of the Extreme Art of the Blade God under the cliff.

‘Oh! Maybe the one who wrote this is the founder of the Blade God Six Martial clan!’

Now, every finding began to fit with each other like a puzzle. The founder of the Blade God Six Martial clan also created the schematic of the Extreme Martial Body, and in a mysterious way, Gam Rosu’s ancestor had taken it. But Yeowun couldn’t figure out what the script was trying to say.

‘…Maybe his original plan was to attack the cult itself instead…’

It was a shame that the latter part was all burned down. This wasn’t much help as the remaining pieces were burned severely so nothing was recognizable.

‘This is no use. He tried to destroy it rather than having it fall to others.’

Hing Wunja’s decision was a logical decision for the Blue Sky Brotherhood, as if he had not done that, the book would have been in the hands of the Demonic Cult.


Yeowun then gave the pieces of paper pack to Yin Moha.

“There’s no use. Return this back to the Godly Doctor. I will question remaining two and we will leave. Get ready.”

“Yes, my lord.”


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