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Chapter 295 - Yongho Family - Part 2

Everyone shouted at Yeowun’s order. After an hour, Yeowun questioned both masked men in two rooms. Unlike Lee Baek, these warriors did not know any vital information. All they knew was who their leader was, and they were trained outside the home of the Blade God Six Martial clan, so they did not know anything about them.

‘…That’s why they don’t have any protection on them.’

These people didn’t have weird centipedes or anything like that either. It was likely as they did not know anything anyway. It was a shame, but Yeowun had to satisfy what he found out.

After the questioning was done, Yeowun and his members finished returning. Their original purpose was to find the Godly Doctor and the missing special expedition team, and so all they had to do was return to the Demonic Cult. And when they were about to leave the mansion, the Godly Doctor called out to Yeowun.

“My Rescuer!”

She bowed down with a grim look to apologize.

“Please forgive me for my foolish action.”

She was talking about bringing Hing Wunja to his early death. If she kept her anger in control, Yeowun would have been able to gather more information from him. But what’s done was done.

“Don’t mind it.”

Yeowun then turned cold, and Gam Rosu immediately knelt with her both knees. Yeowun raised his eyebrows. From what he knew about this old woman, it was likely that she would ask for a serious request.


Of course, he had a guess as to what the doctor was trying to ask him to do. Her granddaughter was a captive at the 18 River Families for over a year. It was certain that she would be concerned.

“I know I am not in a position to ask, but I have to ask you to help me.”

Tears ran down her wrinkly face. He felt sympathetic to see such an old woman crying like this.

“My granddaughter is being held by the pirates of the Yellow River. It’s been already a year… I can’t let that go on.”

‘I knew it.’

As Gam Rosu continued, everyone frowned. They already used too much time at the lands of the forces of justice. But if they were to now move onto the lands of the forces of evil, it was likely that they would be spotted.

“Please help this helpless grandmother find her granddaughter.”

Gam Rosu asked for sympathy to try to get help. She thought if Yeowun and others had at least a little bit of sympathy, he would help. But that was the wrong move.

“I’m sorry but I can’t help you.”


Gam Rosu became grim from the unexpected refusal. She did not expect that Yeowun would refuse right away.

‘That’s not something we should deal with.’

All of Yeowun’s members shared the same idea. They were sympathetic of what Gam Rosu was going through, but it didn’t mean they had to risk their lives in order to help. Besides, she already promised that she would go treat Chun Yujong when she was allowed to ask the question to Hing Wunja.

‘No…! T-they are too cold!’

Gam Rosu frowned at Yeowun and the group’s solemn answer. It looked like she wouldn’t get any help at this rate.

“Let’s go now.”

“Yes, master!”


Gam Rosu then bang her head on the ground and quickly shouted.

“I-if you rescue my granddaughter, I will serve you as my master forever!!”


Everyone became shocked. What Gam Rosu just said wasn’t a simple matter. It was the Godly Doctor herself, claiming that she would serve them in exchange. The value of the Godly Doctor, known to heal every injury and disease, was huge. If she was putting herself as a bargaining chip, then it was well worth it.


Her back shook from the hope of being helped. If Yeowun was to refuse even then, then there was no way for her to get her granddaughter back.

[My Lord! This is a great opportunity!]

Yang Danwa sent a telepathic message with an excited look. It had a risk, but it was a risk worth taking if this was the case. Yeowun raised his hand to signal him to remain calm.

‘Godly Doctor pledging allegiance…’

Yeowun thought for a moment. His cold heart didn’t move at the sympathetic approach, but this bargain was something worth considering. It seemed it was good for either Yeowun or the Demonic Cult. His thoughts didn’t last long.


Gam Rosu’s body was immediately brought up by strong energy force. She looked up and Yeowun warned her with low voice.

“I hope you don’t forget what you just promised.”

“Ah…!! My rescuer!”

She began to weep with joy. She was concerned that her last resort would fail, but it had been accepted.

“It is as you said, Lieutenant Hu.”

“What?” Hu Bong asked back curiously at Yang Danwa’s sudden words. Yang Danwa laughed.

“We will get to see the pirates after all.”

“O-oh! You’re right!”

They were now bound to fight against pirates of the Yellow River. Gam Rosu wept for a while and later asked carefully.

“I am sorry, but I have not learned the name of my rescuer yet. Please, tell me your name.”

She did not know anything about the man other than that he was the master of all others. Yeowun then spoke to Gam Rosu.

“I am Chun Yeowun.”

“Chun Yeowun?”

It was familiar. The name of ‘Chun’ was very rare within the Jianghu anyway.

‘That’s interesting… but the name sounds… Chun Yeowun… wait. WAIT!’

Gam Rosu’s eyes grew large as she remembered what she overheard when warriors from the forces of justice a while ago.

‘N-new lord of the Demonic Cult?’

Everyone knew that the Lord of Demonic Cult recently changed, and the forces of justice also knew this very well.

‘S… so I just promised that I will serve the Lord of the Demonic Cult??’

Chun Yeowun’s group was now going south horseback. As they rode down to the south, Yeowun asked Yang Danwa, “Do you know where this Yongho Family is at?”

Yeowun had learned many information about important organizations and groups of the Jianghu when he left, but the 18 River Families were among those who didn’t have a definite location.

“I do not know, sir.”


The couldn’t search through every pirate base. Yeowun seemed to be concerned and Yang Danwa laughed.

“Don’t worry, master. I do not know, but I know someone who does.”


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