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Chapter 297 - Yongho Family - Part 4


All of the women became disappointed as they listened, and guided the group inside. It seemed like they didn’t want to try to lure them anymore. The group was then guided to the third floor. Unlike the first and second floor where there were guests who drank liquor and wanted prostitutes, this floor had a heavier atmosphere. When they walked over, guests who were sitting down glanced over at them.

‘They are all martial artists.’

All of them had weapons, but ranged from swords and blades to flails and other unique weapons.

“Sit here please.”

A server on the third floor got to them and guided them into an empty spot. On the table, there was a pot and three teacups with three different colors.

“Please order and call again.”

When the server returned, Yang Danwa sent a telepathic message.

[My lord. This is the secret information selling place within Mekin city. You can consider it similar to the Hao family.]


There were many clans and families in Yulin, and some of them specialized in selling information. The forces of justice had the Gae Merchant Group while the forces of evil had the Hao family. But this place seemed like they only worked at Meking City.

[This region is neutral, so they are selling information to all three factions.]

Either the Hao Family or the Gae Merchant Group did not sell their information outside their factions, yet this place was located in a neutral city, so they worked for everyone. Yang Danwa pointed at the three cups.

[These three cups showed the rank of information being asked for. Red was low, blue was middle and white was high rank.]

[…And what rank will our request fall under?]

[My guess is in the middle.]

They were asking the location of one of the 18 River Family, so it was not low-ranking information. The rank would increase if they were to ask the exact location of a certain person or object.

[What do we pay with?]

[I usually pay them with money. But there are times when they require information in return.]

Yang Danwa never experienced being asked information, but he heard that it was the case. Yang Danwa then poured the tea into the blue cup. The server returned to check and exchanged telepathic messages with Yang Danwa, to listen to what kind of information that was being asked.

“Please wait here.”

The server then walked up back to the upper floor. Soon, he returned and spoke to them.

“I apologize, but I need to change your seating to the upper level.”

“Upper level?”

Yang Danwa frowned. This was not the same reaction he experienced when he came last time. Normally, when the rank of the request was confirmed, it was a requirement to pay and the information was served along with food.

“Our owner wants to serve you himself.”


Something seemed a bit off, but Yeowun nodded to signal agreeance and Yang Danwa nodded. The server then guided the party up. Yang Danwa had never gone to the fourth floor yet.

[I am sure that the fourth floor is only open to those who request high-ranking information. This is strange.]

[Well, we have no other place to ask, so we’ll see how it goes.]

Yeowun responded as he didn’t sense any potential threats nearby. All of the people inside were weaker than them so there was no need to be afraid. As they walked up, there were many rooms and the server guided them into one. As they walked in, they were greeted into a lavishly-decorated room with a middle-aged man with an eyepatch on his right eye waiting for them. To his back, two burly guards were standing. The man got up and greeted them.

“Welcome. I am Man Ou, the owner of the Osang Family House. I figured I would have to serve valuable customers myself.”

“I didn’t think I would meet the house owner. Thank you.”

Yang Danwa bowed to Man Ou who offered them a seat and they sat down. Yang Danwa then asked, “Why did you call us up here? I’m sure I only asked middle-ranking information.”

Man Ou then narrowed his eyes and spoke.

“I’m sorry, but that information is ranked at top rank. Or… shall I say, it’s a bit complicated?”

“…What do you mean?”

Yang Danwa became confused and Man Ou laughed and took something out of his pocket. It had a certain seal that read 18.

“There are a lot who support us. This was given by one of our supporter. Do you recognize this supporter is?”

After looking at the word that read 18, Hu Bong mumbled.

“18… wait. 18 River Famlies?”

“Haha. Yes, you are quick to notice, young man.”

Yang Danwa frowned. He didn’t imagine the 18 River Family to be one of the organizations that would support them. Man Ou continued, “But we are open to selling the information we have. So, don’t be disappointed.”


“If you promise that the reason you are searching their location is not to harm them, and also pay my price, I will tell you where.”

This meant that if Yeowun’s group wasn’t trying to fight with the Yongho Family, the information was open.

Around the room, there were many signs of people gathering outside. There were more than 30 of them now. With enough people gathered, Man Ou got up and spoke.

“Yang Danwa, Officer of the Northern Outpost of Demonic Cult. I heard you returned to the Mountain of Ten Thousand recently.”


It seemed Man Ou knew who Yang Danwa was. He then pointed at Chun Yeowun and spoke.

“Well, you must be a high-ranking individual in the cult… yet you escort that man with respect. I am very curious who that young man is.”

“What did you say?”

It was Hu Bong and Bakgi who responded furiously. Man Ou laughed.

“Oh? I thought you needed my information? I am just telling you my price.”

Yang Danwa frowned. What he was asking wasn’t to get the information about Yeowun. Instead, it was an act of refusal to the request.

‘You have no choice but to give up on the information.’

Yeowun who were looking at Man Ou who were looking at them triumphantly, spoke.

“Well, you must know where they are for sure then.”



At that moment, Yeowun reached out and gestured pulling something, and the powerful force brought one of the guards from behind Man Ou into the air.

“Force energy!”

Yeowun then grabbed the guard’s neck when it was thrown toward him. Man Ou became shocked and shouted.

“W-what are you doing!”

“I will talk with the owner.”


Yeowun then clenched his hand and spoke.


“Don’t pretend you’re just a guard, Mr. Owner.”


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