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Chapter 298 - Yongho Family - Part 5

Man Ou, the manager of the Osang Family House became shocked. He was under orders from the owner to make up a reason for requesters to leave. They figured that if Yang Danwa, a high-ranking official of the cult, serving a man, then that person would be a really important figure of the cult. Then they were certain that asking the identity of such a man would make them leave.


They just thought Chun Yeowun to be a mere young man, but it was wrong. If a warrior could use force energy, it proved that the warrior was really powerful.

‘W…what. T-this man must be one of the leaders of the cult!’

If the opponent was a superior master level warrior, there was no way they would be a match. They were trying to work things out for other important guests, but it didn’t go as they planned.

“Don’t pretend you’re just a guard, Mr. Owner.”

‘W-what?! How did he find out?’

Yeowun’s word was enough to shock the true owner of the Osang family, who was being held by Yeowun on the neck. He had never revealed his true identity outside the house. But Yeowun found out his hidden identity right away.

‘He’s the owner?’

Yeowun’s members also became shocked as they hadn’t imagined it. But to them, they didn’t see much difference in power between Man Ou, or the real owner. They were both weaklings.

‘No way.’

Man Ou thought he should try to weasel out, so shouted.

“W-what are you talking about! He’s my guard warrior!”

“Guard warrior? Don’t’ lie.”

There were hostile energies coming from outside, and the warriors who were on standby ready to charge in at any moment. This wasn’t a reaction if a mere guard warrior was being threatened.


Man Ou sent a telepathic message to the owner, but there was no way for him to respond back as he was held by the neck.

‘H-he’s a monster!’

The owner was a master level warrior, but he was like an insect compared to Yeowun. If Yeowun put in a bit of power into his grip, the man would die in seconds.

‘This is out of our ability. We must apologize and send them back!’

The owner thought about many things in a short moment. It seemed like he had to do something so that there wouldn’t be any more problems. And also it was a must that these people would not see other guests.

“P… please…”

The owner tried to ask Yeowun to let him go, but it sounded different than those who were on stand by outside.

‘Please… save me?’

Warriors of the Osang Family immediately broke through the wall. Man Ou tried to stop them with shock, but it was too late.


Warriors swung their weapon toward Yeowun’s members. But it was no use. Yang Danwa didn’t even get up from his seat, and just used his finger to block their swords. The sword shattered as it struck against Yang Danwa.

‘H-he broke the sword with his finger!’

There was no way a middle-level warrior could fight against a superior master warrior. The power difference was so huge that Yang Danwa did not even feel the need to get up. The strongest warrior that entered was at the top master level, so they couldn’t even win against Hu Bong, who was the weakest among Yeowun’s group.



Hu Bong didn’t even use his sword as he just simply punched and kicked them away.


Hu Bong was excited when he struck down these warriors with his bare hands. Hu Bong was already above the average warrior in terms of power compared to people in the entire Yulin, but there were just too many really powerful people around him that made him look week. And after he went to the Sword Creek…

“W-what! Force qi!”

Hu Bong’s sword wielded blue light of energy on it and all warriors stopped. Force qi was only used when the warrior was above super master level. They attacked Hu Bong because he looked weakest, but he was at the super master level warrior.

Hu Bong had entered the super master level after he understood from the word written on Sword Creek’s stone.

“Are you going to continue? For your information, I’m the weakest in my group.”

Hu Bong spoke and all of them dropped their weapon in a sign of surrender. Yeowun scoffed and released his grip from the man.


The owner dropped and coughed for a moment and spoke politely.

“…I am sorry to lie about my identity. I am Dahing of the Osang Family House.”

“I am Manager Man Ou. I am sorry.”

Man Ou also got down to his knees to apologize. They realized that Yeowun’s group wasn’t a group that they can try to trick. It was better they beg and be spared. Yeowun then asked them.

“You said the 18 River Families support you?”

“…That is correct, sir.”

“Then you must be working for them I assume.”

“N-no! That’s not it. We are partners for the benefit of each other. It is more like a… UGH!”

Dahing’s head was stuck in the ground as Bakgi banged it with his hand. Bakgi then threatened to Dahing’s ears.

“Don’t try to play tricks on my master.”

“Y-yes, sir!”

Bakgi threatened Dahing to not make things more unclear by playing word tricks. He didn’t care what their relationship with the 18 River Families was.

“Let me ask you. Where is the location of the Yongho Family?”

That was the only thing Yeowun wanted to know. But when he asked, Dahing became weird. It looked like something was wrong.

‘There’s something going on.’


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