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Chapter 299 - Yongho Family - Part 6

Yeowun’s guess was right. Yeowun then heard Man Ou’s telepathic message that was sent to Danhing.

[Owner, I will make them go out of the VIP room. We might get in trouble if…]

[No. They will not leave, you know this. These people are terrifying, but at least we can persuade these people.]

‘VIP room?’

Yeowun had been tapping into the telepathic messages ever since he got here. From the conversation, it seemed there was a person that they feared in the VIP room. Dahing then looked up to Yeowun and asked, “Sir… can you please just go this time?”

“What are you talking about?”

Yeowun became curious about such a weird request at such a situation.

“The Three Monsters of Yellow River are here.”

“Three Monsters?”

“P…please keep it down!”

Yeowun had never heard of such a name. But Yang Danwa knew the name. It was the name of the three brothers who were infamous among members of the 18 River Families. They were infamous because not only did they raid merchant ships, they killed every man and always kidnapped and raped women. They had bounties on their heads, but they still roamed freely at the city of Meking.

“Do you know them?”

“Yes, Master. The Gar Brothers are very famous.”

Yang Danwa then explained what he knew about these three brothers. The important problem was not about their infamous actions, but their backgrounds.

“Their uncle is the leader of the 18 River Family, Gar Mojam the Yellow River Strong.”

Gar Mojam the Yellow River Strong. He was one of the Strong Nine, and the fourth rank leader of the Alliance of the forces of evil. Yeowun knew the name also. There was also a rumor that it was his presence that allowed pirates to roam freely on the Yellow River without being arrested by the local government. But in truth, it was because of enormous bribery made by the 18 River Families.

“So, they have backgrounds.”


Gar Mojam was famous for being evil and sadistic in nature, but was known for loving his brothers and families. There was an incident where Gar Mojam tracked down those who attacked the Bokpeng Family that the Three brothers were in, and wiped every one of related people. After that, it was rumored that no one should fight against the Gar Brothers and the Bokpeng Family.


That’s when Dahing sent a telepathic message to Yeowun.

[The Bokpeng Family is our supporter. We give them information about merchant ships sailing through the river, and we are being protected by them in return.]

Dahing then began to explain his side of the story. He glanced at the warriors around and continued.

[And… there are spies that are sent by Bokpeng Family within us.]

Yeowun became surprised. There was a reason why Dahing was being so careful. There was a chance that a spy will turn him over if he made a mistake.

[It will be over for you if you get the information, but my and our famliy’s life depends on them. Please consider!]

Three Monsters of Yellow River was famous for attacking anyone if they felt like it. When they usually came here, they stayed for 3 days at least to play and enjoy, and today was only the first day. And if something happened at the Yongho Family, then it was likely for these brothers to accuse the Osang Family House for selling that piece of information.

Dahing bumped his head to the ground and spoke.

“I am terribly sorry, but I cannot sell you the information.”

[Sir, please. Help us!]

This was a gamble for him. He didn’t know, but Yeowun and Yang Danwa were probably important figures of the Demonic Cult. Cultists were also usually cold and merciless, but they were at least gentlemen compared to the Three Monsters of Yellow River which consisted of pirates that took up killing and robbery as their bread and butter.

‘Even if these people are from the Demonic Cult… they will understand us as we can’t do anything to those Gar brothers.’

Dahing thought that would be the case. But he didn’t realize that Yeowun’s thoughts and actions weren’t that anyone can predict.

“…I see. I didn’t imagine you would have such an issue. Are those Gar Brothers downstairs?”


Yeowun knew where these brothers were as he sensed them with his senses but asked anyway. Dahing figured that Yeowun understood his difficulties and was going to leave, so he answered brightly.

“Thank you for your consideration. Yes, they are residing in VIP room on the second floor.”

Yeowun then turned against his members and ordered, “Did you hear that? Hu Bong, Bakgi. Go down and bring those brothers up here.”


All people from the Osang Family House became shocked. And as for Hu Bong and Bakgi, they didn’t even hesitate for a second at the order and ran out of the room.

“Yes, master!”

“W-what?! S-sir! You just said you will help us!”

“Me? Help you? I don’t recall saying that.”

Dahing frowned at Yeowun’s cold reply. Yeowun was right that he never said he would help Dahing or do anything in his favor. Dahing then spoke frantically.

“What are you trying to do!?”


At that moment, Yeowun reached out and twisted his hand. With that, one of the warriors standing by the wall had his neck snapped and fell to the ground.


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