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Chapter 300 - Yongho Family - Part 7


With a warrior dying instantly from his neck being snapped, people within the room became shocked.

“Yi Chan! Yi Chan!”

A warrior with a beard who stood next to the man quickly went down to check, but spoke with a pale face.

“H-he’s dead!”

“Hiiiek! Just with a flick of a hand?!”

Every person within the room became pale from terror. They knew that Yeowun was a powerful warrior when he used the force energy, but they didn’t imagine he would be so much more powerful that he could kill a man from a distance with the mere gesture of a hand.

‘H-he’s not like any warrior!’

That young man was a warrior of another level and as they realized this, everyone became so terrified that they couldn’t even breathe.


Dahing and Man Ou, however, were more frustrated than terrified. They couldn’t predict what Chun Yeowun was even thinking.

[Dammit! Gosun is dead! We might die at this rate!]

[I’m sorry to the Gar Brothers, but we should escape!]

And with the sound of the telepathic message, Yeowun turned into a smile.

“Found it.”

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Yeowun then reached his two hands out and gestured of pulling it toward him, and two warriors who were focusing energy into their feet to run away were pulled forward, sending them down into the ground.


“I-I can’t move!”

They tried to stand up, but powerful energy pressed them down so that they couldn’t move. And in the next moment, their necks were snapped just like the other warrior and died. Dahing was shocked when he saw the faces of these two dead men. These two and another man that died just before were the spies that were sent by Gar Brothers. The Osang Family House already identified who spies were within them.

‘H…how can this be? How did he find out these spies?’

It was beyond just disbelief to see such a thing. There was no prior information, and Yeowun would have seen them for first time. Then how did Yeowun managed to find these people out? That’s when Dahing heard Yeowun’s telepathic message.

[Do you have any more spies?]

[N-no, sir.]

It took a month of investigation for Dahing to find three spies among them. But Yeowun only took minutes. He then did not even hesitate in killing these men.

‘Who is this man?!’

Dahing now became really curious about the identity of this man. That’s when someone began to come up the stairs. As they turned at the entrance, Bakgi And Hu Bong walked in, dragging three naked men in their 30s behind them.

‘T-they really brought them here!’

‘Oh no…’

They were the Gar Brothers. They had been enjoying their time with prostitutes just until while ago, so they were all naked and drunk. Their bodies were bruised up and also had their blood points sealed, so they couldn’t move nor talk.

“We are back, Master.”

‘N-no! This has gone too far!’

Dahing became grim at the sight of three brothers being dragged up here. If they were dragged up in that state, then there was no going back now. They couldn’t say anything with their blood points sealed, but their body was reddened from rage.

[W-why are you doing this! I told you that our House depends on…]

Dahing sent a telepathic message quickly to Yeowun, but Yeowun just answered it through his mouth.

“Why would I care about your House?”


Yeowun did not care about the existence of the House. Whatever the case, Yeowun only cared if the matter was related to himself.


“That is your business, not mine.”


Dahing then realized he had made a bad decision. This man was worse than the three brothers. The Gar Brothers were at least manageable if they were given what they wanted. But a man like Yeowun was a type that could never be managed.

‘This is dangerous. I might lose everything at this rate.’

Yeowun then walked up to the man on the left, among three brothers, and unsealed him. With the third brother Gar Ren now free to talk, he spat with rage.

“You, motherf*cking bastard! Do you know who I am? Let me go, you f*cking…”

“Shut up.”


Hu Bong became angry and struck Gar Ren’s head from behind.

“How dare you say in such a way? You want to die?”

Hu Bong was okay with most of the other things, but he couldn’t bear speaking ill of his master Chun Yeowun. Gar Ren became dumbfounded and glared, but he couldn’t move his neck so he was just looking at the ground instead of turning his neck around to glare at Hu Bong.


He didn’t stop cussing. These were men who took up robbery, kidnapping, murder, and rape as their daily job, so they were very rough in every way. Yeowun then spoke to them coldly.

“I don’t care who you are. Let me ask you one thing. If you don’t answer, I will cut off your head.”


All three brothers became shocked when they heard this. They had seen many bold enemies until now, but it was the first time that they were being threatened with their lives. Most enemies they met were fearful of their uncle, Gar Mojam. Gar Ren then shouted to Dahing.

“D-dammit! Hey, Dahing! What the f*ck are you doing! Are you going to leave these bastards like…”

“Kill him.”

With Yeowun’s order, a blade shot through Gar Ren’s neck. It was Yang Danwa with his blade.

“Like… lik….”

Gar Ren’s head was cut down and blood began to pour out from the neck. The two other brothers were drenched with the blood of their third brother.



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