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Chapter 301 - Yongho Family - Part 8

‘H-he cut his head off!!!’

With warm blood covering their naked bodies, the two brothers shook with fear. They were more terrified than becoming enraged by the death of their brother.

“…If you speak foolishly, you will also die.”

Yeowun spoke coldly as he looked down at the other two with an emotionless face. And Yang Danwa moved his blade across the ground, making a shrieking sound as if he was threatening them, just like an executioner. The two brothers became pale from fear.

‘T-this bastard will really kill us!’

‘…We might even die!’

They finally realized the gravity of the situation. They realized that there was no way this man would stop just because of their uncle.


‘W-what have we done…!’

As for Dahing and Man Ou, they couldn’t even think straight as they looked at the head of Gar Ren rolling on the ground. Things had gone too far and there was no going back. Yeowun then went over to the first brother, Gar Mou, to make him talk.

“Where is the Yongho Family? Tell me their location.”

“Y-Yongho family?”

Gar Mo became surprised when he was asked about Yongho Family instead of his Bokpeng Family. But these men would surely attack the Yongho Family if he told them their location.

‘W-what should I do?’

They were pirates, but the most important rule of the 18 River Families was to never betray each other. But Gar Mo thought lying might cost his life. After going through many thoughts in a short moment, Gar Mo chose to betray his fellow pirates.

“I-if you go out east and follow the river about 50 miles down, you will reach Domen Mountain. And by the corner where the river splits, you will find them.”

Gar Mo revealed the location of Yongho Family. Fellow pirates were important, but his own life was more important than that. Yeowun then turned to Dahing and Dahing nodded with a grim look, confirming the information to be the truth.

‘There was no need to ask them.’

Yeowun’s original plan was to kill these three brothers and make Dahing tell him the location of Yongho Family, but he got the answer before that. Gar Mo then looked up to Yeowun and begged.

“P-please let me live! I told you what you wanted to know!”

“You are mistaken.”


“Since when did I say I’d let you live?”


Gar Mo’s face turned pale. He sold his fellow pirates, so he thought he could live. But…

“Kill them all.”

“Y-you bas…”

With Yeowun’s order, Yang Danwa immediately sliced his head. Gar Mo died not even realizing he was killed. There was no promise given from the beginning. Yeowun did not like leaving potential threats. If they were to survive, it was likely that they would go to Gar Mojam and tell him what happened.

“You are the last.”

Yang Danwa then swung his blade on the last brother. And second brother Gar Tek was killed without even getting a chance to speak. It seemed he was too terrified by watching his two brothers being killed, as he peed before he died.

‘T-this is the Demonic Cult!’

‘These people have no mercy!’

And all others from the Osang Family House were too terrified from what they just witnessed. They did hear that the Demonic Cult was more cruel and merciless in some way, but they now witnessed it with their own eyes. Dahing then looked at Yeowun with a fearful look. Yeowun had acquired the information he wanted, so maybe it was their turn now. But…

“Let’s go.”

“Yes, master.”

Yeowun ordered and began to leave.

‘H-huh? Why?’

Chun Yeowun didn’t seem to be interested in them anymore. Dahing became dumbfounded as they were leaving the room, and suddenly asked, “W-why are you letting us live?!”

He was curious. He couldn’t understand why the man who would even kill Gar Brothers would not kill them. It seemed better if the man killed them to remove any spill of information. Yeowun stopped and answered.

“Didn’t you tell me where the Gar Brothers were yourself? You and I are on the same team. I only helped you.”

“W-what? That’s nonsense!”

“Well, I got the information I need, so I paid my price.”

Dahing became shocked when Yeowun said that he had given help. If the spies were alive, it might have been more dangerous, but the spies were all dead.

‘…He just changed his mind.’


Fortunately, it seemed Yeowun was considering the information he got from the Gar Brothers to be given by the Osang Family House. Dahing sighed in relief. Yeowun then laughed and spoke to Dahing.

“Oh, and just for your information. You have one more spy within your family. I’m sure you can take care of that yourself.”

Dahing’s eyes then grew large with shock.

‘W-what?! There’s one more?!’

He thought three people that Yeowun killed were all of them, but if there was one more hidden, then this was really bad. If Yeowun found three spies immediately, then it was likely that Yeowun knew the existence of another spy. And if Dahing did not find this spy, then it was likely that the message will go to Gar Mojam, eventually killing Dahing. He had to find the spy.

“Nobody leaves this room!!”


Dahing ordered every warrior within the room to not leave as Yeowun and his members left. As they got out of the building and walked the alleyway, Hu Bong asked Yeowun.

“Master, how did you find another spy?”

Yeowun then laughed, “It’s a lie.”


“There are no more spies.”

“No? But… OH!”

Chun Yeowun’s last warning was actually false. The Osang Family House did not have anymore spies. But Yeowun’s lie had put suspicion on everyone within that room.

“It’s a great tactic, master,” Yang Danwa commented in amazement. This probably ensured that Dahing and people within that house would grow suspicious of each other and not even think about doing anything else about Yeowun and his members.

“Let’s make haste. We will find the granddaughter of the Godly Doctor before midnight.”

“Yes, master!”


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