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Chapter 302 - Disaster above a ship - Part 1

After getting out of Meking City, Chun Yeowun and his group traveled east along the Yellow River for 50 miles. They moved on horse so it didn’t take too much time. As they got to the destination, the sun HAD halfway disappeared over the horizon and the Yellow River had turned red by the sunlight.


“This is beautiful.”

They were riding on a horse by the river, and the sight of the river at the sunset was spectacular. This wasn’t something that Yeowun, Hu Bong or Bakgi saw as they grew up within the castle of the Demonic Cult.

After running through for a while, they were now near the Domen Mountain area. As Gar Tak said, the river was split into two, with one small river going to the left.

“There really is a split.”

They went left toward the small river that was running toward Domen Mountain. After some point, the mountain was now getting in the way so they had to leave their horses and travel on foot. After climbing through the mountain, they saw tens of shacks hidden behind the mountain. It was the location of the Yongho Family.

“Wow. I see why they can’t be found,” Hu Bong commented. This pirate village was located at a natural fortress, hidden away within the mountain and rivers. The village was located right by the river, so it looked easy to move via boats, best hideout for pirates.

“I see watchtowers.”

Yang Danwa pointed out with his hand. As he said, there were some watchtowers with warriors standing watch over it. The watchtowers were well located so that they could spot anyone coming near the village.

‘They aren’t just mere bandits then.’

It was surely a home of one of the 18 River Families, the infamous organization of the Forces of Evil. There was no way that the security would be any less.

“That ship is quite large.”

Yeowun then pointed at the two large ships docked by the dock at the village. They saw many ships over at the river while they traveled down here, but that ship was much larger than any of the others.

“Hm… this is strange.”

Yang Danwa seemed curious however. Yeowun turned at him and Yang Danwa explained.

“As far as I know, their ships are not small, but they aren’t THAT big either. They are pirates… their ships are bit smaller and made to travel at much faster speeds.”

Yang Danwa had the experience of fighting against pirate ships of the 18 River Families, so he was aware of their ships. But those two ships at the village were much larger than any of the ships that Yang Danwa saw. Those ships looked like they were made to load lots of cargo.

“Oh, look at that!”

Hu Bong then pointed out the people moving along with the heavy load. Over twenty men were moving stuff by a pull cart and were moving toward the dock. It seemed they were moving everything they had within the village down there.

“I think they are dismantling that shack there,” Bakgi said as he pointed out. There were four men working on a shack to dismantle it. It wasn’t apparent at first, but they now realized that one third of shacks within the village were already dismantled. Yang Danwa then spoke to Yeowun.

“Master, I think they are moving their base.”

“Their base?”

Yang Danwa concluded that they were in the process of relocating. Yang Danwa knew that the pirates relocated their base to avoid being spotted by the government or enemies. It was interesting that they arrived when these pirates were preparing to move. But it had its benefit.

“Maybe this is a good chance. If we use this to our advantage, maybe it will allow us to take back the Godly Doctor’s granddaughter without much problem.”

Under normal circumstances, a huge fight was inevitable against these pirates. But if they were busy preparing to relocate, maybe it was going to make it easy to infiltrate into them and find the target.

“We will have to look into it first.”


They needed information. The first thing to know was if these pirates were really trying to relocate, and second, was to find out where the granddaughter was being held.


“Yes, Master.”

Yeowun pointed out at the closest watchtower from their location. There were two watchers on it.

“Can you quietly bring them here?”

“I will try, Master.”

Bakgi specialized in kick skills, so he was also best among the Six Swords in stepping skills. Even if there were watchers on the watchtower, they were merely top-level warriors so it didn’t seem that hard to kidnap them.

“Then I’ll be back soon.”

Bakgi then quietly moved out. Soon, he was already at the watchtower. Yeowun and others were looking down from the mountain, so everything was clearly visible.


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