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Chapter 303 - Disaster above a ship - Part 2

‘He’s doing good.’

Bakgi quickly got up to the watchtower and snapped one of watcher’s necks. And when the other man tried to scream with shock, Bakgi sealed his bloodpoint and snapped the back of the head to make him pass out.


It wasn’t a hard task, but he had to do it secretly so it made Bakgi a bit sense. Bakgi then took up the unconscious man up and got down. That’s when something unexpected happened.

“W-what are you!?”

It was time for a shift change. Bakgi tried to charge at them but…


Hu Bong and Yang Danwa appeared behind them and quickly killed them. They saw other watchers approaching the tower so they quickly came after Bakgi to help. It could have revealed them if they were a bit late.

“Were you surprised? Hehe.”

“N-no, I wasn’t.”

Bakgi shook his head at Hu Bong’s tease.

“Be quiet and move those bodies first.”

“Yes, sir.”

Hu Bong and Bakgi then took these two bodies into bushes away from the watchtower. Yang Danwa took the unconscious man up and brought him back to Yeowun.

“We were lucky. They will not realize for a while since we even got the other watchers who came to change shifts.”

But that would surely not last too long. It was only a matter of time when someone would realize that the watchtower had been missing of watchers for too long. They had to make it quick. Yang Danwa woke the man up.


The man woke up and realized he was kidnapped and became shocked. Yang Danwa warned before he unsealed him to make him talk.

“If you scream, we will kill you. Nod if you understand.”

With a cold blade touching the neck, the man nodded frantically. He didn’t seem to want to die. Yang Danwa unsealed his blood point and asked, “Is the Yongho family relocating today?”

“Y-yes, sir.”

It was as expected. Before asking the location of the Godly Doctor’s granddaughter, Yang Danwa asked something else first.

“Why today?”

“W-we are told that our location has been compromised.”


Yeowun frowned, wondering if it was because of them.

‘No way. We came straight down here.’

Yeowun’s group left Meking City right after they killed Gar Brothers, so it was impossible for that to be known already. Yang Danwa questioned the man to see if he knew who found out about their location, but the man didn’t seem to know that.

“I-I really don’t know, sir!”

It seemed he was telling the truth. Yang Danwa then moved onto ask the most important question.

“Where is the granddaughter of the Godly Doctor?”

“What? Granddaughter of… who?”

Yang Danwa pushed the blade that was on the neck.


“Don’t try to fool me.”

“I-I don’t know! I don’t know anything about a granddaughter. I mean, we don’t even have anyone being kept from the outside right now!”


That was strange. This was about the granddaughter of the Godly Doctor, and it was Hing Wunja, under the truth serum, who spoke. He said he messaged the Yongho family to retrieve her any time, so that wasn’t a lie.


Yeowun then changed the question.

“Do you know a woman named Gam Miyan? She should be muscular and have a dot on her nose…”

Gam Rosu said her granddaughter closely resembled her. She also mentioned that all members of her family trained their muscles to better treat patients, so it was easy to recognize.

“Muscular woman? Oh! You mean the First Mate’s loot… I mean, his woman!”

The man recognized the granddaughter of the Godly Doctor right away when given the specifics. It seemed the Yongho Family wasn’t aware of who this woman really was. It looked like Hing Wunja hid the truth purposely so that the Yongho family would not use the hostage for their own benefit to bring out the Godly Doctor. But there was another problem.

“First Mate’s… woman?”

That message did not bode well to everyone. It seemed a year in the village of pirates had taken a drastic turn.

“This won’t be good news to Granny Gam.”

“…Looks like it.”

Even if they kidnapped her due to deal with Hing Wunja, there was no way pirates would leave a woman alone for a year. As Hu Bong said, it was likely that Gam Rosu will wail over what happened if she finds out.

“Then where is she?”

At least they knew that she was alive, so they needed the location. Yang Danwa asked and the man answered with a shaking voice.

“S-she’s on the ship.”

“You mean that ship?” Yang Danwa asked as he pointed out the large ships at the docks. The man then shook his head and pointed toward the riverbed where it connected to the main Yellow River and spoke.

“Our leaders are all on the ships over at the river.”


Yeowun became surprised and quickly took steps to climb up a tall tree. And there he saw five battleships staying stationary in the middle of the river just before it connected back to the Yellow River.



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