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Chapter 304 - Disaster above a ship - Part 3

About an hour ago, Chun Yeowun and Hu Bong found a small village by the small river. There was a small fishing village that maintained themselves by fishing at the river, where Yeowun was able to purchase a small boat. Two of them then set sail on the river to meet up with the others at the appointed time. The speed of the water was faster than they thought.

“M-master! It’s already so fast without a row!”

Hu Bong, who said it was fine, soon became tense. Yeowun, who was at the end of the boat, took the key and felt the speed of river becoming faster.

‘If I make any mistake or bump into something, I might not be able to haul them.’

Yeowun clenched the key. And after moving down the river for a long time, they saw faint light over in the middle of the river. But suddenly, the faint light immediately began to grow large and brightened up the whole ship.

“M-master! It suddenly became bright!”

“…I think there’s a problem.”

Yeowun frowned. Their plan didn’t have any potential risks. They weren’t sure how they were spotted, but it was certain that these pirates were preparing to fight.

“W-what should we do? The water’s becoming more rapid!”

Their small boat was moving through the river water very quickly. It seemed like they were going to shoot past the ship of Yongho Family at this rate.

“I guess we can’t do it quietly then.”


“We have no choice. Let’s board their ship.”

Yeowun then pulled the cloth off his wrist. The black metal above his wrist then scattered and turned into a sword. Hu Bong’s eyes grew large as it was always amazing to see each time. When Yeowun sent energy into the Sky Demon Sword, the sword began to float itself as if it were alive. The sword lowered down, as if it was telling them to hop on it. Yeowun got up on the sword and sent his energy to make his feet stick on the sword and spoke.

“Come here, Hu Bong.”


“We’ll fly, so I’ll carry you up.”

Mun Ku would have been more than happy to jump up to Yeowun, but Hu Bong became a bit embarrassed. Yeowun laughed and snatched Hu Bong and immediately flew up in the air.

“Waaaaaaaah! M-Master!”

Hu Bong became pale as he was dangling in the air with Yeowun grabbing his arm. After flying through the dark sky, Yeowun quickly jumped down onto the ship. Their boat struck the battleship of Yongho family and sank. The speed was too fast for such boat to withstand anymore. Hu Bong, who did not hear Yeowun say that he was going to go, rolled on the floor when he dropped. He then got up and became shocked to find countless pirates surrounding them.

‘T-this is too many!’

He knew that there were a lot of them, but it felt different when seeing them up close. Pirates were looking back at Chun Yeowun who was floating in the air with a dumbfounded look.

Flying air sword. It was a technique that only existed in legends, only possible in theory with an extreme level of power in both sword skill and stepping skill. It was a technique that can only be used by supreme master level warriors, so it was obvious why all these pirates were terrified.

‘I-it’s not him!’

With Chun Yeowun’s apperanace, the man who once found Hing Wunja’s remains back at Sword Creek realized that the killer wasn’t Yang Danwa. But of course, Yeowun wasn’t behind those cut off limbs. Yeowun glanced around to check the enemy’s power.


The only men significant enough above this ship was the man hiding his face with a bamboo hat, and the leader of the Yongho Family, Bok Hosun. The man was at the superior master level warrior level, and Bok Hosun was at the super master level. The only annoying thing was that there were just too many enemies.

‘There are about 300 at least.’

And Yeowun heard Fourth Elder Yang Danwa’s telepathic message coming through his ears.

[My lord. It was a trap.]

Yang Danwa quickly briefed on what he knew. During the process of rescuing, Gam Miyan blew a while to signal these pirates, and it seemed that the man with bamboo hat had worked with these pirates to set traps. Yeowun then glanced over at Gam Miyan, the granddaughter of the Godly Doctor who was frantically trying to hide with a dagger in her hand. With Yeowun’s cold eyes gazing at her, she flinched with fear. The trap was set by that man with the bamboo hat, so it was acceptable but Yeowun couldn’t understand Gam Miyan’s actions although she was said to be kidnapped. That’s when the man shouted to Yeowun.

“Are you a warrior from the Blade God Six Martial clan?”

Yeowun raised his right eyebrow at the question. It seemed that man had mistaken Yeowun to be a warrior from the Blade God Six Martial clan. And with this simple question, Yeowun was able to guess two things.

‘They must have come here after checking what happened at Sword Creek.’

Yang Danwa told Yeowun that the man with the bamboo hat knew that they were here for the granddaughter of the Godly Doctor. And if that man was asking Yeowun if he was a warrior from the Blade God Six Martial clan, it was certain that the man had seen the remains of masked men from the Blade God Six Martial clan left within the mansion.

‘Blue sash…? Oh!’

Yeowun was able to make an educated guess on who that man was.

“…You are from the Blue Sky Brotherhood.”

With Yeowun’s words, the man’s eyes grew large with shock. It seemed he was shocked that the who seemed to be from the Blade God Six Martial clan knew the secret Blue Sky Brotherhood organization.

[M-master! What do you want us to do! I-I think he’s too powerful!!]

That’s when Yeowun heard Bok Hosun, leader of the Yongho Family, sending telepathic messages to the man. Bok Hosun was terrified to see Chun Yeowun flying on an air sword. But the man was also frustrated by what was going on.

‘This man knows about our organization and even has the doctor with him.’

That alone was enough to risk his life to fight Yeowun. But it wasn’t him who made a move first.

“I will take the person you kidnapped.”


In the air, Yeowun gestured pulling something with his hand. And with that, Gam Miyan, who had been standing among pirates, floated in the air and was thrown to where Yang Danwa and Bakgi were standing.


A few pirates tried to grab her but they were too slow.

“Force energy!”

All of the pirates were martial artists so they all knew what that was. After seeing the use of force energy, they now realized Chun Yeowun wasn’t someone they could fight against.

‘No way! We lost the Godly Doctor’s granddaughter!’

The man didn’t expect to lose Gam Miyan with such action. Bakgi quickly kicked Gam Miyan’s wrist to make her drop the dagger and sealed her bloodpoints so that she couldn’t move. She tried to say something but her bloodpoints sealed her from talking.


“Be still, Miss Gam.”

She couldn’t resist as she couldn’t move anyway. And with that, Yeowun jumped down from his sword. The Sky Demon Sword immediately came apart in pieces and gathered back onto Yeowun’s wrist. This movement was done quickly to make sure no one noticed the sword with the words ‘Sky Demon Sword’ written on it.

“Bakgi, protect her.”


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